Canucks and Bruins Stanley Cup preview

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VANCOUVER, B.C – The Stanley Cup final is almost upon us, the big bad Boston Bruins from New England face the heavily favoured west coast Vancouver Canucks. This is a Stanley Cup Finals matchup that true hockey fans that know the history of the game can appreciate. Both teams have a long and painful history of Stanley Cup final failures and both teams have a rabid fan base that will go toe to toe to support their team. Let’s breakdown the matchup to see who will prevail.

Forwards: The Bruins are led by their top line of Milan Lucic, David Krejci and Nathan Horton have scored 21 goals in 18 playoff games. The Bruins will have to depend on big contributions from their top trio because the Bruins aren’t a deep scoring team. Secondary scoring will be very key for Boston. The second line of Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, and 43 year-old Mark Recchi need to find the net in a huge way if Boston is to win. Tyler Seguin could have a big impact on the series if Bruins Coach Claude Julien gives him enough ice time. The young 19 year-old has shown great promise and skill during the post-season. Seguin could be just what Boston needs to succeed if he get’s proper linemates and ice time. The 3rd and 4th lines for Boston have to out hit, out work, and out play Vancouver’s 3rd and 4th lines. Boston should dress Shawn Thornton. Thornton would be the perfect pest to unleash on the Vancouver Canuck forwards. If Coach Julien plays, him Shawn Thornton will make his presence felt. Vancouver led the NHL with 262 goals this season and with two 41 goal scorers you know they can put the puck in the net. The Sedin twins will face the Boston defensive duo of Zdeno Chara, and Dennis Seidenberg. With Chara being 6’9 he will need to crush the twins so they become ineffective and injured. When the Sedins have the puck it’s not the twin with the puck that is most dangerous it’s the twin without the puck that Boston needs to cover, and check. The Sedins will make 3, or 4 passes before shooting. If Boston can figure this out quickly and play them tough this might be a long series. The line of Chris Higgins, Ryan Kesler, and Mason Raymond can fly. They’re speed and ability to turn on the jets will allow them to create scoring opportunities out of nowhere. Boston’s other four defenders will need to be on alert when the second like for the Canucks is on the ice. Vancouver’s 3rd line has been spectacular this post-season. Raffi Torres, Maxim Lapierre, and the “Great Dane” Jannik Hansen have forchecked, played physical and have even chipped with goals. The unsung trio has helped Vancouver immensely and will have to come up big against Boston’s Bergeron, Horton, Krejci, and Marchand. If they can frustrate and throw their weight around Vancouver will be skating circles around the Bruins. The 4th line for Vancouver play’s sparingly. It seems Canucks Coach Alain Vigneault has no confidence in whoever is playing on the 4th line. In the series clinching overtime game against San Jose nobody from Vancouver’s 4th line had a shift after the second period. The Canucks will roll with three lines throughout the series, and if Boston can wear the Canucks down their strategy of playing all four lines could prove to be a great strength.

Defense:When it comes to the Vancouver Canucks defense they just don’t rest. Five of the six Canuck defenders jump up into the play with extreme regularity. Boston will have to keep an eye out for Christian Ehroff, Alex Edler, Dan Hamhuis, Sami Salo, and Kevin Bieksa who has already put 5 pucks past opposition goaltenders this post-season. All of the above can hammer the puck and pick corners so the man affectionately called “Timmy” better be ready. If the Canucks D pinches at the wrong time Boston’s forwards have to capitalize on turnovers. The Canucks D will need to be hit hard by the like’s of Lucic, Campbell, Paille, Kelly, and Thornton. If the Bruins forward’s can make the Canuck defenders worry about playing the puck in their own end that should lead to great scoring opportunities on Roberto Luongo. On the back-end the Bruins are led by their enormous captain “Big Z” Zdeno Chara. Chara will have to play mean, angry, and ferocious during the finals if Boston is going to win the cup. Chara is the type of player that can change and influence a playoff series with one big play. If you’re unfamiliar with the rest of the Bruins defenseman it’s alright a lot of people don’t know who Dennis Seidenberg, Andrew Ference, Tomas Kaberle, Johnny Boychuk, Adam McQuaid are. If any of these players can chip in with a huge play it would be very beneficial to the Bruins. However Ference, Boychuk and McQuaid managed to combine for only 9 goals, and 46 points during the regular season. They definitely don’t have the will and skill of Bobby Orr running through their veins.

Goaltending: Flint, Michigan native Tim Thomas is making his first ever Stanley Cup Finals appearance on Wednesday night. At the other end of the ice Montreal native Roberto Luongo will be tending the net for Vancouver. Both Goalies have been on top of their game all season. As a result both have been nominated for the Vezina Trophy which is awarded to the most outstanding goalie during the NHL regular season. Whichever goalie can stand on their heads the longest and come up with the bigger saves will go a long way to ensure their name is engraved on Lord Stanley’s Cup. Roberto Luongo is younger goalie, and has a 2010 Olympic Gold Medal under his belt. Tim Thomas is no slouch either. Thomas won the Vezina Trophy in 2009, and this season he set an NHL record for lowest NHL save percentage% with .938%. For Boston to score on Luongo they need to try wrap-arrounds and they should also get the puck in Loungo’s feet where he is very uncomfortable and susceptible to soft goals. Luongo will stop what he can see but if Boston can shoot high glove side that could be his weakness. Luongo is a terrible puck handler who get’s bored and wanders behind the net. For the sanity of Canuck fans he needs to stay in his net and focus on stopping pucks. Tim Thomas is a very unorthodox goalie, but his playing style works for him. If the Canucks can get him swimming all over his crease they will easily turn on the red light. Thomas has been known to give up early goals in playoff games this post-season. If the Canucks can score early like Tampa Bay did, Boston will be forced to open up the neutral zone and attack which doesn’t suit they’re style of play. During these playoffs Tim Thomas has been outstanding or horrible in net. For Bruins fans in New England they’re hopeful the Thomas that knows how to stop pucks will show up at Rogers Arena tonight at 8 Eastern.

Special Teams: The series may come down to which team has the most potent power play, and penalty kill. Boston’s power play has been atrocious throughout the playoffs. The Bruins power play has an 8% success rate. Boston has a better chance at finding fugitive Whitey Bulger than figuring out why the Bruins power play is so awful. The Bruins penalty killing isn’t so special either. If the Bruins start running around taking dumb penalties the green men will start dancing and the Canucks will ruin the Bruins with their fierce power play. The Canucks penalty killing was hit or miss against the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks started off 5 for 5 before Vancouver shutdown Joe Thornton and the toothless Sharks. It’s in Boston’s best interest to keep the game at 5 skaters a piece. Boston scored 10 more 5 on 5 goals than Vancouver this season. If the referee’s swallow their whistles and let the boys play that favours the Boston Bruins.

The Boston Bruins are an original six NHL franchise. With Shore, Orr, Esposito, Neely, Bucyk, Schmidt, O’Reilly, and Bourque hanging from the rafters of the TD Banknorth Garden the Bruins have had a lot of championships, and great history. The Vancouver Canucks are a franchise that hasn’t won anything worth celebrating. Sure, winning the Presidents Trophy is an awesome accomplishment but that’s not why they lace up their skates. Nothing but a Stanley Cup will be acceptable for the long and suffering Vancouver Canuck fans. Vancouver is just too strong in every category. A lot of big things have to go exceptionally right for the Boston Bruins to have a parade down Boylston Street, and I just don’t see it.  This is the year Vancouver Canuck fans can rejoice and celebrate because the Stanley Cup is coming home to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Prediction Vancouver in 5

  1. Rob J. says:


    I missed you on WEEI this morning, I was sleeping off the celebrating………had the day off today……..lucky for me…
    I did happen to catch Johnny Canuck’s call-in……and at the end, he said that he was going to be in Boston in July, John Dennis told him to give them a call when he gets to town…….just wondering if they said anything like that to you?…..I still think they should have you on when you come to town.

    What a shame for Vancouver to have those awful riots……I know that they were probably not real Canuck fans, but there seemed to be an awful lot of fans milling around and watching. The whole thing was an embarrassment to sports fans. I know similar things have taken place in Chicago and Detroit. just a shame….

    take care,

    • Hey Rob if you missed my call in to Weei on Thursday morning it should still be on the Dennis and Callahan page on I listened to the Johnny Canuck interview but I didn’t hear about him visiting Boston in July. Who is this Johnny Canuck guy? What’s his deal? If you listen to the Thursday interview with me and John and Gerry you will hear what they proposed to me when I visit in August. Hopefully they keep their word. I have know idea if they will but that would be awesome if they did. The rioting was awful, but I think the city will recover eventually. I’m heading downtown tomorrow for the first time since the riot so I’ll check it out first hand. I had no idea that Chicago and Detroit had riots. When was this? Thanks Rob take care.

  2. Kyle Ervin says:

    Glad I live on the east coast, the west coast rioting is just pathetic. Hope they still have the bids going for their parade! Do they still have it if it was fully planned but they lost!? GO BRUINS, my buddy marchy with 2 goals!

    • Hey Kyle yah that was pretty disgusting, and awful to see. The riot lasted longer than CBC’s telecast of the game. It’s early Sunday morning and the late Saturday newscast on Global and CTV BC led with 10 minutes of rioting news. I don’t think Vancouver will be having any parades for a long time. They Grey Cup is being played in Vancouver this year, and I would not be surprised if the city cancelled all big events in downtown during Grey Cup weekt. Their is supposed to be a parade during Grey Cup week but I don’t think Vancouver council will allow that. Vancouver has totally lost itself. We have 4 huge fireworks shows during the summer, and that attracts large crowd’s downtown. I have no idea but I wouldn’t be shocked if that event was cancelled. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog Kyle.

