High School evacuated due to Bio Hazard scare

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

2010-09-10 5:03 PDT

Prince George BC – High School evacuated due to Bio Hazard scare

Kelly Road Secondary School in Prince George was evacuated at 2pm today because of a potential bio hazardous threat. Twenty-four students and four staff members had to be quarantined after an explosion in food science class. The Prince George Fire Department Hazardous Material Unit and RCMP were called to investigate and evacuate the high school. A Hazardous Materials Technician and Environmental Safety Officer determined the threat to be fermenting sauerkraut, and not botulism bacteria.

Police and Fire say they were pleased with the quick response of staff members. Students were allowed back inside to class and then dismissed early from school.

  1. mlaanela says:

    This well written Har. You’ve got all the important elements in the top, although I might have moved the information about the exploding sauerkraut higher up, since it is sure to get people interested.


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