Are the Vancouver Canucks a dirty Hockey Team

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The Vancouver Canucks are a strong, gritty, tough playing hockey team that can score, fight, hit, and dominate their opponents for long stretches of a game. In their Stanley Cup Final series against the Bruins some fans, media, and opposing NHL players have labeled the Vancouver Canucks are a dirty hockey team full of thugs, and classless players. The Vancouver Canucks don’t seem bothered or fazed by these comments because they’re focuses on winning a Stanley Cup. However the question remains are the Vancouver Canucks a dirty hockey team…. Why have the Canucks garnered so much criticism and backlash during the first three games of the finals. Could it have something to do with Alex Burrows finger bite on Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron, or maybe it has something to do with Aaron Rome and his crushing late hit on an unsuspecting Nathan Horton. Let’s see what all the fuss is about before deciding if the Vancouver Canucks are as dirty as a public toilet.

Fingergate seems to be an on-going epidemic in the Stanley Cup Finals. In game 1 Alex Burrows decided that he had nothing better to do than chomp down on Patrice Bergeron’s finger, and in-game 2 Maxim Lapierre tried to see if Patrice Bergeron was hungary for a nice smelly, sweaty gloved finger. In game 3 the Boston Bruins were serving up finger food for the Vancouver Canucks. Milan Lucic made a very determined effort to guide his fingers into Alex Burrows mouth without any success. Earlier in the game Mark Recchi attempted to see if Maxim Lapierre had an appetite for his finger. All of this could have easily been avoided if the NHL has suspended Alex Burrows for his initial finger faux pas. However newly appointed NHL disciplinarian and Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Mike Murphy decided against punishing Alex Burrows because he could not find any conclusive evidence that Alex Burrows intentionally bit the finger of Patrice Bergeron. It’s unknown what planet Mike Murphy is from, but if you scroll up and check out the above video/image you can clearly see for yourself that Mr. Alex Burrows is guilty of finger biting Patrice Bergeron. If the NHL had suspended Burrows for a game or two this series would be completely different. The Boston Bruins would be leading the series 2-1 with a chance to take a stranglehold on the series tonight on home ice. You also would not have seen Maxim Lapierre, Mark Recchi, Milan Lucic or anyone other player engaging in any offers to bite fingers. Mark Recchi, Milan Lucic, and Maxim Lapierre all offered up their fingers for a chomping session but nobody is labelling them. If you call Alex Burrows classless, and a dirty player you have to call every other player that does that the same thing. Critics will say Burrows is the only one of those four players that actually followed through on a bit. Yes that is true but nothing like this has ever happened in a Stanley Cup Final game. The NHL had no previous stance on finger biting in a Stanley Cup Final game. Mike Murphy has now informed both the Bruins, and Canucks that the next player who wags his finger in a scrum will get penalty, and a 10 minute game misconduct. This should put fingergate to bed.

Rome was not built-in a single day but it still conquers and can deliver punishing hits. Aaron Rome the 6th defenseman on the Vancouver Canucks depth chart came across his own blue line and laid out Boston Bruins star forward Nathan Horton at 1457 of the first period on Monday night. The hit was late and targeted Horton’s head. Horton had already passed the puck to linemate Milan Lucic before unknowingly getting rocked. Horton had his head down but that is no excuse for him getting knocked out. Nathan Horton suffered a severe concussion and will no longer be participating in the Stanley Cup Finals. Aaron Rome received a 5-minute interference penalty and a game misconduct. The Canucks killed off the penalty before unravelling and falling apart in the second, and third period. Tonight Aaron Rome will start severing a 4 game suspension handed down by the Mike Murphy. Rome will not play in another NHL game until September. Canucks fans think the suspension is too long, Bruins fans say it’s too short. If you listen to Boston sports station Weei the fans calling in want blood. They want the Sedins and other Canucks players leaving on a stretcher just like Horton. This is not a series that awards the Stanley Cup based on biggest body count total. Aaron Rome is not a dirty, cheap hockey player. He has no history of being suspended and he does not have a reputation for throwing cheap shots. Aaron Rome himself was the victim of a check from behind in the third game of the San Jose Sharks series. Rome missed the final two games of that series. Jamie McGinn of San Jose was kicked out of game 3 but not suspended for crushing Rome from behind.

 The Bruins played terrific, outstanding, and phenomenal after Horton went down. That’s the way the Bruins have to play. They can’t go around looking for revenge the way the tough Boston Bruin fans want them to. If they want to hurt Aaron Rome, and the Vancouver Canucks they need to run them right out of the TD Banknorth Garden like they did on Monday. The Vancouver Canucks will gladly take this trade-off. Having  Horton watching from the sidelines means one less weapon for the Bruins. Aaron Rome can easily be replaced in the Canucks lineup. Aaron Rome has drawn criticism all season long from Vancouver Canuck fans. He’s not strong on offense or defense. He doesn’t score, fight, make a great first pass, or skate well. Aaron Rome is not a player the Vancouver Canucks will miss. Vancouver Coach Alain Vigneault will have to turn to the highly paid Keith Ballard to fill in. Chris Tanev may also play Defense in favour of Andrew Alberts.

Are the Vancouver Canucks a dirty hockey team? That depends on who you ask. A hockey fan in Brookline will have a different answer than a hockey fan in Kitsilano. It’s up to you to decide on what you think is dirty, cheap, or just part of the game. One thing all hockey fans can agree on is this series has been far from boring. It doesn’t matter if fans or media of both teams can’t agree, the point is we are all talking about what’s happening and that’s good for the game.

  1. Jack says:

    Lucky 4 boston shanahan wasnt in play yet or marchand wouldnt have been in the finals marchand is more dirty than alex borrows..they would make a good line though..marchand, burrows,and downie pretty though line.

    • Hi Jack, Alex Burrows is the kind of player that is really good at getting under your skin. He does little things during scrums and after the whistle that really piss off his opponents. Brad Marchand does a lot of trash talking too but I think his hits are more dangerous than Burrows. I think both players need to cool it. When they’re sitting in the box or suspended it really doesn’t help their club. When they cut all that nonsense out of their games both players are highly skilled and can contribute a great deal to their teams. Sometimes boys just want to be boys though. What do you think about the Bourque/Cammalleri trade? I think your from Calgary eh?

  2. Jack says:

    Well patriots rnt 2 bad but bruins and red sox r the worst

  3. Jack says:

    All boston teams have always been cry really takes the enjoyment out of the fans r pethetic. ..jack from.Calgary

    • MSB says:

      The Canucks are a bunch of sally-ass clowns. What self-respecting hockey player calls for a fight, then runs with his skirt stuck in his panties? Seven “players” attacking one of our boys. Its a sad spectacle. Every Canuck fan out there, if you were truly objective, would be horribly embarassed by the sisters, the sallies and the pantywaists that play for the Canucks. And if the Canucks played in a competitive conference, they wouldnt have even had the President Cup to set next to their blankies all summer. A sad spectacle.

      • Hi thanks for visitng my blog and offering such great insight. You sound like every other Boston Bruins fan but hey you really know your hockey don’t you. If you are going to come on my blog and start ripping a team or certain player at least have the balls to put your name on it.Thansk for visiting have a great Friday.

    • Hi Jack thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comments with everyone. I wouldn’t agree with everything you’ve said. Red Sox fans, Patriots fans, and Boston Celtic fans don’t come across as cry babies. I’ve met some wonderful Boston Bruins fans. I think you’re being a bit hard. Not everyone from Boston is deserving of your comments. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Kelley Welch says:

    Hey Har .. just wanted to say hello

  5. Kelley Welch says:

    Har… I love your new picture.. i still havent fix my are you on Facebook??

    • Thanks Kelley I’m glad you like it. I have Facebook but I don’t know you well enough to add you. I do have a twitter account if you want to follow me and my tweets. Thanks Kelley.

      • Kelley Welch says:

        Observe, we have been chatting on at this juncture so were moderately acquaintances and I just heard you on D.C you have to affix me now on facebook.. 🙂

      • Hi Kelley I don’t even know if we can say we are acquaintances. I’ve never met you, and you know more about me than I know about you because you’ve heard me on Weei and have also read my blog. Perhaps if I get together with some fans when I visit Boston next month maybe then we can become acquaintances. Thanks for listening Kelley.