  3. Josh S says:

    Hey Har…..I hope you are not ready to jump off a bridge down 3-0. You are a real pleasure to listen to and I hope you call in regardless of the outcome tomorrow to WEEI…..

    You know more about Hockey then anyone around these parts….GO B’s

    • Hi Josh nope I’m not ready to jump of any bridges out here. In fact I think the Vancouver Police Department still have the bridges in and out of Vancouver closed because of all the rioting, and looting. Thanks for the kind compliments. I’m so glad I was well received on D&C. Hopefulyl I can still call in and talk about the Red Sox. Thanks for checking out my blog, and congrats on the big Bruins win.

  4. chris from cape cod says:

    They had some joker named Monney from the Van. Sun on a Boston spors talk show yesterday. He said “this is the biggest game in Vancouver since the Olympics.”

    What the heck world is this guy living in? Anyone who would compare that Euro-trash tournamnet to the Stanley Cup Finals way out of touch. Plent of NHL’ers out there watching the game at home tonite that would gove up medal in a second to be in game 7.

    There’s your job opening right there Har.

    • Hi Chris from Cape Cod I’m not familiar with Money a Joker from the Vancouver Sun. They have a lot of great writers over at the Sun but that name doesn’t strike me as one I’ve heard before. Yah that is true this game this game tonight is way bigger than the Olympics for people in Vancouver, and BC. There was a poll question before the playoffs and 2 thirds of BC residents said they would give back the Gold Canada won last year if the Canucks won the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is a way bigger deal here in Vancouver. If that poll question was taken in other parts of the Canada I think you see less people willing to give back the Gold. The Sedins won Olympic Gold with Sweden in 2006 and they’ve both gone on record saying that winning the Stanley Cup is a much bigger deal for them. Thanks you for visiting my blog Chris.

  5. The REAL Sean says:

    I apologize for being such a douche. I have re-enrolled in ‘grammar’ school and promise not to ignore the auto-spell check that is provided to me in all my future posts. Again, please forgive me as I simply could not control my excitement in reading your latest well researched and entertaining blog post. I also would like to extend my deepest apologies to my fellow, respectful, intelligent, and insightful Boston Bruins fans. Please keep up the good work Har and enjoy the rest of this magnificent series. I would like to add one more thing… GO BRUINS!

    • Hi TJ thanks for checking out my blog and commenting on “your previous” comments. I’m not upset by a few comments from an unhappy Bruins fan. I can’t please everybody, and there is always going to be a few folks who don’t like my opinion or articles. I’m really happy that so many New Englanders have listened to me on Weei and then have checked out my blog. I had know idea that any of this would happen. It’s been great so I don’t mind taking a few rips or shots from Bruins fans. I’ve been treated far worse. I would like to add one last thing, Go Canucks Go. Thanks TJ.

  6. Rob J says:

    Ooops, I meant Kyle, not Kevin, I was chatting with a guy named Kevin here at work….

    • Kyle Ervin says:

      Haha no worries!

    • Hey Rob is this Kevin guy Bruins fan? Does he like Weei’s morning show, and unbiased blogs that write about the Stanley Cup Finals? Just wondering… maybe he is secretly a Canucks fan. I hope you don’t get in to trouble while visiting my blog while at work. Thanks Rob.

      • Rob J. says:


        The Bruins just beat the Canucks in game 7……what a great feeling!!…I’m sure Vancouver is disappointed……

        All I can think about, is the CUP!!!!!

      • Hi Rob yah Vancouver was pretty disappointed but people aren’t even talking about the game. I just watched the late Saturday Night newscast and they led with 10 minutes of riot news off the top. Everywhere you turn all the talk is about the riot. It even made news on The View. Roberto Luongo was talking to the media on Friday and I thought he didn’t seem all that upset. He was looking forward to next season. I thought he would be a little upset. Maybe he just hides it well. I saw all the parade stuff today Boston sure knows how to celebrate in a fine classy way. Congrats Rob.

  7. sean says:


    • Kyle Ervin says:

      I’m an ACTUAL die hard Bruins fan from CANADA who WENT to game 4. Now after saying this your grammar is horrendous and your points are retarded. Go back and repeat grade 2 then come make a comment and stop embarrassing yourself and the rest of the Bruins nation.

      • Rob J says:

        I agree with you Kevin! This Sean guy does not represent the Boston Fan very well.

      • Thanks Kyle at first when I was groggy and waking up this morning I thought this comment was directed at me. Thanks for telling Sean what a true educated Boston Bruin fan is.

  8. sean says:

    name me one player that would take 3 pounches to the face and do nothing but cry to the refs,there even softer than i thought,har what do u think of this??????or do u think he should let marchand do that??????canadians are soft……

    • Hey Sean thank you for visiting my blog after the game yesterday. They’re probably a few Montreal Canadians we can agree on that would do what the Sedins did. I just don’t see any reason for the Sedins to fight back. What if one of them throws a punch and breaks a hand…. then what? If Daniel and Henrik go nuts and rack up penalty minutes that hurts the Canucks chances to win. It’s just not in their game to respond or physically fight back when stuff like that happens. The twins donated 1 million of their own money to Vancouver Children’s Hospital. These guys are nice honest Swede’s they won’t throw down with anybody no matter how much Thornton, Marchand, or any of the Bruins try to push them. I don’t agree with your assessment that Canadians are soft…. You do know that most of the B’s are from Canada. Lucic is from Vancouver, Marchand from Nova Scotia, and Thornton is from Oshawa, Ontario. Thanks for visiting my blog Sean.

      • sean says:

        i no most are canadians,we have more i think,then u guys,who cares if sedien brakes his hand,someone punches me that many time,im swinging.they could of broke his face did u like another ass kicking game?were u sad?if sediens so good i havent seen it yet,sediens piss me off,always diving,such fags,i havent seen any finess yet,i think weve played better we deserve it more.there suppost to score mad goal,we have been tearing it up.u think Luango is better than Thomas,ya right,not even close,how many times he get pulled.go back to sweaden Sediens,hockey in nhl is phisicol game,i mean sediens have to stick up for themselves,u hit someone in face 6 times,u best do somthing,hit him with stick not saying for them to rack penalty minutes,but stick up for urself,come on.Marchand isnt big or anything.luongo bitching about thomas,well if he came out a little maybe he wouldnt let in soft goals,back up did better.i liked them starting playoffs,until i seen how the team really is,luongo when wins,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,when loose its we we we we we we.Boston pretty much gives them props,dont no why but they do,we dont run the mouth we show on the ice.there pp sucks to,unless its just our defense.ive followed bruins forever,even if i lived there i wouldnt vote for cunnucks,just not my kind of team,i love pats celtics,and B’s.well thank u for ur time,u guys need to go off atleast one game with guys scoreing,like we did at home.but i dont see it happening.

  9. sean says:

    marchand punching Sedien so funny,what a bitch

  10. Horton says:

    at home watching my team kick ur asses,im not playing and we will still take the cup,Cunucks suck

  11. sean says:

    fuck it we scored another pp,oya,they usually score one goal,can u do more than that,im waiting to see this shooting team,but were it,lol we have out played and out classed the bums

  12. sean says:

    o my god sedien scored one,wow and on a power play,even though we had more.

  13. sean says:

    what did u say about B’s scoreing,worry about ur team,they suck,we have so many more goals,Luongo sucks,he shouldnt say shit about Thomas.He is the man.Luango lets many weak goals.Sediens forget it,there pussys.cant wait see ur B’s tatt,love Boston Fan

  14. Paul K says:

    Hi Har,

    Was waiting to hear you this AM with D & C but not a word was uttered about you. What happened? I thought you were going to call in? They talked to one of the green men before they caught their plane to come out here.

    I hope that wasn’t the last we hear from you. Tonite’s game is going to be nerve-wracking for fans of both teams. I think anything can happen at this point, but I’m betting that Luongo will give up a couple of goals and we will hold on to force the 7th game. Good Luck again

    • Hi Paul yah I too thought I was going to be on D&C this morning but I guess they’re was a mix up or they just forgot. I was supposed to be on at 6:50 but I never heard any mention of me in the first hour, and nobody called me. I heard the Green Men guy at 7am so I just figured I got bumped for him. I sent a tweet to Iggy with my prediction for tonight’s game (Bruins win by 2) and then he tweeted me back and wanted me to call in right away. However by then it was well after 4am and I was so tired and out of it. I told Iggy I can’t call in now I’m half awake. That’s what happened. Perhaps D&C have had enough of me, who knows. I have yet to hear about making a bet with them so I don’t know what’s happening. They seemed to talk more about the NBA finals than the Stanley Cup Finals. If the Bruins win tonight I’ll call in Tuesday morning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Paul.

      • Dan says:

        hi har, i say bruins 3-1 tonight

      • Hi Dan it looks like you were off by a bit but I don’t think you care now. I bet your sleeping pretty comfortably now with that Bruins beat down. I thought Boston would win by two but I was thinking more like 4-2 or 3-1. Hopefully a 5-2 loss is enough to wake up the Canucks for a huge game 7 on Wednesday night. Thanks Dan.

  15. Rob J says:

    Yes….that was me that put in a request on Twitter. I haven’t used twitter before and was checking it out….then put in a search for you, and was surprised to find you there. I think you mentioned the Patriot writer before, (Reiss?) he is very good. I could maybe root for a Canadian team if the Bruins were not in it…………the Finnish MacInnis, huh?….hadn’t heard that one before.

