MLB World Series Prediction

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

After a long spring training and even longer season the World Series is finally here for all major league baseball fans to enjoy. Two very unlikely teams have made it to the fall classic; the San Francisco Giants will host the Texas Rangers in the 2010 fall classic starting tonight. San Francisco defeated Atlanta in 4 games and Philadelphia in 6 games to reach the World Series. The Texas Rangers knocked off the Tampa Bay Rays in 5 games and the New York Yankees in 6 games to reach the World Series. San Francisco last made it to the World Series in 2002 when they lost to the Anaheim Angels in 7 games. San Francisco has not won a World Series since moving to California from New York in 1958. On the other side this will be the first ever appearance for the Texas Ranger franchise in a World Series since Texas was awarded a MLB franchise in 1961.

This World Series will come down to matchups, and which team can win the battle at the plate, on the mound, in the bullpen, and on the base paths. Both teams have a stud ace pitcher. Cliff Lee of Texas will matchup against San Francisco ace Tim Lincecum in game 1, game 5, and if necessary game 7. Cliff Lee has the edge because he has thrown sparkling unheard of numbers this post-season and over his career he has pitched in more big playoff games than Lincecum. When it comes to the rest of the starting rotation in the World Series San Francisco has the edge with Matt Cain, and Jonathan Sanchez following Linceum in games 2, and 3. Texas will counter with C.J. Wilson, and Colby Lewis in games 2, and 3. Wilson, and Lewis were able to pitch well during stretches during the season but this is the World Series and so far in the playoffs they haven’t shown they can pitch lights out when it matters the most. Wilson gave up 8 earned runs, and 3 Home Runs against the Yankees, and Texas lost both of those game he started. Lewis pitched better than CJ Wilson but will he be able to shut down the Giants offense. When it comes to the bullpen San Francisco has the edge with closer Brian Wilson, Javier Lopez, Ramon Ramirez, and Sergio Romo. Texas can throw out closer Neftali Feliz, and long time journey man Darren Oliver. Texas doesn’t have the depth so their starters will have to go deep in to ball games to give them a chance to win or their batter will have to continue to mash the baseball like they have this post-season.

When it comes to hitting everything is bigger and better in Texas and that’s where this World Series will be won or lost. Texas has a murderous row of clutch, talented, and big league batters that have been smashing the ball all post-season long. Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, Vlad Guerrero, Michael Young, Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus present a tough lineup that San Francisco will have to shut down if they have any chance or hope of winning this World Series. What’s working for San Francisco is the fact that the Giants shut down the Phillies murderous row of batters in the second round. The Giants will need to pitch bigger and better starting on Wednesday night in San Francisco. When it comes to the Giants offense their best hitter is catcher Buster Posey. He will need to have a monster World Series to help his team win. Cody Ross, Juan Uribe, and Pat Burrell have been hot hitters so far this post-season but the fact that San Francisco doesn’t have any well-known go to guys when they need offense in a flash will hurt them.

One player in the World Series will win a World Series ring and get a World Series share no matter which team wins the championship is Texas Catcher Bengie Molina. Molina played for San Francisco for half the season before being traded to Texas halfway through the season to clear room for Giants rookie catcher Buster Posey. No matter what happens Molina will come out a winner. Molina must be excited about the propects of sticking it to his former team and walking away a winner. Prediction Texas Rangers in 6


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