  6. JR says:

    Hey Har,

    I was surprised to hear you this morning on D&C. It was a pleasant surprise for sure. I really like hearing you talk hockey, hopefully you can get a regular spot to talk hockey on WEEI, I think it’s great. You helped make the NHL more interesting this season, and WEEI certainly need that. They never have been a good hockey source, but you helped them out and educated those guys on a great sport.
    Have a great summer, and like I said, I hope we hear more from you!!


    • Hi JR thanks for all the kind words and support. I think I was missing calling in to D&C in the morning so I figured why not call in. I hope to make a few more calls before I visit in August. Thanks for listening and checking out my blog.

  7. wardamneagle says:

    Sounded like a rant to me also but please don’t start flexing your keyboard muscles at me, I so scared …
    Sean has proved that Vancouver doesn’t have an exclusive on bone heads. Someone needs to tell Sean its always best to remain quiet and be thought to be a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubt, now be a good little lad and take your meds and if you click your heels together three times and repeat ” There’s no place like home , there’s no place like home , there’s no place like home ” when you wake you might be back in your safe and friendly surroundings Bwater State , where the men are men and the sheep are afraid.

    • Hi Ron thanks for posting on my blog. It’s great to hear that Sean’s comments don’t represent the majority of Bruins fans. They’re always a wise guy somewhere so I’m not shocked that one has shown up on my blog. I guess if people hate on me and what I have to say, I must be doing something right. Thanks Ron.

  8. Paul K says:

    Sean, Time for your meds.

  9. Z Man says:

    Morning Har:

    Looks like the Bruins and the Cup have made it safely home to New England. Hope you made it out of the War Zone safely.

    Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your call ins to D & C tremendously. Although the series didnt end the way you had hoped – well you can go ahead and use the motto that Red Sox fans used from 1918 – 2003…wait til next year.

    All the best to you and enjoy your trip out this way in August (you should stop in RI…Providence has great restaurants – much better than Boston).

    • Hi Z yes I did make is safely out of the war zone in downtown Vancouver. I don’t live in downtown Vancouver and I didn’t go down their for game 7 so I was pretty lucky to not be near any of the rioting. Thank you for asking. I’m glad you enjoyed my calls in to Weei. Hopefully I will be filling in as a guest host for a sometime in August when I visit Boston. Yes that wait until next year phrase is quite common around here. It feels like the Chicago Cubs should have the trade marked. I think I will make a trip down to Rhode Island. I think it’s only an hour via train and it seems like it’s a lot easier to visit Rhode Island than Cape Cod. Thanks for your advice and kind thoughts.

  10. sean says:


    • Paul K says:

      Har, I don’t think you need to respond to any of Sean’s rants. He’s presently under observation at the Bridgewater State Prison Mental health facility here in Mass.

      • sean says:


      • sean says:


      • Hi Paul so far I haven’t responded. I can’t really understand any of what he has written. Isn’t their also a psych ward near or around Walpole, Mass? I remember my cab driver saying something about that.

  11. sean says:


  12. sean says:


  13. sean says:


  14. sean says:


    • Kyle Ervin says:

      You are talking about Canadians being mature? Look at how many posts you made within an hour without someone even responding to you. Are you 12? Are you an uneducated 35 year old living with your mom still and sad that you’ve never touched a woman other than her? I think that you may have the most spelling mistakes I’ve ever seen. You are averaging like 1 in every 5 words being totally off, I mean “DESTRAUT” really? The riots were caused by a social group that have been following major events for years. How about the G8 summit events? Same people started those riots, get your facts right before you open your mouth. People like you are the reason free speech isn’t always a good thing. You have to read brain-dead people’s opinions like your own.

      • Hey Kyle with you living in Nova Scotia did you make it down on Saturday to the parade? I don’t know what sort of travel one would take from Nova Scotia to Boston other than flying so I hope you made it down on the weekend without any problems. Thanks Kyle for all your comments, don’t be a stranger now that the finals are over.

  15. sean says:


  16. sean says:


  17. sean says:


  18. sean says:

    u getting B’s tatt,wow told u we were going to kick ur ass,u were wropng i was right,now what,Sediens and kesler suck,like the whole team,u talk alot,but we do it.they get a pp and we score again,and at home how do u feel…..fight are not cheap u geek thats hockey,cheap is hitting chara behind,holding sticks but u get pp,dont matter cause u guys suck.lucky u made it this far,maybe another 40 yrs,ha ha.u dont no what cheap is,if u defend so much,u wont get bruins tatt,lier.Sediens saying were going to win i no it,ok u faget ass baby.we wat oiut scored pp,regular,and short handed what else u want,there hitting more,we finess more,how u like trhat,can u just admit it…………………………Cunnucks sucks,no cup,cheap isnt over,oh yes it is,over in the 2nd.we out played by far,have u watched hello.i want u to admit it?can u????????u talk enough,lets here iot,and at home,choke big time.Luongo ten million,come on,fucking joke!!!!!!!!evry time i contacted u,i was right,i should take ur job……..or cunnucks,they dont get capitol letters,not worthey.everything u said wrong.Can u admit it,like i said in the beginning,get the clubs out.This is so awesome.I love being right,happens so often,in 7yrs we took all our teams the whole way,no one is close new york 11yrs,i think.Boston rules,canada ssssssssssssuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssss get that in ur head,ull never see it again………the truth hurts thats why your not calm on radio,vote Bruins,ull be carm with real water needed.Horton we love u!!!!!!!!!!Bergeron go for a hat trick show these bitches up.3-0 and counting.GAME OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR””””WHAT U STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY,DIDNT THINK SO.I HATE CANADA MORE THAN YANKEYS.FUCK CANADA AND CUNNUCKS.NO ONE SHOWED UP FOR UR TEAM,HOW IS THAT IN GAME 7,HOW?????THESE ARE QUESTIONS,CAN U ANSWER,OR NOT.LUONGO OR THOMAS,COME ON WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!THOMAS PULLED NONE.THOSE FANS ARE QUITE……..CAUSE THEY ARE FANS CAUSE UR IN IT,RUIN UR COUNTRY CAUSE U LOOSE,MAKES NO SENCE,THATS LOOSERS.HIT FERENCE FROM BEHIND,THATS ALL UR TEAM DOES CHEAP CHEAP SHOTS,FUCK U PUSSYS,UR NOT CHEAP,UR FUCKING DUMP,ARE U WATCHING?????????????????CRY BABY CRY.I HOPE WE TAKE A CHEAP SHOT,TEACH THEM A LESSON,FIGHTING ISNT CHEAP,HITTING BEHIND IS,LET U IN ON THAT,OOOOOOOOOO ALMOST ANOTHER GOAL.SO QUITE EVERYONE KNOWS ITS OVER.THOMAS WONT FUCK UP LIKE LUONGO.U DONT LIKE THE TRUTH,HURTS AHHHHHH.CUNNUCKS SUCK,THEY HAVE NOTHING,NOTHING,NOTHING.WHEN I SAY SOMETHING I DO IT,WHEN U GETTING TATT????OF BRUINS?CUNNUCKS DONT WANT THERE DOING NOTHING…BESIDES CHEAP SHOTS THATS ALL THEY HAVE.SEAN BIG SMILE.THEY CANT EVEN SCORE A GOAL ON THOMAS,WOW,WERE GETTING THE CUP,THATS WHAT UP,CAUSE WE SHUT VANCUVER UP.AND U GUYS KEEP GETTING ALL THE CALLS.REFS FEEL BAD U CANT GET BY THOMAS THERE TRYING TO HELP U,SO U CANT CRY,WE GOT NO PENALTYS.BABYS.CUNNUCKS LOOSE EVERY RACE.ANOTHER PP STOPPED,HOWS IT FEEEEEEEEL?????IF U WATCH THE GAMES U NO ALL THIS.BERGERON ALMOST HAT TRICK.4-0 GAME BITCHES

    • sean says:


  19. Ron O. says:

    Come on Har such a silly question : Of course the Canucks are a dirty team, anyone that watched game six saw the Canucks Daniel Sedin shove his face into the Bruins Brad Marchands glove not once but six times.