    Anyway, I have to keep this one short, I’m at work and gotta run.

    GO BRUINS!!!

    talk to you soon,

    • Hi Rob Twitter is awesome. I’ve been using it for just over a year, and it’s fantastic. I’ve got all sorts of media on my twitter and it really helps me gather information from all the personalities in the sports world. Yes Mike Reiss. I was supposed to meet up with him last August but it didn’t work out, our schedules didn’t line up and it fell through. Yah the Finnish MacInnis. Sami Salo can hammer the puck close to 100mph and back in the day when he was healthy he could shoot it over 100mph. Enjoy the game tonight. I’m predicting a 2 Goal Bruins victory. Thanks Rob.

      • Rob J says:


        I heard you on WEEI again this morning. your prediction was pretty close. I want to hear your thoughts on a couple of things. Why do you think that the Bruins have been so Dominant at home, and the games have been so close in Vancouver. Vancouver being the favorite, I expected them to be much better at home. Does it have more to do with the level of emotion that the teams have played with?


      • Hey Rob thanks for listening to Weei this morning. I thought I sounded terrible and didn’t bring enough energy to the airwaves. I probably let D&C run the interview too much. Those two were sure laughing it up with their Lubrongo jokes. I hope they eat their words tonight. I think the crowd at TD BankNorth Garden has really helped the B’s at home. Boston knows that the fans are totally behind them and that type of crowd can really pump up and boost a team’s confidence. I also think the huge thunderous hits they’ve been laying on the Canucks have also played a huge part in the beat downs they’ve delivered at home in this series. Tim Thomas has also been playing lights out. Has he let in any bad goals at home in this series? I can’t find one. I also think the B’s have rallied around the Horton injury. They’ve been a completely different team since Rome knocked out Horton. I think the Canucks will have to drastically step it up tonight to win the Cup at home. Both teams will want to set the tone early and Boston has a healthier lineup so they should have no problem laying out the vulnerable Canucks defense. I’m still picking Vancouver to Win 3-2. Thanks Rob

  16. Rob J. says:


    I heard part of your interview on WEEI…..and think I missed the part about the bet. I guess my prediction now has to be Bruins in 7. I do expect them to win game 6, and then it’s a one game series….all or nothing, and anything can happen.
    Pink spandex sounds interesting, I think I want to see that…..
    I have been pretty busy lately…….working a little extra, etc…..

    One thing that could throw a wrench in you getting on the air in August is that summer is vacation time for D&C, and sometimes they are gone for 2-3 weeks at a time.
    But there is always someone filling in, so I’m sure having a journalism student from Vancouver, that happens to be a Sox fan, on the show would be interesting.

    So, are you coming out with friends? family? a big group? how many games are you going to see?

    talk to yo soon,

    • Hey Rob yah I was thinking about that too. Usually a lot of media types take part or all of June/July/August off. I know here in Vancouver they have rotating summer vacations. The two big networks in Canada (Sporstnet & TSN) have a lot of their workers take big portions of the summer off until September when NHL training camps start up. Last year when I came to Boston I emailed Bob Ryan to see if I could meet up with him and he actually emailed me back. Mr. Ryan told me in an email that he was filling in at Weei on the morning show during the first week of August. That could be a problem again this year. I guess that could be why I haven’t heard anything about a bet from D&C’s producers. It also could because it’s the weekend and Vancouver won game 5. I’m going to Boston for a week, and my Mom, Aunt, and Uncle are going to come down from Montreal to visit me, and your fine city. I only have tickets to 1 Sox game. It’s the Sunday Night game against the NYY. I might try and get tickets to 1 of the games against Cleveland before NYY rolls in to town. Thanks for visiting my blog Rob, take care.

      • Rob J. says:

        Hi Har,

        A lot of the media here in Boston are pretty down to earth, and always make and effort to reply to emails, etc…

        Bob Ryan is obviously one of the legends in Boston. A great writer.

        I actually went to High School with another sports columnist, Tony Massarotti, who writes for the Boston Herald, he’s usually pretty busy, and don’t get to talk to him very much…..I tried to meet up with him at a Sox game last summer, but we kept missing each other. I was there when he wasn’t, and vice-versa. Another writer I like out here is Steve Buckley. He has a great knowledge of the history of sports, especially baseball…has a lot of great stories, and writes great columns. We’ve kept in touch through email….and he may join me and my family for dinner sometime, once the playoffs are over and things calm down for him.

        Unfortunately, I don’t think those guys (D&C)will bet with you unless the B’s win game 6……

        Har, Boston is a fine city to visit, as I’m sure you already know……I think I heard you say that you’ve been out here before. I’ve been to Montreal a few times, and love it up there, as well as Quebec City, just beautiful!!

        My grandparents (on my mom’s side) emigrated from Nova Scotia (Cape Breton island), when they were still young and single……they are long gone now, but I still have family up there……got to go up and visit last summer….used to go up every summer when I was a kid………and belive it or not, Al MacInnis is a 3rd or 4th cousin…..met him once at a family gathering up in Cape Breton

        BTW, it was good to hear that you missed me last week for those couple of days that I wasn’t able to get on here…..

        talk to you soon,

      • Hi Rob is it just me or did you send me a Twitter request to follow me? I think it was you so thanks. I think Bob Ryan is awesome. He is one of only two sports media personalities in Boston to actually write me back. The other person is a wonderful reporter/journalist who covers the New England Patriots, and I’ve really enjoyed emailing back and forth with this individual. I would love to meet or hang out with somebody in the Boston sports media in August this summer. However usually everyone is busy with the Sox or on vacation. Who knows what will happen this time around. I’ve heard of Mr. Massarotti. I think he is with the Sports Hub, and I know he is a columnist in Boston. Steve Buckley also sounds familiar. If Boston wins on Monday hopefully D&C will make a bet with me but I doubt it. I’ve visited Boston once before (last year). This August will be my second trip to Boston. I’ve been to Montreal many times but never to Quebec City. So if your family roots date back to Canada then you are part Canadian. I don’t see why you can’t cheer for Vancouver now 🙂 Al MacInnis is awesome. Sami Salo of the Canucks is often referred to as the “Finnish MacInnis” Thanks Rob.

  17. Dan says:

    cool, i try to get to one pats game a year, yup looks like the canucks will win now, i just dont get why the bruins cant score out there

    • Hi Dan nice I heard Pats tickets go on sale July 15th if their is a season. Yah who knows, maybe they can find some answers on Monday night. Thanks Dan.

      • Dan says:

        yes i hope they can find some answers monday night, i think if the canucks score first again the bruins will be in trouble,the bruins have to be the more physical team if thy want to get back for a game 7, thanks har

  18. Dan says:

    thank you , i will check it out on weei, i agree whoever scores first will win, just scares me cause , the bruins could not find the back of the net out there, i see you like the redsox, are you a pats fan too?anyway enjoy the game and talk to you soon

    • Hi Dan yep the team that scored first one tonight. I didn’t expect the game to be that low scoring, but I will gladly take the much needed win. Yes I’m a Pats fan too. I’ve only ever been to 3 NFL games and the New England Patriots played in two and won both games I saw. I was at a Pats Sunday Night game a few years back in Buffalo NY. Randy Moss had 4 TD’s and they put 50 plus points on the Bills. I also saw NE play in Seattle the last time they were in the Pacific Northwest. Matt Cassel started that game and won. It was also Tedy Bruschi’s last NFL game. Thanks Dan.

  19. Dan says:

    hi har, i missed your interview this morning, i will have to listen to it, i think for the bruins to win the series they have to win game 5 , i think if the canucks get any type of lead on them the bruins will not be able to come back, i think if the canucks get an early lead , like 1-0 in the first 5 minutes the bruins are in trouble, so you have been to boston?i live in the area and love it here, never been to vancouver, i have only been to montreal, have a great day and look forward to your response

    • Hi Dan the interview is up on D&C’s page on if you want to listen to it that’s the place to go to. I think whoever scores the first goal tonight will win the game. If Boston goes up 2-0 then the Canucks are done like dinner. Yes I have been to Boston before. I was their last August for 10 days. That was my first visit, and I’m making my second visit to Beantown in August this year. Montreal is a great city. I have family out there so I have been to Montreal quite a few times. Montreal is also a great party town like Boston. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog Dan.

  20. Dan says:

    hi har so do you think the cunucks in 6?

  21. Kyle Ervin says:

    Hey Har,

    Just thought I’d drop in and let you know everything I said in my original post on June 1 is true. Thomas bounced back from the bad goal in game 2 to be amazing. Luongo is playing terrible as I expected. The whole Burrows/Sedins/Kessler tandem is NO WHERE to be found as I told you. The series can’t end in 5 now, and it is still going to be won in 6 by Boston.

    Oh and I was at the game last night, flew in from Halifax just for the game and flew out. Unreal experience, I got to hang out with Rob Blake and Lanny MacDonald. I just wish the Nucks would stop diving all over the ice!

    • Hi Kyle I’m still going to doubt you. If you’re so good at predicting this series, you should be in Vegas making cash. I have to ask what is a Canadian in Nova Scotia doing cheering for the Boston Bruins? Yes I know they’re probably the closest team NHL to Nova Scotia, but come on don’t you want the Cup to return to a victorious Canadian team? Canada is the place that hockey was born, and bred. I had read a tweet that Lanny MacDonald walked in to a bar in Boston after the game. What was the place you saw him at? CBC had Rob Blake and Detroit GM Ken Holland on during the 2nd intermission. I wouldn’t be holding out for the Bruins to win in 6 Kyle. I think the series might take a little longer to be decided once the Canucks finally show up. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you made it safely back to Nova Scotia.

