A Movember to Remember

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized


Vancouver – A Movember to Remember

            Men around the world are taking part in a month long event called Movember by growing a moustache in support of prostate cancer during the month of November. The idea for Movember first started in 2003 in Australia. A few men sitting in a bar wanted to bring back the moustache and also wanted to help support men’s health. The cause they decided to support and raise awareness for was prostate cancer. Worldwide prostate cancer is number one among cancers that affect men. One in six men will get prostate cancer and in Canada forty-three hundred men will die from prostate cancer each year.

In Canada over One-hundred thousand Canadians have signed up for Movember. Last year only thirty-five thousand Canadians took the Movember pledge. During the 2009 campaign Movember Canada raised $7.8 million for Prostate Cancer Canada. This year has proven to be an even greater success with $7.9 million being donated after only twelve days of campaigning. With more than half the month to go Prostate Cancer Canada has set a new goal of raising $10 million.

Catherine Patterson is Manager of Marketing and Communications at Prostate Cancer Canada and Patterson believes that Canadians are well on their way to reaching Prostate Cancer Canada’s goal of raising $10 million. Everyone is welcome to make a donation.

“The best way to make a donation is to go to Movember.com you don’t even have to grow a moustache”

Even though Movember is the biggest and most successful fundraising campaign for Prostate Cancer Canada Patterson is against extending Movember to another month.

“One month is plenty it wouldn’t be unique and it would be overdone if it was longer than thirty days”

Evan Gjernes co-founder of Deal By Day Vancouver

Vancouver business man and co-founder of Deal by Day Evan Gjernes is a huge supporter of Movember. Gjernes has two uncles that have battled prostate cancer and he has vowed to support Movember each and every year.

“I heard a buzz going around the office, and I started growing a moustache last year”

Gjernes is not too picky when it comes to his particular style of moustache. He says he will grow his moustache for the rest of the month and then listen to his girlfriend and shave it off when Movember is done.

“I had no other choices I can get away with this moustache because it’s not too creepy”

Gjernes team of supporters raised $800 for Prostate Cancer Canada last year, and so far this year his team of five has raised $300 and counting.

Movember is not as mainstream and well known as other cancer fundraisers and events but it still gets the job done in epic proportions. Bringing back the moustache has proven to be a terrific way to promote men’s health and raise awareness for prostate cancer around the world. Lives have been saved and more information about prostate cancer is now available for men everywhere so they don’t become a statistic.

  1. mlaanela says:

    Hi Har – this is your best story yet. Great work. Your interviews are great, along with the picture, the video and your research. You still need to move your own material and interviews higher up in the story, but we talk about that. Print me a copy and I will give you more feedback if you want. 8/10


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