    • Hi Ron I don’t think the Canucks are as dirty of a team as the media has made them out to be. If I remember correctly Boston led the NHL in goalie fights this year. What about Chara and his hit on Montreal’s Max Pacioretty? Didn’t Nathan Horton squirt a water bottle at a fan in Tampa Bay? What about Rich Peverley’s two handed slash to the back of Kevin Bieksa in game 2? I think you have your last sentence mixed up. Wasn’t it Marchand who punched Daniel Sedin six times? I don’t think Daniel or Henrik have thrown 6 punches all season and playoffs long. Overall I don’t think Vancouver is anymore dirtier than the Bruins. Both teams have done stupid stuff but I think it all evens out in the end. Thanks Ron.

  20. Playing the way the Bruins play defensively? There arent many good fighters on the Bruins except Chara, Thornton and Seidenberg. The Canucks try to start fights with weak fighters or people they know they can beat but? as soon as a good Bruins try to start a fight the Canucks wont fight. That why Burrows bit Bergy rather than Lucic or a defenseman. That “Whiny, cheap-ass team” is in the playoff for a reason.. THERE A FANTASTIC TEAM! At least the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup.

    • Hi Lourie thanks for the wonderful comments. The Canucks don’t have any fighters, and when the game was well out of hand in game 3 that’s why you saw Ryan Kesler go after Dennis Seidenberg. I don’t think the Canucks are trying to start fights, I think if anything they’re avoiding them. Have you seen anybody challenge Brad Marchand, or Shawn Thornton? I think a fight could really boost and give the Canucks so much needed energy. The Canucks joined the NHL in 1970 they’ve only been around for 41 years. If the Canucks had been an original 6 franchise like the B’s they would have multiple championships. I don’t really see how that’s a fair comparison. Thanks.

      • DaleTallon1970 says:

        Hardy, Har, Har…

        U.S.A. v. Canada, East Coast v. Left Coast, Timmy v. Bobbie (Note “ie” instead of “y”) Louongo, Will v. Skill…It don’t matter! Boyz are gonna strap on the skates and off we go! Its Game 7 for Lord Stanley’s Cup! Good for you Hardy, Har, Har! Dale Tallon is proud! May the best team win. FEAR THE BEAR!

      • Hi Adriano I think you can through all that stuff out the window for tonight’s game. Hopefully the best and better team wins tonight. I would hate for the Refs to get involved and decide the game. I don’t fear the Bear!! I have real Bears in my back yard every summer. Go Canucks Go, Thanks.

  21. Masshole says:

    I ♥ you Har

  22. Rick says:


    I guess you don’t know about LaPierre’s history with Montreal. He is a very dirty player that always got under the skin of Bruins players in his Montreal days. Sort of a Steve Avery type, Marchand. Always taunting, taking cheap shots, etc.

    For me, the Canadiens are the most reviled in all sports, even more so than the Yankees , whom I despise as I am a Sox fan. I grew up playing hockey on the ponds here, big Bobby Orr/Espo fan, so the Bruins have always been my favorite team. I love all 4 sports, but hockey is special. Regular season aside, there’s nothing that compares with playoff hockey. I’ve watched every series, every year regardless of who is in it. It could be Phoenix vs. Florida and I’d still watch it. The players are still mostly from up North, so the location of the NHL team is not relevant. All of these guys have a passion for hoisting the Cup above all else, money, etc. That’s what makes the sport special in my mind.

    • Hi Rick I’m very well aware of Maxim LaPierre’s history. My Mom’s side of the family is from Montreal so I know and follow the Canadiens extensively. One of the reasons Montreal moved LaPierre out of town to Anaheim was because of that very reason you stated. Jacques Martin had grown tired of his antics, and since he wasn’t producing any points they shipped him west. Now I can see why you dislike the Habs so much. If you’ve grown up on the ponds in Massachusetts and know and follow the history of both original 6 franchises now wonder you revile Montreal. I think I would too if I were you. Really you would watch Fla and Phx? That would be awful. Did you watch Edmonton/Carolina a few years back when Edmonton lost in 7? Thanks for the great reply Rick, and thanks for checking out my blog.

  23. Hi Har,
    My turn to compliment your phone calls into WEEI. When I first heard you I thought you were some little kid calling into the show. That was until I heard what you were talking about and the knowledge you possessed on trhe canucks. I do thinks its intersting that you are a nucks, sox and pats fan…. kind of a different mix seeing where you are from. Great game last night even though the B’s lost. The nucks were very aggressive andf probably would have scored a few more goals if anyone other than Thomas was in net.

    Now that I had to create a wordpress account in order to reply to these posts, maybe I’ll start my own blog…

    • Hey Matt yah when I first phoned in I was pretty nervous, and I talked way to damn fast. Sometimes I do that so I need to be a bit more calm when calling in to radio talk shows. Now I just breath better and drink water and it seems to keep me calm, cool, and collective. Thomas was pretty good, but I think the key to Vancouver winning, and Boston loosing was those 3 power plays in the first period. If Boston just scores 1 goal on those 3 opportunity’s the whole game changes. Boston still has a better Stanley Cup Final power play than Vancouver, but they sure look like they can’t score at Rogers Arena. Yah you should so start your own blog. Thank You for making one in order to reply to my posts, and thanks for listening to Weei Matt.

  24. Richard Fox says:

    From the heart of the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts – Worcester (aka – HAR, YOU ROCK!

    • Hi Richard thanks so much for the compliment. I like to think that I rock too 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog all the way from Worcester.

      • Richard Fox says:

        And don’t take any guff (well you don’t so you rock!) from Dennis & Callahan! They’re fun guys to listen to but often go over the top.

        Just be careful with any wager…

      • Hi Richard yah I’m not even sure if the wager is going to take place after all. Vancouver won game 5 and I still haven’t heard from D&C’s producers about a bet. I know it’s the weekend so that might be why but I think John and Gerry might be nervous about making a bet they know they can’t win. It’s also a possibility that John and Gerry might be on vacation in early August when I visit Boston. Last year Bob Ryan filled in for them in early August. I sent Mr. Ryan an email about getting together with him but he said he was too busy filling in for D&C on Weei. Do you have any good ideas for a wager with John and Gerry? Maybe they could swim across the Charles River to Boston/Cambridge. Thanks Richard.

      • Richard Fox says:

        Bob Ryan is the best sports journalist in North America. He’s definitely worth meeting and sharing some good conversation.

        Re:the bet – how about this: If you win, you host the D&C show for a day perhaps with Bob Ryan or Jackie MacMullan as co-host. If D&C win, they write your column. Sounds like a win win all around!

      • Hi Richard I would love to meet Bob Ryan or anybody that covers sports for a living in Boston. I think that just meeting and talking with anybody in the Boston sports media crowd would be awesome. I don’t think D&C’s producers would go for that sort of bet but I like it. They’re probably some sort of lousy labour law that prevents people like me in Canada from filling in as a co-host. I would probably have to sign a contract or legal document. Thanks Richard.

      • Richard Fox says:

        Sounds like you may get your opportunity to guest on the D&C show – a little on air exposure can only help you reach your goal. You’ve made friends in Massachusetts and we hope to see you on NESN.

        Sorry about the hooligans, those who riot in the streets and those who post to blogs in all capital letters. Vancouver is a diverse and beautiful city. Hope everything settles down and some good comes from all this.

      • Hey Richard I hope I get to fill in as a guest host on the Dennis and Callahan show this summer. I think that would be awesome if they keep their word and allow me to fill in for a day. Yah I was just thinking with D&C being simulcast on NESN that would mean exposure in 6 different states for me. That would be unbelievable. I would be over the moon if that happened so my fingers are crossed. Thanks for visiting my blog Richard, don’t be a stranger.

  25. Ron O. says:

    Hey Har ; I also have enjoyed your calls into WEEI and hope they continue into next season, your very knowledgeable and I enjoy an outsiders insight and prospectus on our Bruins, its nice to hear from someone like yourself that is not wearing black and gold colored glasses.
    I am and will always be greatful to the Canucks for sending us #8 Cam Neely .
    If you do get to visit Rhode Island may I suggest you visit historic Newport, they have the tennis hall of fame, Americas Cup Boulevard and of course the mansions.
    Sending you my best wishes ( for next season ) Sorry but the Cup is coming back to the Hub.