      • Kyle Ervin says:

        Just because a team is based out of a certain country doesn’t make them that countries team. Both teams have 17 Canadians on their entire roster, except Boston actually has more players from Canada in their top 20 starting line-up than Vancouver does. Boston’s best scorers are all Canadian(except Krejci), whereas the Nucks are Swedish and American. I don’t even consider the West and East of Canada as being the same. The West worries about itself and gets more funding from the Government which doesn’t care for the Atlantic provinces. The Conn Smythe winner has been a Canadian every time but 3, which goes to show it is usually a Canadian leading his team to victory. Not to mention the NHL is always made up of 60-70% Canadians. On the world stage where it is actually Canada vs Whoever we are the current Champions and will be until 2014 so we have a long time before we worry about that.

        As for Lanny MacDonald I was hanging out talking about his Cup win before the game in the Arena. He was doing an interview with a bunch of Nucks fans who made the trip and would come over and chill with me when they weren’t filming. I sat next to Blake and Jones(and actually ran into Lanny again and hung out) in the airport for about 15 minutes. It is good chatting to all of these ex-NHL stars.

        Oh and Marchand’s brother was my Captain in Junior, as well as playing against him growing up. Oh and Boston is Irish, which I am, so how can I not love them. I unfortunately gave up the dream of hockey for an Engineering degree and am now seeing an influx of players I played at(and won) the Atlantic Championships back in the day(Luke Adam, Patrice Cormier, Jake Allen).

        Bruins still in 6.

      • Hi Kyle Yes you’re absolutely right the Bruins have more Canadian players than Vancouver. The Canucks have 5 Americans, Kesler, Higgins, Ballard, Alberts, and Schneider. From Europe we have (7) Henrik, Daniel, Samuelsson, Edler, Salo, Hansen, Ehrhoff, and Boston has 5 Rask, Chara, Seidenberg, Kaberle, and Krejci. Not a huge difference from Europe but Boston for sure has more Canadian players. I find it interesting that zero Russians are playing in the Stanley Cup Final. If I remember correctly Nicklas Lidstrom of Detroit is the only non North American Captain to hoist the cup. That will change with Henrik, or Zdeno doing that next week. I’ve never met Lanny McDonald before but this year I ran in to Joel Quenneville coach of the Chicago Blackhawks before game 7. I chirped him but he laughed me off. Last year I ran in to Dustin Byfuglien when he was with Chicago. I seem to have better luck meeting Baseball players than hockey players. I’ve met Buchholz, and Dempster in the last year. Congrats on winning the Atlantic Championship. Adam, Cormier, and Allen should make for great NHLers soon enough. Thanks Kyle.

  22. sean says:

    your team needs goals not us,we have thomas,u have loungo,boo hoo.Seideans and Kessel suck,our 4th line is better,we didnt play good game 1 or 2,and still had a chance to win,but if we play like we can ur all done…..Can’t
    wait to see ur Bruins tatt.thought u guys were good on power play,not when going against our defence,and Thomas.You guys are cuunucks ur use to looseing.i think we should take u out in next to games.Last two games u have done nothing,talk about B’s have to score,we are,and will continue,U’r back up goalie did better.Just admit we kicked ur ass both nights.Sedien goes at Marchand and gets flipped pussy!!!!!U guys got nothing………….

    • sean says:

      ryan kesler i ment havent seen him do anything,except get pushed around,like the sisters,u’ll see when we win,ur team is weak,atleast we have been in every game,worry about ur team scoreing,cause we are more thing the pp wont wake up,we shut u guys down to easy,and if get by our defense,u have Thomas to deal with.better start up ur back up goalie.we ill end this in less than 7,u just can’t hang,sorry,even with out Horton.
      We will prevale.pretty cool site,thanks for ur time.AND THE B’S SCORE AND WIN THE STANLY CUP!!!!!!!!CUNUCKS BACK TO GOLF…….

  23. chris from cape cod says:

    I’ve been following the playoffs closely along with seemingly everyone in new england. I think the canucks are a bit overrated. I think in the end the bruins will realize that Montreal was their toughest test.The Habs PP is much more effective and powerful, Price a much better goalie than Luongo (also outplayed thomas in the series) and their goal scorers Gionta, Camilieri gomez etc. seem much more dangerous than we’ve seen coming from the Sedins.

    Ryder dosesn’t make the great save in that series Habs win.Canicks not living up to hype and we’re starting to understand how they almost blew 3-0 lead to Hawks.

    • Hi Chris I really have to disagree with you on your opinion of the Montreal Canadians. Gomez is a terrible player. If you know any Habs fans they will tell you how much they loath Gomez, and want him sent to the minors or traded away. Gionta, and Cammalleri are great players that Boston should have been able to handle with ease because of their small frame. I think Montreal had success against Boston because both teams know one and other so well. Vancouver has only played Boston once each season since the lockout. Yes Price was outstanding all season for Montreal, and he is a huge reason why they made the playoffs. If he is so good why wasn’t he nominated for the Vezina Trophy? Luongo, and Thomas both were nominated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and visiting my blog.

      • chris from cape cod says:

        Thanks Har:

        Keep up the good work – Chris.

      • Thanks so much Chris.

      • chris-from CC says:

        I think the Canucks will have te edge in play tonite in game 5 as they look to reassert themselves will the help of a rabid Rogers crowd. As to whether or not this will result in a Vancouver win is questionale, mainly because of the lopsided goalie advantage that the B’s have enjoyed——-and how many times have we seen it in playoffs, the best team on the ice is on the short end of the scoreboard at the end of 3 periods because of hot goaltending.

      • Hi Chris I’m hoping they have an edge in play tonight. It would be nice if somebody other than Burrows came to play this evening. Yes your right Goaltending has been one of the major keys in this series. All eyes will be on Luongo. If he lets in 3 or more the Canucks won’t win. He margin for error tonight is razor thin. The Canucks need to get pucks past Thomas and make his life in net difficult or its golf time for the Canucks, and champagne for the Bruins. Thanks Chris.

  24. MJ says:

    Har – I look forward to your appearances on WEEI in Boston. Also enjoyed reading your blog entries. Keep up the good work. (BTW, Bruins in 7)


    • Hi MJ Thanks for the kind thoughts. I’m so glad so many people are enjoying my appearances on Weei. I’m also thrilled by all the attention, comments, and visits to my blog. Thanks for listening MJ.

  25. eric says:

    greta blog har, love hearing you on weei, but the bruins will be taking this series, sorry, keep up the good work and best of luck getting a sposrts journalist job

    • Hi Eric, Thanks for checking out my blog and listening to Weei. I hate to tell you but the Canucks are going to take this series. I like the Red Sox chances better than the B’s.

  26. DaleTallon1970 says:

    From Notable Residents section of “Chelmsford, Massachusetts” town post on Wikipedia.

    Gerry Callahan, popular albeit controversial Boston Herald and former Sports Illustrated sports columnist and co-host of WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan, the popular sports radio morning program based in Boston. Played on Chelmsford High School’s first ever “Super Bowl” team in 1978. Many consider him the reason Chelmsford lost the game for he drew a penalty on a touchdown play resulting in Chelmsford High School’s loss. This play led to the nickname Gerry “The Clipper” Callahan, which people often call up and mention on his radio show.,_Massachusetts

    • Hi Dale, that is wicked awesome. I will put this information in the vault and release it whenever I feel like D&C are all over me. I had know idea about this. Do D&C mention or talk about this often? I get the feeling that this something Mr. Callahan might get angry, upset, and mad about if a listener went on air to talk about this. Thanks Dale.

  27. sean says:

    loved hearing u today,love boston hub radio,there real good,u seem to no ur hockey,refreshing to hear a girl who gets into the sport,and follows it.i have some dedicated girl fans that watch and are really into it to.Good luck with ur website,Have fun at Sox game,Be on look out,for the B’s to take it to you.Long as we go high on Luongo,and we will score.I hope the refs,don’t blow whistle all night,just let them play,if out of control after whistle then stop it,but hope they let them play.Sediens and Kessel need to show up,thought u guys scored on pp,we have more goals i think,and short handed.I think Kessel is heart of team,he has to step it up……We will see tonight,Can’t wait!!!!!

    • Hey Sean I think you are confusing Phil Kessel with Ryan Kesler. Kesler is a way better player than Kessel so forget about this Phil guy. It’s very possible the Refs in game 4 might be too whistle happy. If they want to get control of the game and cut down on all the hitting, and after the whistle stuff their could be a parade to the penalty box. I think this would drastically hurt Boston. The B’s play best 5 on 5 and you don’t want to wake up a sleepy Canucks Power Play. Thanks for commenting Sean.

      • sean says:

        ryan kesler i ment havent seen him do anything,except get pushed around,like the sisters,u’ll see when we win,ur team is weak,atleast we have been in every game,worry about ur team scoreing,cause we are more thing the pp wont wake up,we shut u guys down to easy,and if get by our defense,u have Thomas to deal with.better start up ur back up goalie.

  28. Im 14 and am a vancouverite. I am and always will be a? Canucks fan but these videos show me how much history there is to hockey. Total respect to all die the hard fans.

    • Hi Arlyne, That’s great that you are such a big Canucks fan. What about the Canucks do you love the most? What do you think will happen in the remainder of the series against Boston? Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting.

