What do to about Randy

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Vancouver – What to do about Randy

Randy Moss is one of the most talented, gifted, dynamic players to play in the NFL. He catches touchdown after touchdown and has broken record after record but why does the greatest wide receiver to play in the NFL have a huge amount of haters? It’s because Randy Moss is too honest. Fans, coaches, and general managers would prefer he toe the company line and not speak up, however that’s just not in Randy Moss.

Coming into this season Randy Moss was in a great position to win his first super bowl of his career with the heavily favoured New England Patriots. However a quick problem soon arose. After a convincing opening weekend victory over Cincinnati Moss took to the microphone to express his displeasure with his contract for the next season. The 33 year-old did not want to play out the season without a contract in New England but with zero discussion going on behind the scene with Patriots Owner Robert Kraft and Head Coach Bill Belichick Moss couldn’t keep quiet and went on a tangent saying he would play out the season in New England and thought that it would probably his last with the Patriots. 

Randy Moss would play three more games in a New England jersey before being traded out-of-town. He caught his 50th and final TD as a Patriot against the Buffalo Bills on September 26th. During a Monday Night Football game in Miami on October 4th Moss went the entire game without a reception. The Patriots would win decisively without any contribution from Moss. During that game it became evident that the New England Patriots were going in a different direction on offense and no longer needed Randy Moss to put up points.

On October 6th the Moss era in New England was over and he was traded back to the team that drafted him for a measly 3rd round draft pick. The Vikings were enthused to have Moss in their offense and he quickly paid dividends by scoring a TD in his first game as QB Brett Favre found him open in the end zone against the New York Jets. The Vikings lost to the Jets, beat the Cowboys at home and then lost at Green Bay with Moss in the lineup. With a big game looming against New England on Halloween all the focus was on the Brett Favre’s ankle and not Moss’s return to New England. Moss was beyond disappointing in his return to Foxboro. The Patriots held him to one reception for 8 yards and no touchdowns. The Vikings lost 28-18 and moved to 2-5 overall.  After the game Moss ripped his Head Coach Brad Childress for not using his inside information on the Patriots during the game. Moss also went on to praise his former New England Head Coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization. This did not sit well with the Vikings organization and Moss was released by Minnesota two days later.

On November 2nd Randy Moss was released by the Minnesota Vikings. Moss went through waivers and was passed on by 21 other NFL teams before being picked up by the Tennessee Titans and their Head Coach Jeff Fisher. The Titans have this week off so Mr. Moss will have plenty of time to get introduced to his new teammates and the Titans playbook.

What should the Titans do with Randy Moss? The answer is simple keep him happy. If the Titans keep him happy and play his cat and mouse games the team should get a great effort from Randy Moss on the field. Look how well Randy Moss did in the New England Patriots system and in his early days with the Vikings. If the Titans can throw the ball to Randy Moss enough times, and can allow him to run the routes he likes he should be happy. If the Titans win and keep Moss happy then the Titans look brilliant for picking him up off waivers. If the Titans lose and can’t get the ball to Moss well you can get ready for some great post-game press conference tirades.

Nobody knows where the 33 year-old will play next year but if he can produce for the Titans and lead them to victories owners won’t care what he did this season as long as he signs on the dotted line for their team next year.


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