    • Hi Ron thanks for the compliment. I really enjoy talking with John and Gerry, and I think they like me as well. Yah the Canucks will never live down the Cam Neely trade. That’s one of the reasons why the franchise has never won a Stanley Cup. Newport eh… I was thinking of going to Providence RI. I would be taking the train down and I don’t even know if it goes to Newport. I think if you want to see the cup you’ll have to make a summer trip to Vancouver Ron. Thanks for listening to Weei.

  26. Paul K says:

    Har, Har, Har. I think the time has come to realize that your Canyucks will not win the cup this year. Our B’s have gotten into the heads of the Sedins et al, and instead of looking at the puck they are looking over their shoulder wondering where the next hit will be coming from. I think the home crowd may give the team a lift at the start of the game, but if the Bruins can get on the board 1st, the game and series is ovah!!

    It sounds like you have gotten used to being on-air after your 1st call, which sounded a little like you had just come in after a 5-mile race. I hope you can work out the details on a bet with D & C. I would like to see you wear a Yankees jersey to the Red Sox game when you are here. If Vancouver wins(not), D & C should treat you to dinner and a seat in WEEI’s club to watch the game. Bon chance!

    • Hey Paul No No No I don’t think it’s time to say that. The series is still tied at 2 games. When and if the Canucks lose tonight then and only then will they most likely are finished. I’m sure hoping the Home crowd can lift the Canucks and help them tonight but I’m not optimistic. The Canucks crowd is pretty corporate and usually they only cheer when something big happens. They tend to be pretty quiet. Yah I really have gotten use to being on the radio with D&C. When I first called I was pretty nervous. Now I just sip some water do some breathing and it seems to be working. I was thinking that John and Gerry should have to swim across the Charles River from Cambridge if the Canucks Win. If Boston wins I could get a Sox tattoo or do something stupid who knows. I haven’t heard from their producers so I don’t think it will happen. Something tells me D&C don’t want to make a bet with me. Dinner and a seat in the Weei club box would be wicked awesome or maybe even a Green Monstah seat. Like I said who knows. I think I will email Iggy tonight and see if this is going to happen or not. Thanks for listening and visiting my blog again Paul.

  27. Kelley says:

    Hey Har… damn your good looking!!

  28. El Fitz says:

    You’re doing just fine Har.
    Are you aware that 97% of Bostonians consider D&C to be Bozo’s??????

    • Hi El Fitz yah I’m starting to think that. A few of my friends listened to D&C out here this week and they thought the same thing. Why do they do so well ratings wise if Bostonians think that about them? I think they’re hilarious and very enjoyable to listen to. Thanks for listening to Weei and checking out my blog.

  29. Mike says:

    Har, Good to hear you. You seem passionate and know your hockey. I think after 4 games the one constant you can take away is the play of Tim Thomas. I honestly think he is in the Canucks and coaches heads. A hot goaltender can take a team a long way and give the team in front of him a huge confidence boost. The Bruins have a huge adavantage in goal in my opinion. The last three series they have played they have forced the opposing coach to change their goaltender at some point. The Canucks may have a more talented team overall but they have nothing close to a Thomas or Chara for that matter.

    • Hi Mike I think Tim Thomas hasn’t been tested enough by the Canucks. Sure they have over 30 plus shots on him, but how many of those have been grade A scoring chances. The Canucks are making Thomas look like a Hall of Famer. They need to get him going side to side. If they pass it to the side of the net when he is way out then they have an open net to score in. I think they should put another player in front of the net on the Power Play not just Kesler. If the Canucks make these adjustments tonight they will win the game. It would also help if Luongo didn’t suck. Thanks for listening to Weei Mike, and thanks for sharing your comments.

  30. KenU says:

    Hey Har… like most everyone else on this comment page, I first heard you on WEEI. I must commend you on your levelheadedness as you don’t let your feathers get ruffled despite the conversation. But come on – you say that if we call Burrows dirty or classless, we have to call the “finger wavers” the same. No… if we call Burrows dirty or classless, we have to call any player who BITES an opponent dirty and classless, and I will be quick to do that the next time a player bites another player. The finger waving is taunting and nothing more. LaPierre is the master of the taunt but it is part of the game – we have Bruin players who enjoy it just as much (Marchand).

    This morning you said that the ‘nucks don’t get into the fighting and “stick hitting”… must not have seen Burrows knock Thomas’ stick out of his hands before Thomas let him know his feelings with a hard rap to the back of the legs.

    Hope you keep calling in because your contribution to the show provides a good balance. GO BEEZ!!

    • Hey Ken thanks for visiting my blog. I think finger biting, and finger waving in the way we’ve seen it during the cup finals is something that should not be tolerated. It would have been great if the NHL had stepped in and done something about Burrows right away. I don’t think Burrows was even fined. Marchand taunted the entire Canucks bench at the end game 4. I haven’t heard any mention of that on D&C or here from many of the Bruins supporters. The Canucks aren’t a team that can win when they fight, and start swinging their sticks. Burrows did take a whack at Thomas with his stick at the end of the game. However by then the game was already won by Boston. What I’m saying is that the Canucks can’t do all that stick smacking, and whacking if they want to win. They let their emotions get the better of them, and they have to keep their cool to win. What is your opinion of Thomas and his shove on Henrik Sedin in game 3? Do you think that was warranted? If Luongo did that to a Bruin, Boston would want him dead. Thanks for listening to D&C and thank you for commenting on my blog Ken.

      • KenU says:

        No, Burrows was not fined. But that doesn’t make biting okay or the same as taunting. Taunting happens all the time. I believe I heard the last recalled incident of biting was in 2003…. it doesn’t happen that much because it sinks to a completely different level and is as taboo as pulling hair ( Listen, I hate the taunting as well. I was not wild about Marchand poking the crap out of Sedin, but I will admit a part of me also found it amusing. Just me- but there is something funny about a little guy relentlessly trying to piss off a bigger guy while the bigger guy just ignores it. I do like the physical play between the whistles and I LOVED the Thomas hit on Sedin. Mostly because you don’t see goalies do that. But that hit was perfectly clean… Sedin was making a play on the puck and Thomas decided waiting to see what side Sedin would put the puck down, he would just not let him catch the puck. I may be different, but I hate different rules for certain players (i.e. special rules for quarterbacks in the NFL)… I feel that if a goalie leaves the crease and is playing hte puck, he should be fair game for clean checks. I know that it is an unwritten rule because we don’t want goalies getting hurt. But, a goalie SHOULD be able to protect himself, stand up for himself. Thomas talked about that play and explained his decision to deck Sedin. He said that he gets scored on in practice whenever a player is catching a puck with glove hand in front of the goal. When the puck is in the hand, he has no idea to what side the player will play the puck and he is left to guess or go on instinct. He didn’t want to wait for that to happen, so he dealt a clean, legal check (Sedin was outside the crease). Gotta tell you, I stood up in my living room and cheered it. Sure, if Luongo had done it, I would be yelling for fair rules. But Luongo didn’t. But that is sports fanaticism, right? What’s good for my team is only good for my team. LOL

      • Hey Ken I’m not enjoying the Canucks being pushed around by the Bruins. Nobody wants to see their team be out muscled and shoved around. If the Canucks win the cup I don’t care what the B’s do to them. I’m pretty sure Jarkko Ruutu, and Dan Carcillo have had biting incidents since 2003. I know Ruutu was suspended but that was during the regular season, and he is a punk who has a history of being suspended before. don’t recall what happend to Carcillo but he is another punk who is known for that type of stuff. I’m hoping Vancouver wins tonight because if they don’t Boston’s wins on Monday. Thanks Ken.

  31. pastabelly says:

    Har, first, I didn’t mean the Canuck should get Bergeron or Recchi I meant players like them.. Second, you don’t know much about hockey if you think Bergeron isn’t good enough to play for Vancouver. Bergeron plays te game in all three zones and that’s why he was on your olympic team. Third, what I meant about having guys like those two is that they are class acts. But I did get to hear some Vancouver sports radio and Recchi is not well liked or respected for his game in your parts. Fourth, I doubt Ryan Whitney cares too much for Boston. There are a lot of players from Boston and who played college hockey in Boston who don’t exactly bleed black and gold. Your team is just not well liked or respected for the way they play. You and Vancouver fans can point to the Chara hit on Max P. But if you look at Chara’s career, you’d know the last thing anyone would call him is dirty. Let’s face it. In most NHL cities, the Bruins are not seen as a dirty team. You can find instances here and there and try to prove that the Bruins are as much to blame for the series getting ugly. But remember that the Bruins have been reacting and not instigating to Burrows and Rome.