  29. Dale Tallon says:


    What da dealio? Did you make it on D&Clippah this morn? Yeh, Callahan is not so affectionately known as Clippah ’round these parts on account of his clipping penalty got the winning touchdown called back in the 1978 Massachusetts Secondary School State Supah Bowl, losing his hometwon team da game. Anyway, Canyucks still up 2-to-1 in the quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Tomorrow’s game is another chapter in this book. Off course, I’m pulling 4 d B’s. Regardless, I’m really enjoying this Battle of Wills. May the better team win. FEAR the BEAR!

    • Hi Dale I did not make it on to D&C this morning but I should be making an appearance on Wednesday. I had never heard of this “Clippah” story before. If what you’re saying is true do you have any publication or information site that can back that up. I think that story could come in handy if I suddenly get ripped or bombarded by Gerry or John. Thanks for that tid bit of info, and thank you for subscribing to my blog.

  30. Zdeno says:

    One of the Sedin sisters said after game 2, it was the worst playoff game they’ve played this year. Wonder what they said after game 3? Lol

    • Hi Zdeno I couldn’t believe that comment. I guess they have short memories because they played a few stinkers against the Blackhawks and game 3 in San Jose was almost as ugly as the game last night. I think the Sedins will both play better in game 4. They need to get the Canucks back on track and they should get plenty of ice time from Alain Vigneault. Thanks

  31. rob says:

    Hey Har,

    Arron Rome is a thug. So are Lapierre and Burrows. D&C called you out for not wanting to call today. Don’t hide after a loss like that. I heard you were upset because someone called you a “wench”. Don’t let one ignorant person prevent you from coming back on the radio. I hope to hear you again soon. As always, I wish you the best.

    • Hi Rob I don’t think Aaron Rome is a thug, if the play was reversed and Horton hit Rome like that would you be calling Horton a thug? I was sleeping and I had no idea D&C were interested in my thoughts and opinion of the game. I hadn’t received any contact from Weei until I was well asleep. I will be making an appearance on Weei very soon so I hope you have it locked to the best Sports Station in New England this morning. Thanks for reading my blog and listening to D&C Rob.

  32. Steve says:

    you going biggest star on tv your smart,cute and you know your hockey and other sports .should put video of you talking hockey and other sports evryone watch i know would girl talk sports is the best when your cute as you

    • Hi Steve thanks for the kind words and compliments. I know that good looks are part of it, but if you don’t know your stuff you don’t deserve to work in such an awesome industry. Thanks for checking out my blog and listening to Weei.

  33. Wayne says:

    How can you say the Bruins can’t keep this up? You have no idea if they can or not. Vancouver thought they were tough and untouchable but after being punched in the mouth last night, this game will be in their heads. After your defenseman is suspended today, your defense will be tired, as they showed last night. You said this series was over 2 days ago on WEEI, its far from over and your team is scared. If you go on the Sports Hub they would eat you alive. WEEI doesn’t know hockey.

    • Hi Wayne, I honestly don’t think the Bruins can’t keep up what they did in game 3. If you look at the previous 3 games Bruin games the B’s only scored 3 goals combined. The Canucks are a team that has played in games were they have given up 6,7,8 goals and then they have bounced back in their next game. What type of record do the Bruins have after winning blowout games? I still say Canucks in 5 and that’s what I’m sticking too. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  34. Stephen Nuzzi says:

    Hi Har,

    Heard you on WEEI this morning. Good job. I hope you don’t get hit with too much turbulence over the the game. I’m gonna stay humble because I know how momentum shifts back and forth. After-all you did predict a Bruins win. It will be interesting to see how Vancouver responds. This series is getting intense and I think the Canucks woke up the angry bear.

    • Hi Stephen thanks for checking out my blog again. Yes momentum can travel back and forth minute by minute, period by period, and game by game. Right now Boston has it, but will they be able to hold on to it on Wednesday. That’s the tricky part but for now they have the ball rolling. I appreciate you not hitting me with any turbulence. I have a feeling I will be taking some lumps the next time I talk to D&C. Thanks Stephen.

  35. Wayne says:

    That would be 8 goals.

    • Hey like Kevin Bieksa said “Its not champions league. There’s no aggregate” The goals don’t carry over. The B’s still have more work to do in fewer games than the Canucks.

  36. Wayne says:

    I heard you this morning on WEEI saying theres no chance your goalie will give up 5,6 or 7 goals….. Maybe it’s time to stop pretending you know alot about hockey. Your Canucks got beat in the hockey game and their ass kicked. You guys just woke up an angry bear.

    • Hi Wayne wow those are pretty strong words are you sure your Bruins didn’t run out of goals tonight. It would be wise for them to save a few for the next two games. Yes I did say Luongo would not give up 5, 6 or, 7 goals, but I didn’t say 8 did I? Can Boston keep it up…. NO. Thanks for checking out my blog Wayne.

  37. gary says:

    Hey Har I listen to you on weei here in Boston and you’re great. You know more about hockey than most journalists here. Keep writing though! Fresh new material! Don’t be afraid to hit me up when you’re in Boston for Sox-yanks. You have my email.

    • Hi Gary thanks for commenting and checking out my blog. I’m so glad New Englanders are enjoying my apperrences on Weei. I’m hoping to get to Boston in August. It seems I picked a pretty busy weekend to try and find accomadations. Damn Yankee fans. Thanks Gary.

  38. Rob J. says:

    BTW, Har…….It’s my Birthday today.(which happens to be Cam Neely’s as well)………and the B’s being up 4-0 after 2 periods is great!!!!…..and a B’s win would be even better!!

    • Happy Birthday Rob. The Bruins picked a good time to deliver a huge victory on your birthday. Actor Paul Giamatti also has a birthday on June 6th. Wow!!

      • Rob J. says:

        Hi Har

        I sent an email to D&C, saying that they should put you on the air in August to talk a little hockey….and Red Sox/Yankees. Also, I contacted my friend at Entercom, and he said he would put a bug in their ear.

        Anyway, I’m getting set to watch game 5, and getting pretty pumped……..This series has been unpredictable thus far, so I am expecting the unexpected……..I don’t think either team has to score first to win……and I don’t think it’s a “must” win for either team…..every game has had it’s own feel ……this series can still go either way.

        If the Bruins can keep the pressure on, they’ll be in a good position to win…..but what if the Sedins wake up??….just no way to predict…….

        I’m still picking Bruins in 6……


      • Hi Rob it’s always great to hear from you. I didn’t see any of your comments on my blog in the last couple of days so I was thinking hmmm…. Rob must be busy or something. That’s really nice of you to email D&C and also contacting your connection at Entercom. I haven’t heard anything yet about dropping by their studio when I’m in Boston so who knows if it will happen. They had the Green Men visit and I’m pretty sure I’ve called in more than they have. Perhaps I need to dress up in pink spandex or something… ewww. I don’t know if you heard me on D&C on Friday morning but I attempted to propose a bet with John and Gerry. They were talking a lot of smack, and do a lot of trash talking on Thursday, and Friday so I was hoping they would want to back up their mouths. I haven’t heard anything about a bet so I don’t know if it will happen. They might be a little too scared now. I think you better change your prediction too Rob. Thanks for your help, and thank you for visiting my blog again. HAR

  39. Dave Winfield says:

    Sometimes less is more. Bruins with a big win tonight 3-1. You heard it here first.

    • Hi Dave it looks like you’re right about the Bruins coming up big tonight. However it remains to been seen if the Bruins can keep it up. Game 4 will be huge. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  40. brently says:

    Not sure that a red sox jersey picture is appropriate….not sure what would be better. Love the blog. Question:

    Will thomas even play game three after such an embarrassing overtime move?????

    • Hey Brent, Thomas will be in net for game 3 tonight. He has started every playoff game and has played every minute in net for Boston. Hey did you get a chance to check me out on Weei? I was on this morning for 10 minutes. Are we all watching game 5 on Friday? I heard you may have thrown out an invite, and I know your stove works better than ours. Thanks for checking out my blog Brent 🙂

  41. Steve says:

    You are the best should own show net callled har on hockey you are star in the making

    • Hi Steve that is a great idea, thanks for the compliment. It takes a lot of hard work to accomplish a dream like that. Hopefully one day I can make that happen. Thanks for listening to D&C.

  42. Matthew Dority says:

    Hey Har,
    I’m not a hockey fan so I don’t care ho wins. I’m a fan of WEEI and heard you on the show and just checked out your blog. Great stuff kid! You’ve got a real future in sports analysis if that’s what you want.

    • Hi Matthew thanks for visiting my blog and listening to Weei. I really appreciate all the support and kind comments from Weei’s listeners. I hope I one day have a terrific journalistic career covering sports. That would be a dream come true. Thanks Matthew.

  43. Rob J. says:

    BTW……you would be a wonderful addition to the Boston Sports market……..

    • Thanks for the props. It would be wonderful if I could make that happen. I just don’t have the connections right now, and it’s hard to make them when I live on the other side of North America. I’m hopeful, and always thinking positive so my fingers are crossed. Thanks

      • Rob J. says:


        I plan to send an email to D&C about getting you on the air in August. Also, I used to play hockey with a guy (a friend of mine), who works for Entercom (they own WEEI). He’s a program operations director. I’m gonna let him know what I think about you, and see if he can pull any strings to get you on WEEI in August…….

      • Hi Rob that sounds sweet. I had know idea what or who Entercom was until I did some research on Weei. I hardly know anybody in the Boston media market. If you want to try and see if D&C would have me on as a guest in August that would be wicked awesome. Thanks so much Rob.

