MS Patients hope for Liberation Therapy

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized


 MS Patients hope for Liberation Therapy

Hundreds of Multiple Sclerosis patients are lining up for MRI’s at private health care clinics to determine if liberation therapy might help treat their MS. Liberation therapy opens up the veins of an MS patient and can only be done if an MRI shows that liberation therapy would make a difference in a MS patient’s life. The province of BC will not pay for any initial diagnostics.

Mark Godley runs the False Creek Surgical Centre in Vancouver and his clinic has had 600 MS patients under go an MRI with 600 more on a waiting list. 

“Those patients are looking for hope and even though this is experimental it needs to be available to them on a compassionate basis. You’re not going to get it in the public system, said Godley.”

Suzanne Jay is with the MS Society and she says they can’t indorse a treatment that is not proven.  

“We’re fully prepared to advocate for the treatment to be included in provincial health care plans but we can’t do this until we know more about the connections and the experts have been able to confirm that it is a safe and effective procedure, said Jay.”

As a result private health care clinics continue to make money off desperate MS patients looking for help.


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