  32. Bobby Orr says:

    O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D…..Vancouver has been fully exposed!

    The dirtiest team in sports….Burrows, Rome, The Sedin Sisters, etc.

    The pressure is on—Game 5 will feature “The Luongo Meltdown”.

    Oh well, at least The Green Men are entertaining.

    • Hi Jerry I sure hope the Canucks don’t meltdown in game 5. I think they’re more likely to do so in game 6 back in Boston regardless of what happens in game 5. They haven’t shown they can play well in Boston. I have to ask you how are the Sedins, and Aaron Rome dirty hockey players? If you ask me Brad Marchand is becoming a dirty hockey player. If the Canucks can thrive off of what Marchand did in game 4 he might regret what he did. Boston can keep the Green Men. Thanks for your comments Jerry.

  33. pastabelly says:

    Har, everyone in Boston seems to enjoy you on WEEI.

    Saw these comments from Edmonton defenseman Ryan Whitney, ““I’d say 90 percent of the guys in the league want nothing to do with seeing them [the Canucks] win. There’s no doubting their team’s pretty amazing. But who makes up that team makes them so tough to like that it’s frustrating to see them doing so well.’’

    Those comments were made BEFORE the series started. Do you get the feeling that other players think these guys are a bunch of punks? If the Canucks lose, as I hope they do, they can look inwards and maybe try to attract some class acts. I just don’t see any Patrice Bergerons or Mark Recchis on that roster.

    • Hi Yah I also saw those comments from Ryan Whitney. Dallas forward Adam Burish also made a few remarks about Maxim Lapierre and the Vancouver Canucks. Ryan Whitney is from Boston, and he also played and BU so I’m not surprised he’s saying what he did. Whitney also plays 6 games a year against Vancouver with the Edmonton Oilers. I guess he has built up a lot of dislike for the Canucks players. I don’t think the Canucks would want Bergeron or Recchi on their roster. Recchi is 43? I don’t think he has the talent or speed to keep up with the Canucks. Where would you play him? He isn’t a checker so he can’t play on the 3rd, and 4th lines and the Canucks top 6 forwards are set. The Canucks have Henrik, Kesler, Malhotra, and Lapierre down the middle so unless they moved somebody or Bergeron to the wing where would he play? Bergeron is pretty injury prone, and if I remember correctly he has zero goals in this series. Thanks for listening to Weei, and visiting my blog.

  34. Dave says:

    Is there something in the air up there? 30 Seconds and a couple of bounces is all that has prevented the Bruins from hoisting the Cup last night! Through 4 games the Bruins have shut down all of the Canucks best players. You have goaltending issues and your team is but a thread away from starting the finger pointing that is common in all favorites who dont live up to expectations locker rooms! I saw a poll today that 67% of Canucks fans want Schneider to start Game 5! Nice fans that back their team! You may be a breath of fresh air as a female that understands and can articulate on the game of Hockey. But the Canucks and their fans have shown why there is still a bitter resentment of all Canadien Teams south of the Border! I wish you well and hope you enjoy your upcoming trip to our GREAT city but I hope the Canucks players have a miserable summah!!! Go Bruins!

    • Hi Dave, no I don’t think theirs anything in the air up here. A few clouds on Thursday but that’s all. I wouldn’t get too high on the Bruins last couple of wins. When Vancouver won the first 2 at home everybody in Vancouver was calling for a sweep. Now Boston fans are set to roll out the duck boats. A series can change on a dime, and so far the home team has won every game. Game 5 will be a must win for Vancouver. It will be interesting for Canucks fans to see if they have anything left in the tank or if they will continue to roll over and play dead. If they don’t win this city will go nuts, and not in a good way. Thanks for checking out my blog, and sharing your comments Dave.

  35. Curt Vannah says:

    Hey Har,

    Your Canucks have been outscored 12-1, since the blind side cheap shot to Horton.

    As they say here in the USA, Payback is a serious BITCH!

    Can’t wait to hear you on WEEI again on Thursday. Dont wimp out like your hockey team!!

    • sean says:


  36. brian says:

    whats with Roberto Luongo do you think they should bench him

    • Hey Brian, Alain Vigneault has shown he is not afraid to go to Cory Schneider this post-season. In game 6 against the Blackhawks he went with the Marblehead native and he got injured in Chicago, and Vancouver lost the game in OT. Vancouver went on to win game 7 in OT. That shows us that Vigneault might go to Schneider but I don’t think he will. Luongo is making 10 Million this season, and if you can’t go to him in a Stanley Cup Final game on home ice what good is he to the team in the future. Vancouver was leading the Chicago series 3-0 and then 3-2 when Schneider started. This time around the series is tied at 2 so I don’t think we will Schneider start, but Vigneault might try to pull another switcheroo on the media, and fans. Stay tuned Brian. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  37. Mark says:

    I’m an EEI listener, in TX for the last 2 games. You’ve provided a fine commentary. As an aside, you might want to work on the grammar a bit, though.
    You are correct in your assertion that Burrows should have been suspended and the issue would have been nipped in the bud. The NHL failed by allowing the issue to linger and grow. It is nonetheless cowardly play and his teammates should have code-redded him ala Santiago in A Few Good Men — as an ex-player, I would have been embarassed to have him as a teammate.
    Without alot of experience watching the Canucks, they seem to be a big ice, Euro style team with speed and solid middle-ice offensive play. What is clear to me is that their efforts to play a chippy and physical game have back-fired — it is not their “worldview” and all it has done is incite a fairly moribund Bruins team to play their game — a more consistently physical, fore-checking game. Hence 2-2.
    On a side note, I don’t know alot about Luongo other than he seems to be able to rebound from these Hinderbergesque performances — not many goalies, pro or otherwise, have the mental fortitude to give up 12 goals in 2 game and remain useful. Mini-prediction — if he gives up a softie in the 1st period of Game 5, the Bs win.
    The Canuck bench on Game 4 looked like a bunch of extras from 28 Days — complete zombies. If they can find their way back to their game, this will be an interesting series and a coin flip. If they try to play the Bruins game, the Bs win in 6. 65% likelihood of Bruins carrying the Cup.
    Maxi-prediction – Game 5 will tell us everything we need to know – the Game 5 winner will win the series.
    BTW, Sox in sole possession of 1st place — the TX sports bar I was at had the Sox on one screen and the Bs on another — nirvana!
    See you in August.

    • Hi Mark you said that you are an ex player. What level of hockey did you play? Are you from New England, and living in Texas now? I can’t imagine how the Stanley Cup Finals are doing up against the Mavs and Heat in Texas. You really know your hockey. The Canucks play a lot like teams from Europe. They love to play a puck possession game with scoring chances coming from the cycle. They won’t win trying to play like the Bruins. Occasionally they think they can win that way and then they get overmatched like in the past two games. In the Chicago series they lost game 4 7-3, and game 5 at home 5-0. They have to play their style and brand of hockey. They’re a faster and more skilled team but they sure didn’t show it in games 3, and 4. Hopefully the Canucks coaching staff can make the correct adjustments to rebound on home ice. It will be interesting to see which team is more jet lagged on Friday. I haven’t been able to follow the Red Sox too much in the last two weeks. I did see that they swept Oakland, and now have a chance to do the same to the Yankees twice in a season in the Bronx. I sure hope Pedroia avoids the DL. His Knee problems are coming at a bad time for the Sox. Do you think Dice K will ever pitch for the Red Sox again? Thanks for listening to Weei from Texas, and thank you for visiting my blog Mark.

  38. andy says:

    Who are these Sedin guys you speak of. I haven’t seen them. Who are they. What numbers do they wear. What do they look like. I haven’t seen them.