  44. Rob J. says:

    Unfortunately, missed the green men on WEEI, heard they were going to be on, but was working. Hopefully I’m able to listen to it on WEEI’s website……they have had a couple of your calls posted on there to listen to also. I think it’s great that they’re coming to Boston, I find them amusing and entertaining. I also think that the die-hard Boston fan will not be too welcoming…..I just hope they don’t give them too hard of a time.
    Denis Leary may have been a better target……but they did poke fun at Cam Neely, which was funny, and talked about all over WEEI.

    As far as the B’s offense…..I don’t think they’re out of gas yet….at least they shouldn’t be, they are pro hockey players!!!…..It is not unusual for it to go into a mini slump…..I do expect more from Lucic, Krecji, and Horton…..Recchi is over the hill….Marchand is trying to do too much and needs to just play his game, he will get chances….and also need Bergeron to step up even more and create more offense. I agree with you on Chara…he needs to be at the point on the PP…no more in front of the net, I think it’s wearing him down during the game, as evidenced by his half-hearted (tired) attempt to block the assist on the game winner. He needs his energy for playing against the Sedins….and the Canucks second line….Thomas probably has maybe 2 more games like that in him….he is amazingly resilient and focused…..but in the previous series did let up 5 goals in at least 3 games, and a few of them were softies.

    Anyway, looking forward to tonight’s game 2……..and to chatting with you again, it’s been fun.

    • Hey Rob

      I think the Green Men interview is still up on Weei if you want to listen to it. Only 1 of the duo was interviewed. I don’t think the Green Men will be too accepted in Boston. With the series being 2-0 Vancouver I think they might take a few shots from angry B’s fans. I would be surprised if security at the garden allows them to bring in any signs or props.

      The Bruins should have won game 2. The Canucks got pretty lucky, but I think the Bruins didn’t play a total 60 minute hockey game. They made too many turnovers in their own end, and that also showed up on the overtime goal. What were Thomas and Chara thinking? I thought Thomas was at fault for 2 of the 3 goals. Chara has to be hurt because he hasn’t been playing like somebody who is 6’9. Perhaps the change of venue will help the Bruins. It worked in the first round, but this is no Montreal Canadiens team this is Vancouver. It would also help if Horton showed up on offense. He has been so clutch in the playoffs, so it’s surprising to see him struggle now. Thanks again for checking out my blog Rob.

      • Rob J says:


        I heard you this morning on WEEI. I noticed they tried to challenge you, and rip you a little bit, but you took them on pretty well.

        I think this series could have gone either way so far. I’m beginning to think that Bruins are a little fatigued. They seem to be having mental and/or physical breakdowns at key moments.

        I heard you say that you are coming out to Boston in August, you should try and get D&C to let you go on the air with them.

      • Rob J. says:

        Hey Har,

        I heard the first 3/4 of your interview on D&C this morning. It sounded pretty good!! They definitely tried to challenge/rip you but you hung in there.

        I heard that you’ll be coming to Boston in August for the Sox-Yanks…you should try to get D&C to put you on the air while you’re in town.

        As far as the series, It definitely could have gone either way so far…..and I’m beginning to think that the B’s are fatigued…….making mental/physical mistakes at key points in the game.
        For game 3, ….I would expect them to clamp down defensively like they did in game 7 against Tampa, and also in Game 1 vs the Canucks……and then hope for good scoring opportunities……we’ll see……

        Good Luck to the green men in Boston……….the don’t know what they’re in for…….

      • Hi Rob yah I had a feeling D&C might be up to something. I was supposed to debate somebody in Lynnfield named Lisa. However she either didn’t call in or they didn’t want to talk to her. Who knows what happend, but it’s possible she got cold feet.

        That would be an awesome idea. I’ve been on D&C more than the Green Men and they got a nice little in studio segment today. I’m a very devoted, and avid listener so that would be a terrific idea to pass on to D&C’s producers.

        Your B’s really have to get going tonight. If they don’t play their best game of the year they are done. They have to score at least 3 to win. Thomas can’t let in anymore soft goals. If the B’s getting running around trying to get at Burrows, and Lapierre the Canucks power play might just knock them out of the game. I think the Boston crowd will make a great deal of noise tonight. I expect “dirty water” to be played after the final horn sounds.

        Thanks Rob

  45. Steve says:

    Vancouver win in 4 bruins fans there real fans were there name sucked noone there bunch pink hat fans

    • Hi Steve with the home fans cheering on the B’s at the garden next week I think the Bruins will one of their two home games. You sound like a real devoted Bruins fans I hope your able to enjoy the series. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  46. Nick says:

    Har you are all over Boston media! WEEI with D&C now Mike Reiss’s mailbag!

    • Hi Nick I often send in a few questions to Mr. Reiss, however since the season is over and the lockout is still on going I haven’t really been focused much on football. Mr. Reiss does a great job covering the Pats so I’m always happy send in a question or two to see what his thoughts are. Thanks for checking out my blog, and Weei.

  47. Nick says:


    You are everywhere in Boston. WEEI and now invading Mike Reiss’s mailbag!?!?! Do you secertly wish you worked in Boston?

    • Yes definitely Nick. That would be a dream come true. It’s been pretty difficult to find work in Vancouver. We only have 1 team from the 4 major sports leagues, and they’re simply isn’t enough jobs to go around for everyone in this market. Thanks for checking out Mike’s mailbag, and my blog.

  48. Paul Kron says:

    Okay, the Canucks take round 1. Good games by both goalies, but Timmy had more difficult saves. Bruins need to score when they have a 2-man advantage for a minute and a half. Canucks stood up to Bruins for the most part. I wish the game had gone into OT.
    I think the B’s can still forecheck better and they will need to keep it up for 60 minutes
    next game.

    Did Burrows miss a meal or something, or was it just snack time? Henrik Sedin need to stay on his feet when someone gives him a love tap, not take a dive like he was run over by a truck.

    • Hey Paul what happened to the Bruins in game 1? They sat back way too much and let Tim Thomas carry them the entire game. I think Lucic and Horton really need to pick up their game if the Bruins are to win any games in this series. The Bruins scored a total of 1 goal in their last 2 games. Do you think the Bruins are getting tired, and gasssed out? Maybe the B’s have run out of steam. I don’t know if Timmy can play any better than he did in game 1. We shall certainly see tonight. I’m having a big house party tonight, I hope you enjoy the game too. Thanks Paul

  49. Stephen Nuzzi says:

    I enjoyed reading your objective article mixed in with a touch of playful banter :-). Nothing wrong with that BTW. After that exciting game ended I felt a little deflated but I realized that both teams played about the same. I thought it was going to overtime. Unfortunately they got the break they needed at the right time. I was wondering your take on the finger bite. Not very classy.

    My prediction is a 6-4 score in the next game. I’m not sure who will be on top.


    • Hi Stephen I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog. I also thought the game would go to overtime. Both goalies played terrific and you could tell that it was only going to take one mistake for the game to be won or lost. I have an interesting opinion on the Burrows biting incident. You’ll have to stay tuned to Weei to see if I make my thoughts known. I’m sure Bruins fans are angry and would like to meet Burrows in a Charlestown alley for a few minutes. I don’t think we’ll see 10 goal barrage next game, but I do agree that it will be a two goal margin of victory. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Stephen.

  50. Rob J. says:

    Hi Har,
    I hear you on WEEI…..and thought you were great!! I admit that I haven’t read your entire Stanley Cup Preview, but so far it is very insightful, and shows you have knowledge of hockey and sports in general. I also like your confidence in your Canucks, and that you have no fear expressing that on the radio to the rabid Boston fans…..

    I’m currently watching the 1st game right now, and it has been a pretty good one……

    Anyway, I will continue to follow your blog, and any future appearances on WEEI……

    Take care,

    p.s. Bruins in 6

    • Hi Rob thanks for checking out my blog and listening to Weei. I was kind of surprised D&C didn’t rip me. I guess they don’t get many callers from Vancouver. I’m guessing you didn’t enjoy the outcome of the game. The good news for you and Bruins fans is that Boston played pretty good and they’re were in the game for all of 59.41. If Lucic, and Horton play better than Boston might win a game or two. Thanks Rob.

      • Rob J. says:

        D&C definitely do not get very many callers from Vancouver. I think they appreciate your boldness, confidence in the Canucks, and your overall knowledge of sports. No, I did not enjoy the end result of Game 1, but enjoyed very much the entertainment value of the game. The Bruins can definitely skate with the Canucks, and will continue to put up a fight. Tell the green men that using Ben Affleck wearing a Vancouver jersey really wasn’t a great shot at Boston. Not too many fans here care about Affleck.
        BTW, I’d love to keep up this dialogue throughout the series, nice to have an opposing view….use the email I posted, if you’d like.


      • Hey Rob did you hear the Green Men on Weei on Thursday? Force was on for about 15 minutes and it was a pretty good interview. Those guys are going to be in Boston for the two games next week, they got a travel sponsor to fly them out to Boston. I didn’t see their Affleck sign. I thought they should have gone with Denis Leary he is a bigger B’s fan. So far they’ve gone with a Neil Young sign(SJ) Carrie Underwood sign(Nash) and Vince Vaughn sign against Chicago. Those guys are huge out here, they can’t go anywhere with out crowds forming.

        What do you think is up with the B’s offense? If Lucic, Horton, Reechi, Marchand, and Seguin don’t get something going soon it could be a short series. Do you think the B’s have run out of gas? I don’t think they can depend on Thomas to steal the show every game? How many more times can Thomas realistically play that great? The B’s need to put Chara on the point on the PP. Who is going to want to block his 1:05mph shot… not me and probably not the Canucks penalty killer. Enjoy game 2 Rob thanks for checking out my blog.

