A Vial can save your Life

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized


A Vial can save your Life

A new pilot program in Richmond is underway to help seniors in the event of a medical emergency, the program called Vial of Life stores medication, medical conditions, medical history and vital information in a small plastic container in a seniors fridge. A sticker is also placed on the fridge so paramedics know where to look in the event a senior is unconscious.

Retired Richmond nurse Roz Sherker is also in support of the project. According to Sherker Vial of Life could mean the difference between life and death.

“It contains medical information that assists emergency personnel to find important medical facts during a crisis in the home. It can save a life. Emergency teams are familiar with this, and really it can be a lifesaving thing.” said Sherker.

Most seniors don’t want to give up their independence later in life and prefer to live alone. George Carnell is one of those people. The eighty-two year old Richmond resident was given the vial months ago and he believes he is a perfect candidate for the pilot project.

“My medication, everything, my diet, all in one place so they can find them easy, and they can make a better decision as to what kind of treatment I need’ said Carnell.

Nearly two-thousand Richmond seniors are part of the pilot project that is six months complete. It’s hoped that future funding will be provided to make the Vial of Life program permanent.

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