    • Hi Andy Henrik is # 33 and Daniel is #22. I thought they played good in game 4, and the reason they couldn’t score was because of Tim Thomas, and his great play. Henrik lead the NHL in points last year and won the Hart Trophy as MVP. This year Daniel led the NHL in points, and he is also up for the Hart Trophy. The Sedins can put on a show when they get time, and space. Chara, and Seidenberg are doing a great job of keeping them to the outside and not allowing them to cycle the puck. I think the Sedins will get on the scoreboard, and breakout in this series. Hopefully Alain Vigneault can line match on Friday and get the twins away from Big Z and Seidenberg. Thanks checking out my blog Andy.

  39. Bobby Orr says:

    Canucks are lucky the Bruins did not sweep this series!

    The Horton injury has become the “rallying cry”…Vancouver is toast…this series is over!

    • Hi “Bobby” the Bruins should be up 3-1 in this series, but they’re not and you can’t go back and change the outcome of the first two games. I don’t think Vancouver is toast they still have two games left on home ice. Boston still has to prove they can win in the playoffs in Vancouver. Vancouver could get smoked in another game at TD Banknorth Garden and still win the series if they win all their home games. This series is far from over. Thanks.

  40. ernie says:

    looking forward to your thoughts

  41. Dave Winfield says:

    It’s amazing how one play can change the entire complexion of a series.

    • Hi Dave yep a hit like the one Nathan Horton took can awake one team and put another in a complete slump. The Canucks have to play two full 60 minutes hockey games to win this series. They can’t take their foot of the pedal if they want to win. Boston has all the momentum and upper hand. For Boston to win the series they have to win at least one game in Vancouver, but will they be jet lagged on Friday. Can Vancouver counter on home ice. I think this series is now far from over. Thanks Dave.

  42. Curt Vannah says:

    Hey Har,

    Your Canucks have been outscored 12-1, with 14:00 mins left in 3rd period, since the blind side cheap shot to Horton.

    Payback is a serious BITCH!

    Can’t wait to hear you on WEEI again on Thursday. Dont wimp out like your hockey team!!

    • Hi Curt you are right about payback being a bitch. Vancouver was outscored 13-2 at one point in the Chicago series and they still won so I’m not abandoning my team now. They will win this series. I don’t think I will be on Weei Thursday morning. I haven’t heard from anybody at Weei about being on Thursday morning so I doubt it will happen. I’m working with kids on Thursday so I wouldn’t hold your breath Curt. Thanks for listening though.

  43. Wayne says:

    You predicted Luongo wouldn’t blow up -wrong
    You predicted the Bruins wouldn’t bring it in game 4-wrong

    You predicted the Canucks win in 5- wrong
    You said the Sedin twins would be tough to guard- wrong

    Is there anything you are right about?

    • Hi Wayne I never said the Bruins wouldn’t bring it in game 4. I said it would be interesting to see if they could keep up what they did in game 3. Yes I definitely predicted a game 5 Stanley Cup win for Vancouver, and I was off by a few games, but still say they will win this series. I was right about Boston winning game 3, I was right about the official start time of the first two games, and I had the stones to go on radio in enemy territory and say those things. Mr. Dutch I’m no a fortune teller, I’m a hockey fan/blogger with an opinion and occasional predictions that won’t always be correct all the time. Thanks for checking out my blog Wayne.

  44. Eileen says:

    I’ve caught you on WEEI these last couple of days and you are terrific. You are articulate and balanced with your comments and really spice up the boys. Now, one thing we can’t agree on….I think the Bruins are on their way to something special :):):
    Cheers ,
    Eileen from Boston

    • Hi Eileen Thanks for the wonderful kind comments. I think D&C really like me calling in and talking hockey with them. We shall see if the Bruins are on their way to a championship. They’ve sure shown that they’re the better team after four games. Thanks Eileen.

  45. Dave Winfield says:

    Hi Har, your discussions on WEEI are great! I think you handle your business very well. I’m back with another prediction. Bruins will win a tough/physical game tonight 2-1.

  46. Nick says:

    When something dirty happens once, thats fine, but when it continues to happen it seems to be part of the DNA of the team. Maybe it is too harsh to call them a dirty team when a player like Maxim Lapierre can make a whole team look bad. There is a reason that Maxim Lapierre has gone from team to team and it is because coaches, GM’s and teammates get sick of his act. The thing is I do not think the Canucks like this label as the “bad guys” in the series. The Sedins seemed to want to get out of game 3 without physical contact and H.Sedin seem happy going to the box to get out of the line of fire.

    The real issue is the NHL offices and how they could have handled this from game one.

    Also Vigneault does not look good complaining about Tim Thomas’s style. It just comes off as whiney and that he is grasping at straws trying to take the preassure off his teams.

    • Hi Nick, you are right on with the NHL offices not handling fingergate and all the after the whistle stuff. The NHL didn’t do anything, and with the score being out of hand that’s why we saw what happened in the 3rd period. I think the Sedins, and the Canucks just wanted that game to be over as quick as possible. You will see a different Canucks team tonight. Boston won’t have it as easy as they did in game 3. Thanks Nick.

  47. mdzengel says:

    The canucks aren’t just dirty because of the late hits and biting. They also have to many players that play the game like a european soccer player, i.e. way too much flopping and faking injuries. flopping has no place in hockey…anyone that flops or fakes an injury should receive an immediate beat down.

    • Hi Mark, which Canuck players do you feel play like a European soccer player? Do you think Tim Thomas should receive an immediate beat down for his dive in game 1 when the Canucks were on a 5 on 3 PP and Burrows skated passed him when he was outside his crease? All NHL teams flop, and dive. I think the real problem is figuring out how to get this out hockey. If the NHL called diving more often we would see less of it. Thanks visiting my blog.

      • sean says:


      • mdzengel says:

        Hi Har, Let’s just say most of them and I missed the Thomas flop you mentioned (maybe I was going to the fridge for a cold one 🙂 but if Thomas did flop then Burrows should have turned around and jumped on him. Flopping drives me crazy…it’s like admitting that you can’t win without help from the refs…I think it’s worse than a late hit or cheap shot and I agree with you that they need to find a way to get it out of hockey. That being said, it was a series for the ages and you are right that the Horton hit turned the series around for the Bruins. Without it I believe that the nucks faster skaters and superior passing would have won the series in 5.
        Btw, my alarm clock wakes me up with DnC every morning and I listen while driving to work. One morning I awoke to what I thought was a 10 year old caller from Vancouver that was surprisingly precocious until the end of the call when they spoke about you. I enjoy the DnC show but one beef that I have always had with them is that they are usually very patronizing when women call the show and their tonality started off that way on your first call but your knowledge and personality turned that right around. I thought it was great! Keep working hard and I know you will succeed in sports journalism because you are intelligent and “wicked” adorable both in personality and looks.

      • Hi Mark yah I think we can agree that it was a wicked awesome series. I would say that probably ranks as one of the top 3 NHL Stanley Cup finals ever. It had everything. Yah I’m definitely not 10 years old. Like I’ve said to a few other New Englanders I was pretty nervous and anxious when I first called in to D&C. I thought I would get ripped or booted off the air so I rushed what I had to say. I think the old saying is doing judge a book by its cover, not that I’m a book or anything. After I last called in on Friday I thought D&C did a great job not interrupting and allowing Mary who is also a woman to call in and tell her story. If memory serves correct I think she was once married to Steve Weeks of the Winterhill Gang and now her sister or something is engaged to Weeks. D&C understandably were more interested in talking about Whitey than anything I had to contribute. Oh well I can’t win all the time. Thanks for checking out my blog Mark, I really appreciate the support.

  48. PMarty says:

    I’m a life-long Bruins fan. I love tough, physical hockey. Love hard hits and good fights. I accept players trying to antagonize other players to get them off their game but I draw the line at cheap shots. Biting is inexcusable. Slashing the back of someone’s legs is unacceptable. Pulling a Marty McSorley is unacceptable even if it is Donald F’ing Brashear. (I mention this because even the Bruins have had dirty players in the past) Taunting/trash-talk doesn’t bother me. The hit on Horton, I will give Rome the benefit of the doubt because there isn’t a history there, that he didn’t mean to head-hunt. Players are moving fast and only about 2 seconds and 6 inches were the difference between a good hit and an illegal one. I won’t go so far as to call the Canucks a dirty team…yet. Burrows is a dirty player, Lapierre is an antagonizer who I love to hate, Rome is crappy player who made a bad hit. If any other crappy Canucks from the 3rd or 4th line start making bad hits, that may serve as evidence that Vacouver is in fact a dirty team but they are not there yet.