  51. Tim Watters says:

    I heard you on WEEI and thought I’d visit your blog. Nice job! I had a chance to visit Vancouver this summer and found it stunningly beautiful. I hope to get back there. I wish you continued success in your journalism career.

    • Hi Tim thanks for visiting my blog and listening to Weei. Vancouver is an amazingly beautiful city. You can go to the mountain and beach all in one day. It can rain one minute and be sunny the next. I hope you enjoyed your visit out west. Thanks for the compliments Tim.

  52. SoxOrGoHoMe says:

    I like the preview Har but I think it’s a little misguided. I think special teams is really what this series is going to come down to. Luongo will of course play a huge role among other things, but the X factor is what happens with the PP and the PK for both teams. If the power plays start to stck up in favor of the Canucks then series over, thanks for coming. On the other hand if Boston is able to affectively run their PK and the refs can swallow their whistles more often than not than the Bruins have a chance.

    Where’s all the Red Sox analysis Har? C’mon, I thought you were a die-hard Sox fan. I want to know your thoughts on the Sox season so far.

    • Hi Kenyon I going to be writing about the Red Sox very soon. I’ve got a lot of opinions on Dice K, Schlackey, and the Sox pitching staff. I think Mr. Jenks has been spending to much time at Dunkin Donuts. Also what is going with JD Drew in RF? Can’t they just send him to Pawtucket and bring up some kids. Thanks for your comment I hope you enjoy the Canucks wins.

  53. Mike Amaral says:

    Har.. you have totally underestimated the power of a hot goalie. When Luango starts to crumble like a cookie, we’ll see how the Canshmucks will handle it. I believe they will crawl into the shadows of Tiger Williams and collapse. this one will be easy pickin’s. Bruins in 5
    fear the bear!!

    ps the green men look like idiots!

    • Hi Mike, do you really think the Bruins are going to win in 5 when it took them 7 full games to beat Montreal, and Tampa Bay. Vancouver is the top team in the NHL I don’t think the Bruins will win as easily as you predict. Tim Thomas has the ability to crumble too if the Canucks get going on the power play. The Green Men are awesome so I don’t think we can agree on that. Thanks for listening and commenting Mike.

  54. Peter says:

    Great blog. I have no idea who will win, but you have revealed a lot of potential weaknesses of the Canucks. Are you a Bruins fan?

    • Hi Peter, I don’t hate the Bruins and I definitely cheer for them when they play Leafs, Sens, Sabres, Rangers, Flyers, Penguins, Devils, and Islanders, but Vancouver is my favourite team. I didn’t want to write a preview that was one sided towards Vancouver winning so I had to make sure Boston fans would be able to see how they can beat the Canucks from my point of view. The Bruins have a chance so it will be interesting. Thanks for commenting Peter.

  55. Kyle Ervin says:

    Vancouver in 5? Really? I’m glad you have planned your parade that won’t happen. Luongo isn’t on the same level as Tim Thomas, not even close. Tim Thomas is still the only goalie not to be pulled from a game in these playoffs. You ask why, well it is pretty obvious that even when he lets in the bad goals he always battles back. Vancouver might win game one, but I don’t see them winning more than 2. I’m going to enjoy watching the B’s lift the cup at home in game 6, something the city definitely deserves. Sedin’s/Kessler/Burrows will easily be shut down by the big defense of Boston and the stellar play of Timmy T.

    Oh and the cup wouldn’t be coming “home” to Vancouver even if they did win. For something to be called home you must have at least been there once, and sorry Har but they haven’t been there before.

    • Hi Kyle you really have a lot to say so thank you for doing that. I have to correct you on your last statement. The city of Vancouver has won the Stanley Cup before. In 1915 the Vancouver Millionaires defeated the Ottawa Senators in 3 games. The Stanley Cup also has long history in Vancouver. Vancouverite Lord Stanley Preston gave what was then the Cup to the AHAC and now it has become one of the most famous trophies in sports. They’re is also a statue of Lord Stanley Preston in Vancouver’s famed Stanley Park. That is what my last comment was reffering too. Thanks Kyle enjoy the series.

  56. Myrna Hutchinson says:

    I just wanted to leave a little note to let you know that I think you are great. I loved listening to you on D&C. I bet your Mom & Dad are so proud. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Myrna Thanks for the nice comment. That’s very nice of you to say. They’re pretty proud of me and for once they’re encouraging me to stay up until 3am to call the D&C show. Thank You for listening Myrna.

  57. bill says:

    I am a sad and heart broken lightning fan. So i have personal experience as to what the bruins can do. U are clearly very knowledgeable and know ur stuff but, Bruins are far to physical and primed for this. Vancouver is to rested and starting to believe there own hype.
    I hate u Bruins but, B’s win in 7

    • Hi Bill it’s too bad the Lightning ran out of gas. I think they have a great future and I wouldn’t be surprised if they win the Southeast division next year and play in the Stanley Cup. The Bruins are a physical team but the Canucks actually lead in hits during these playoffs. I think if you tune in from Tampa your going to see a lot more great play’s by the Vancouver Canucks. Thanks for your comment and prediction.

  58. Phil says:


    Nice to hear you on WEEI 850AM down here in Boston; your passion and your insight into sports is admiarable, and will take you far in your sprots journalism career. However, your blind allegiance to the Canucks is shrouding reality. The Canucks are ourtmatched by Boston’s size and goaltending. The Sedins won’t be able to plod along together on the ice to set each other up. Tim Thomas is a wall, and as with previous series, his goaltending will offset Boston’s anemic power play.

    To steal (and paraphrase) a quote from the not-so-great Rick Pitino, “Orr, Esposito, Neely, O’Reilly, and Bourque aren’t skating onto that ice tonight. If they did, they’d be old and gray”. This is the new Bruins, and this is their time.”

    Boston in 7 – sorry!

    • Hi Phil I had hoped that my preview wasn’t too one sided, but I guess I can’t please everybody. The good news for the Bruins is that the series is not won or lost on paper. The Bruins can win the cup if Thomas plays stellar, the Canucks get out hit and they put pucks past Luongo. I like your quote. I didn’t know Rick Pitino was a Bruins fan. Nice prediction but I think your going to be mistaken. Thanks Phil.

      • Phil says:

        Har…Har…sweet Har…

        You made the cardinal mistake of sports writing – you let being a fan cloud your objective judgement. As I said above, and was fairly obvious to anybody outside of Vancouver, Boston outsized and outmuscles the Canucks, and the Sedins cannot handle that. Tim Thomas stonewalled Vacouver’s feeble shots on goal; ironically, Louongo will be the goat in Vancouver, yet it was because of his goaltending that Boston didn’t close it out in 4.

        I said Boston in 6; I was off by one. Hope to see you along Commonwealth Ave in Boston later this week; we have these things called Duck Boats that carry our champions through the streets of Boston. Perhaps you’ve seen them sometime in the last 8 years or so – twice for the Red Sox, three times for the Patriots, once for the Celtics, and now the Bruins!

      • Hi Phil I think a lot of fans write and root for the team they love and cheered for as kids. Look at every writer at the Globe and Herald. They’ve all wrote about the B’s winning and how cheap and dirty the Canucks are. How can I not write, and support my home town Canucks. You should read Jackie Macmullan’s piece on ESPN Boston, she wrote an unbiased letter to Roberto Luongo the other day and she is from Boston. I think the main idea is to write a story that support points for both teams. I think I did that but obviously I can’t please everybody. A lot of Vancouver fans don’t watch Bruins games because we simply don’t get them so that’s probably why there wasn’t enough respect given to the Bruins by the Vancouver media. Enjoy the Duck Boat parade Phil the Bruins played better and deserved the Cup. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  59. Paul Kron says:

    Bruins will win in six. They will out-work your Canucks and won’t let them through the neutral zone without hitting them and slowing them down. The only way you will win is if we get called for needless penalties and allow your PP to get cranked up.

    Good luck to both you and to both teams. May the best team win.

    By the way, it’s Sean Thornton, not Scott.

    • Great insight Paul. That is exactly how the Bruins have to play to Win. However they’re not playing Montreal, Philly or Tampa. If the Bruins to do that against the Canucks then they deserve to hoist the cup. I hope you enjoy the series, it’s going to be a dandy. Thanks for commenting Paul.

  60. Chad Dale says:

    Har – great piece, although the Bruins bring more to the table than you give them credit for. Defense and special teams will decide the series. The B’s play a stronger brand of defense (do they play defense in the Western Conference?) but the C’s have a definite advantage on the power play. Bruins win in 6 games.

    By the way, it is Shawn Thornton and Adam McQuaid.

    • Hi Chad the play NHL Western Conference is known for being more of a definsive than in the wide open Eastern conference. The Canucks led the NHL with fewest goals allowed this season. The Canucks can play defense and dump the puck in with the Bruins if the B’s want to slow the game down. Thanks for your prediction but I think your going to be very dissapointed. Thanks Chad

  61. rob says:

    Hi Har. I heard you on the Boston radio station WEEI and just checked out your blog. I just started reading the forward section and like it very much so far. I do have 2 suggestions. 1) you should put up a link to WEEI.COM under websites you like. 2) It is SHAWN Thoronton…not Scott. Anyways, I love the analysis and enjoyed listening to you on the radio. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Rob Thanks for the great feedback. I know the Bruins have had a Joe, Scott and now Shawn Thornton on their team so you can see why I might have mixed them up. I will definitely add a link to the WEEI website. They’ve been wonderful in allowing me to call in and talk hockey. Also the blog shoutout is much appreciated. Thanks for listening and commenting Rob.

