Red Sox finished off by Injuries in 2010

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

2010-09-28 11:30 PDT

Vancouver BC – Red Sox finished off by Injuries in 2010

The Boston Red Sox have officially been eliminated from the 2010 playoffs tonight.  The Red Sox have struggled through the 2010 season with a massive amount of injuries.  Tonight in Chicago a 5-4 loss coupled with wins by Tampa Bay and New York officially closed the curtain on the Red Sox chances of winning a third world series in this decade.

A mountain of injuries derailed any momentum Boston had gained throughout the summer months. Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Cameron, Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, and Victor Martinez all spent significant time on the disabled list. Boston was left with a makeshift batting lineup that consisted of Darnell McDonald, Ryan Kalish, Daniel Nava, Jed Lowrie, and Kevin Cash. Boston was only able to run out their starting lineup 9 of 162 games. So far their lineup has had a different batting order 138 times, and there are still five games left to play.

The Red Sox pitchers didn’t escape injury this season. Jon Lester and John Lackey were the only starting pitchers to remain healthy all season. Josh Beckett missed two months with a back injury. Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched great when healthy but multiple stints on the disabled list left him missing from action. Right before the all-star game Clay Buchholz spent time rehabbing a leg injury suffered in San Francisco. The Red Sox bullpen was able to remain relatively healthy all season. However all the late inning collapses and runs given up cost Boston many games they should have won. Sunday’s game in New York and tonight’s loss in Chicago are perfect examples of that.

Injuries occur to teams in all sports but a mountain of injuries to the same team year after year is very unlikely. The Red Sox will reload, retool and return next year to October baseball. Why, because baseball is a religion in Boston and if a playoff spot is not delivered it won’t be tolerated by the rabid Red Sox fan base .


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