    • Hi Pete I remember the Brashear/McSorley incident from back in the day. Brashear got cracked like a bat hitting a baseball. McSorley is doing TV up here in Canada, and Brashear won his first MMA event this week. If Burrows, and Lapierre both played for the Black and Gold would you still have that opinion? Thanks for commenting on my story, and thank you for listening to Weei.

      • Rick says:

        Burrows OK, never LaPierre,,,rat bastard.

      • Hi Rick really you dislike LaPierre more than Burrows? LaPierre didn’t actually bite anybody’s finger. Burrows has 2 goals in this series. If you ask me they both take dives but I think Alex Burrows is a bigger flopper. Thanks Rick.

  49. Peter says:

    This is getting so dirty that if they turn the temperature a couple degrees this would be mud wrestling.

    Keep the blog entries coming!

    • Hi Peter, I think you might have mud wrestling mixed up with a hockey. The Ref might shut down all the nonsense and after the whistle stuff tonight. If they call a bunch of penalties, fans will see a completely different game tonight. Thanks for the compliment Peter.

  50. John says:

    They (Canucks) play like a bunch of cowards. they start all the after the whistle drama and then hide behind the refs once the Bruins try to challenge them or retaliate. They dive more than Greg Lougainis and cry foul more than even the hated Canadiens. Tough team to give credit to for the ability that they do have. In the end, I think what the Canucks antics have done is simply wake up a very physical Bruins team, something Mr. Burrows, Kesler and the Sedin sisters may not be able to handle. That may result in Lord Stanley visiting most of New England this summer. Go Bruins!!

    • Hi John, really you think the Canucks are more of a coward, diving, foul team than the Montreal Canadiens? You must really hate the Canucks John. I can only imagine how upset you will be when the Canucks hoist the Stanley Cup. I think the Bruins have woken up because of the big hit on Horton, but the Canucks will be playing for the loss of Aaron Rome tonight. Both teams have a lot to play for. The Canucks and Bruins will both need to come out flying tonight. and game 4 is going to be huge. Thanks for checking out my blog John.

      • Sammy says:

        You know what Har?If I were the Canucks I would take a look at some of the tape in the home and home series the Bruins played against the Red Wings.That should pretty much show you how what to do to this team.When the big bad Bruins realized they actually had to play “real” hockey up and down the ice with no fisticuffs they got embarrassed.They made the Bruins look like what the whole eastern conference really is,a minor league,aka the AHL.The Canucks should take care of the Bruins with no problems.The Bruins and their fans think their team is so tough,but when another team comes around and pushes them around,it’s like oh no who do you think you are,you can’t be playing us like that.Canucks in 5.

      • Hi Sammy the Canucks would be wise to look at both tapes from the two games in Boston. The Canucks like to think they play a brand of hockey like the Detroit Red Wings. However when you become unraveled like they did at the end of games 3, and 4 it’s hard to think they’re anything close to being like Detroit. The Canucks can’t try and beat up the Bruins; it simply isn’t going to work. They don’t have the type of team for that kind of play. I think if they can get back to playing hockey without all the cheap shots, and rough stuff they have a better chance at winning this series. Thanks for checking out my blog Sammy.

      • Joey Pitch says:

        Good point there Sammy.But I will agree with Har and step it one more and say I think as an overall team the Wings just play the game different and would never play as sloppy as the Canucks have in the last two games.Watching games 3 & 4 I found myself talking to the tv saying “look at them they’re not even trying”.They looked like they just quit,gave up,wanted to go home.I actually think for some strange reason this series is going 7 and the Canucks will win it simply because they play really well on their home ice,and in the end have just a little more depth.The also should re-shuffle their lines too.The Canucks have played laid back like this before in the Chicago and Nashville series.The refs aren’t gonna let stuff go anymore and if the Canucks stop their dirty play,skate away from stuff,I think it will start to frustrate Boston and they might start taking bad penalties.Trust me most of the time this works.I played juniors and the team I played on took dumb penalties in a playoff series against a team and we played like that the rest of the series and won it.Nothing irritates someone more when they’re trying to get into something with you and you ignore them.

      • Hi Joey yup you’re right. The Wings are an older team that has won multiple Stanley Cups and knows what it takes to win in the playoffs and cup final. Detroit always leads the NHL with the lowest fighting majors every season. Wasting energy on scrums, fighting, and rough stuff is just not what they do. The Canucks like to think they do that, but they don’t have as many veterans as Detroit or the experience. They’re has been talk here in Vancouver that Hansen might move up with Kesler or Burrows might play with Kesler but so far nothing has been confirmed. I don’t think Alain Vigneault will make any changes to his top 3 lines. If the Canucks ever get their power play going watch out. The Bruins can’t play tough, and rough if the Canucks find a way to score with the extra man. The Canucks have to turn the other check and simply skate away from the after the whistle scrums if they don’t the Bruins will win the cup. Thanks Joey.

  51. Ryan says:

    No penalty for Burrows actually biting. Twelve minutes for pretending to bite. What a league!

    • Hi Ryan, yep the NHL is the type of league that waits for something to happen before laying down the hammer. They really need to get hits from behind, and hits to the head figured out. Both don’t belong in the NHL. I think they’ve finally put fingergate behind them. Hopefully in the summer the NHL can come up with some type of rule that better protects players from cheap shots. Thanks for visiting my blog Ryan.

  52. Steve says:

    no they play game right hope win it in 6

  53. Har, heard you on EEI Sports radio in Boston this morning and decided to check out your blog. I feel that Vancouver is not a dirty team. They do play very hard and at a frenetic pace, and they do finish all their checks. What I do see is a situation that we Bruins fans notice in both this series and versus the Canadians in round one, both try to draw calls with constant embellishing, whether it is a head flying back or fall to the ice. Two classic examples are the scrum behind the net in the 3rd between Lucic and Burrows and the play between Sedin and Ference after the whistle. That is why the reputation of the Canucks around the league is the way it is, they are loaded with talent, just go out and play hard nose hockey and stop flopping around trying to draw a call.

    I am looking forward to tonight’s game, the first 5 min will be very important your Canucks need to score early, and take control of the game and momentum, if the Bs score on their first 1 or 2 shots it could be another long night. I enjoyed your interview segment on WEEI, good luck with the rest of the series; it should be a great finish.

    • Hi Edire, You’re dead on the first 5 minutes will be very key to the outcome to tonight’s game. If either team can get an early goal that will change how both teams play for the rest of the game. I think whoever can stay out of the penalty box and still deliver big hits will go along way in winning game 4. Thanks for listening to Weei and thank you for visiting my blog.

  54. DaleTallon1970 says:

    Hardy, Har, Har,

    Canyucks not a dirty team. Rome’s hit, though a little late and very unfortunate, stopped Horton from driving to the net like he did in scoring the Game 7 winning goal to beat Tampa, and send the B’s to the Cup finals. BTW, Bruins coach Claude Julien stepped up and called Recchi and Lucic’s actions unacceptable.Bring it on! FEAR the BEAR.

    • Hi “Dale”, Claude Julien has had it right all series long finger biting has no place in hockey. It’s too bad Lucic, and Recchi didn’t listen to him. I don’t think we will see any more finger food in this series. The NHL has talked to both teams about it. Thanks “Dale”

  55. V says:

    Here’s why I think the Canucks are considered a dirty team by Bruins fans (none of which is addressed in the article)
    Burrows acted as if he was the victim, appeared proud of his act and showed no remorse. He intentionally chomped down on Bergerons finger in the Stanley Cup finals and didn’t even appear mildly apologetic about it. In the face of all the negative coverage he got for doing the biting, he seemed proud of his act. He acted as if he was the victim and that having a great game 2 absolved him of all his wrongdoing.

    Maxim LaPierre had no reason to taunt Bergeron. It was unprovoked and downright nasty move from a player who has a history of being dirty.