      • rob says:

        Hi Har,

        You squeeked one out in game 1, but this series is definitely going 7. I just wanted to reiterate how impressed I was by your radio appearances on D&C and your unbiased blog. I wish you all the best in your journalism future. Keep up the good work Har.

      • Hi Rob I don’t think the series will go 7 games. The Bruins need to average more than 1 goal in their last two games if they’re to have any chance at pulling off an upset. Thanks for listening to D&C on Weei they have been great guys to talk hockey with. I’m so glad the people in Boston are enjoying my calls. Thanks for the awesome regards, and kind compliments. Thanks Rob.

  62. Doug says:

    it would have been better if this had been written by a hockey fan, or at the very least, someone with a working knowledge of the game. SEAN Thornton could have an impact, and if asked, most other teams and fans are aware of the Bruins D-men, they have raised heck in alot of buildings around the league…….get your facts straight if you want to be taken seriously

    • Hi Doug I’m glad you read my preview. I have to disagree, I think many Canuck fans and NHL fans have no idea who the Bruins defenseman are. The Canucks and B’s only play once a year so their is a lot fans don’t know about the opposition. Thanks Doug.

      • kevin g says:

        hey har,ive been noticing you on eei and im impressed by your passion and while you show love for your team you remain relatively objective and seem to base your conclusions on actual stats,matchups and whatnot.A homer but with respect for the game and opponent,which obviously makes you more difficult to dislike,seems like evryone from vancouver is perfectly likable,with your team directly contrasting the sunny disposition lol.I read your blog and saw that picture of u,the sox gear is what did it for me,jk,dunno if lisa from lynnfield does have a crush but i do lol,wed be a good lookin couple too(haha uh oh stalker)just fuckin with ya har.By the way i am curious how u became such a fan of new england sports?Anyway i just wanted to give u a shout,tell ya that i enjoyed ur take and sense of humor.Damn,i wish their were more woman like u around here sports,journalism and ok looks…jk,see im funny too.anyway just thought id boost your ego a bit,your definitely in the right field,your a pleasure to listen to and keep it up & keep callin d&c,cracks me up im tellin u

      • Hi Kevin thanks for checking out my blog and listening on Weei. I became a fan of the Boston Red Sox in 2001. Back then it was pretty hard to get the Sox games here in Vancouver so I was reduced to reading box score’s and catching occasionally highlights. However 2 years later when my father got sick his work buddies came by and put in a dish. Boom instant Sox games on NESN at my house. I remember the interleague series were they played the Marlins up at Fenway and they scored 20 plus runs the first game. They then went on to crush and humiliate the Fish. Nomah, Nixon, Mueller, Bellhorn, Manny, Papi, Pedro, Lowe. After that I was hooked. Seattle is the closest MLB to Vancouver so my Dad would to take me to see the Sox and M’s. They’re is also a channel WSBK which I think is affiliated with CBS Boston that I get here. That allows me to watch Patriots 5th Quarter, and back in the day they had Friday Night Red Sox games on their as well. I started watching and following the Pats when they beat the Rams in the Super Bowl. I hope that answers your question Kevin. Thanks for the support Kevin.

      • kevin g says:

        ps luongo’s demons with the blackhawks must be lingering,u said he wouldnt give up5 6 or7,u forgot to mention 8.hate to say it but i think u jinxed ur boy

      • Yah I should have said 8, 9, 10 and beyond. I don’t think I jinxed him. The Canucks always put in a stinker in each round to keep the Vancouver fans on the edge of their seat. The Canucks will bounce back. Everybody knows they are a lot better than what they showed tonight. Boston had better be ready on Wednesday, beacause it’s another must win for the B’s.

    • brian says:

      what did you think of last nights game

      • Hi Brian thanks for checking out my blog and listening to Weei. I thought it was a terrible performance by the Canucks. The B’s beat them at their own game. Out hit, out played, out hustled, and Thomas made bigger clutch saves when called upon. The big question is whether or not Boston can keep it up. Perhaps they’ve used up all their goals. Before this game they had 3 in 3 games. The Canucks will be better and Luongo will make sure he keeps his team in it so they have a shot at clinching on Friday. I always said Canucks in 5 and that’s what I believe in. Thanks Brian.

    • Dan says:

      whoever wins game 5 will win the series, i have heard your interviews on weei, i live in the boston area

      • Hi Dan thanks for listening to Weei. I’m really enjoying being on Dennis and Callahan. So far they haven’t ripped me too hard. I think you are correct game 5 will tell us who will win the Stanley Cup. I’m going with the Canucks. Thanks for your comment Dan.

    • kevin g says:

      hey har,you must be pretty pumped right now as well you should be,bet youll be on d@c in the morning,SINCE YOU WONlol,ya never call after a loss it seems,coincedence i think not.its not gonna be a cakewalk,youll have to win in boston which is hopefully a insurmountable task and i think the third game 7 and the stanley cup being present will be the motivation the bs need to put it over the top.its crazy the bruins play so soft in vancouver,dont hit nothin,like theyre anticipating tight officiating,but they shouldve learned that lesson twice already.long sigh,dunno,anyway,late hear night har

      • Hey Kevin as it approaches 2:35am on the West Coast I’m still pretty excited right now. The entire city erupted when the Canucks won. Vancouver Police Department estimates 100,000 people flooded downtown Vancouver after tonight’s game to celebrate. I can only imagine what it would be like if they win the cup on Monday or Wednesday. If you notice I did call in after both losses in Boston. I did wait an extra day, but I did still call in. I figured I would let D&C get their shots in on the Canucks for a day before I put them in their place. They’re sure ripped on the Sedins, Luongo, Kesler and every other Canucks. I will be very interested to hear what they say on Monday morning. I think Boston will take game 6 back home. It would be great for Canucks fans like me if they won earlier and saved us all the extra drama but that’s not who they are or what they do. The fans in Boston will have the TD Banknorth Garden rocking and I predict that will drastically help the B’s players. Thanks for checking in on my blog Kevin and thanks for listening to Weei.

      • kevin g says:

        hardy har har-har,how corny am i but i couldnt resist.Man,whats the deal with alains postgame interview,what a pissy poorsport,writers got jobs too.If they lose do you think he’ll get canned,i dont really know how long his leash is.If claude hadnt made the finals his head’d probably be on a platter and i remember you mentioning on eei that if the nucks lost the city would call for his job.i was just bustin your chops about you not calling in the day after the loss i know you eventually did,fresh wounds i know,shit i give u a ton of credit handling yourself the way u do on the radio,if your at all nervous it doesnt show.did you really get a whole case of pop chips?what the hell are those anyway,there givin em away by the pile.pretty cool though you can say your sponsored what a series though,seriously,couldnt ask for a more entertaining series of performances,i dont know how to feel,im def confident and at the same time weve had momentum before but i really think theyve learned theyre lesson about being to gentle and careful on the road,even tonight once we got our lead we were spending an aweful lot of time hangin with timmy,i hate that theme of get a lead,then just protect it,stay aggressive and keep smackin em around til the fog horn thing sounds.rather than just waiting to lose ya know.So your not a basketball fan at all har?did u like the grizzlies?Oh yeah and have u been on vancouver radio or just in the bean?it seems your developing quite the following here,which speaks about you obviously and i think separates fans here from the meatheads down in philly ect. dont u?its cool though,gotta be kinda good for your career right, some exposure.your really on top of responding,must be busy,appreciated though its cool hearing u on the radio and actually being able to pick ur brain,id like to pick ur brain about how school for journalism is too,though a late bloomer 25 im planning on starting school,better late than never right.but anyway night har

      • Hi Kevin Alain Vigneault’s post game presser’s are usually all over the place. When things are going good he sometimes makes jokes, and has uncontrollable fits of laughter. Last night we saw the serious Alain Vengeful that wasn’t interested in giving the media any information or insight as to what happened to the Canucks in game 6. I think he didn’t want to make any comments that could be taken out of context like what happened to Luongo. I think now that the series has gone to 7 games the Canucks management will keep Vigneault. He has made it all the way to the finals and is 1 win within hoisting the Cup. No other Canuck Coach has come this far since 1994 when the Canucks lost to the Rangers in game 7. I seem to have gotten a little less nervous with each call in to Weei. I’m going to be on this morning in 3 hours so I’m going to have some water here and be ready for all of D&C’s verbal cheap shots. I’ve never had a Pop Chip before so I’m looking forward to having some. I usually go for Lays Dill Pickle chips so I’m hoping Pop Chips taste just as good. I would say that of all the four major sports I like the NBA the least. I would go NHL, MLB, NFL and than NBA. Since the Vancouver Grizzlies left Vancouver in 2001 nobody here in Vancouver really gives a crap about the NBA. Seattle lost its team to Oklahoma City so now the closest NBA team to Vancouver is the Portland Trailblazers and to see them means a 6.5 hour drive south. Steve Nash is from Vancouver Island, and he part owns the Vancouver MLS team so he get’s a lot of love up hear. I haven’t been on Vancouver Radio. I would probably get called a nut or something worse. I’m a nobody up here so I would just be another voice of so called Canucks expert if I called in. School for Journalism is alright. I’m not sure what types of opportunity exist in the North East but I think Syracuse has a really good Journalism school. I know Columbia in NY has a great school but you probably have to be Harvard smart to get in to their. Thanks for checking out my blog again Kevin, and thanks for listening to Weei.

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