    There was no reason for the Bruins not to point fingers. the NHL officials set the precedent by not doing anything about it. Something had to be done.

    It was shameful that NHL officials did not do anything about it.

    • Hi V If somebody put their fingers in your mouth, and was screaming, and cursing at you what would you do? I don’t think Burrows has been playing the victim card. I think if you asked him after the series, he would say he probably regrets doing what he did. Your right about the NHL officials not doing anything about fingergate. All of this finger nonsense could have easily been avoided with a memo, fine, or suspension after game 1. Thanks for sharing your comments V.

  56. Richie says:

    Gonna need to see some pics of you before I can take this blog seriously, Har.

    By the way, is this even a real question?!

    • Hey Richie if you scroll down there is a picture of me at Fenway. The Weei D&C producers blog also has a picture of me from last year at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Thanks.

      • Dave DeOrlando says:

        I’d like to just ask you one question if someone trys to hit you and their finger goes into your mouth,what’s your first instinct?Bite,suck,gag,lick,what’s your reaction?I know if someone is trying to fight me and their finger goes into my mouth at any time I’m not gonna suck on it like a popsicle that’s for sure.I’m gonna react just like an animal would if you put your finger in their mouth.I’m chomping down on it.

      • Hi Dave I would take a bite out of that if somebody stuck their finger near or in my mouth. It’s totally human instinct to do that. Look at babies for instance; when they’re young they always put everything in their mouths. Humans grow up doing that so I can see why Burrows did that and when asked I bet most people would do the same if put in a similar situation.

  57. What the Canucks are guilty of is purposely targeting The Bruins best players to either to hurt them or draw a penalty. With the exception of Burrows, the other 2 are low on the depth chart.
    What they have accomplished is given the bruins something to rally around. Thank you for that.

    • Hi Paul, if you were a Coach in the NHL and you had a chance to win the Stanley Cup would you target the opposing team’s top players? The Bruins will definitely rally around the loss of Horton, but the Canucks will do the same with Aaron Rome. Thanks for visiting my blog Paul.

  58. Jeffrey Zedalis says:

    I thought your article was good. I just listened to you on EEI sports radio in Boston. Your right about fingergate but i blame the vancouver media about colon campbell. I don’t believe this would have escalated to this if the pink hats just left it alone and played the game, but theirs idiots consparest everywhere. The sadins are sisters and are scared and the tide has turned. You guys in vancouver have jinxed yourselves when you lit the olympic tourch. This is not your time this is our time the BIG BAD BOSTON BRUINS!! Remember that!! Thanks again Har you seem to be on the ball and the callers are agreeing with me your a smarti.

    • Hi Jeffrey I have no idea why the Premier of BC lit the Olympic Torch before game 3 on Wednesday. She is not very popular here in BC and she didn’t make many fans by lighting the torch. I would save that for the Cup Parade. The Sedins will turn it around, they’re proud players, and they know they have to play a lot better for Vancouver to win. Thanks for checking out my blog and listening to Weei.

  59. Weei listener says:

    Nice writeup Har! Very Balanced and Accurate.
    Come back to EEI soon you held your own against to morons. Oh, a caller is on right now demanding that eei fly you out! He’s right! Way to go Har!

    • Hi thanks for the compliment. I was just to about to go to bed when I heard that wonderful listener. I don’t know what the powers of be might hold but that sure is a nice thing for that caller to say. I don’t think it will happen, because I haven’t heard anything and I’m not huge like the Green Men. Thanks for listening to Weei and visiting my blog.

  60. sean says:

    funny how Kessel,acts like he’ll go after anyone.Then drops gloves with a non fighter.Sedien hugs Lucci,come on,Are they cheap,biting id have to say so.4game suspention is like one day for a good player,i’d rather two games,so we could show him,an on time hit is.Nathan is one of our best players.Yet we will still win,first two games could have gone are way very easy,last game was just a blow ouy,from goilie,to defense,to offense, hitting,and every other catagorie.Be on the look out for Lord Stanly is staying right here in Boston.Funny thing Sedien trys to hit,Ference to get knocked on his ass.Then he grabs his head,what a bitch.Wasn’t near his head,Your goalie just don’t have what it takes,Thomas has this,hey Van has done best they can,u should be happy for ur team,Kessel
    and the Sisters need to score,u were talking about our pp,u guys have had how many chances,and nothing,thought thats what ur good at,we have more goals pp,ha ha lol.That’s sad

    • Hi Sean, I think you might have mixed up Phil Kessel and Ryan Kesler. Kesler isn’t a guy who will fight. He had enough and he wanted to take out some much needed frustration on Dennis Seidenberg. Yah Daniel trying to put Ference in a chokehold was just plain odd. I think pissing off the Sedins is a mistake the Bruins don’t want to make. The Sedins can turn it out pretty quick so the B’s might want to leave them alone if they’re sleeping. The Canucks Power Play has been worse this series than the Bruins PP. However if you were to put money on which teams PP would heat up and stay hot for the rest of the series who would you pick Sean? Thanks for checking out my blog and listening to Weei.

  61. Paul K says:

    Hi Har, did you ever think a simple phone call to a Boston radio station would get you the notoriety you are getting here in Beantown? It’s been a lot of fun listening to your observations of the series with D & C. On whether or not the Canucjs are a dirty hockey team, I would say that other than those 2 incidents, I don’t think they have played dirty. The Bruins want to rough up the Canucks, and the Canucks have responded with some heavy hitting of their own, The one thing that has been consistently good for the B’s so far is that Tim Thomas has been playing great( throw in a little luck in there too). Boston needs to continue with the hitting and forechecking, get good penalty killing, and they will be going back to B.C. tied up.

    • Hey Paul, no I had no idea that I would be getting such a huge or any response from New Englanders by simply calling in to a Boston sports station. I was thinking hey if Tampa had won game 7 nobody in Boston would know who I am, Wow!! Tim Thomas has been playing great, but he has shown in game 2 that he can give up soft goals, and get caught of out position. The Canucks need to expose the Tim Thomas we saw in game 4 tonight. They gave him too many easy shots in game 3. Thanks for commenting Paul.

  62. Andrew Hydorn says:

    Har…how can you equate Lucic, LaPierre and Recchi’s action as the same as Burrows? Burrows BIT, the others were just being stupid. I think the problem with your Canucks is that they play a very disrespectful game of hockey. They are major violators of the “hockey code”. All of the diving and things like the Burrows incident are what make all of the other teams in league label the ‘nucks as the most hated.

    • HI Andrew, I think that their actions are similar because they attempted to have their fingers bitten. The restraint by Burrows, Lapierre, and Bergeron is the only reason why none of the other players have been bitten. If you look at game 1 when the Canucks were on a 5 on 3 Tim Thomas took a nice dive when he was out of his crease to get a penalty called on Burrows. All 30 NHL teams dive. If the NHL started calling penalties for diving more often you wouldn’t see any diving. Thanks for listening to Weei and checking out my blog Andrew.

      • Rick says:

        Hey Har, I think your next topic for discussion should be “What is a Canuck?”

        For example, here in Rhode Island we refer to Canucks as idiot French Canadians. We have a large French Canadian population in northern RI.

        They speak somewhat funny. Phrases like ” Park the cars side by each” and “Throw me down the stairs, my hat” are common.

        I think your blog would get a lot of hits if you posted that question,

        Enjoy your call-ins on WEEI.

      • Hi Rick I have never been to Rhode Island before but I was thinking of maybe making a day trip there in August via Train. Is there anything special to see and do there? I had know idea that North East Rhode Island was home to a large French Canadian population. I also have no idea what any of those phrases you’ve mentioned above mean… I’m sure they’re very hard to understand in that pleasant New England accent. Thanks for listening to Weei and visiting my blog Rick.

    • Rick says:

      No one is more reviled in all sports than the hated Montreal Canadiens. They exude smugness. All of those championships gets you that, however it is a known fact that for most of those championship years, the Canadiens had first rights to all French Canadien born hockey players. We all know that is the hotbed for hockey excellence so those championship numbers are skewed idf you ask me,

      By the way, LaPierre is still a hated Canadien in my mind.

      • Hi Rick I have to disagree if we’re talking all four sports in North America I have to go with the New York Yankees, and the Miami Heat as being the most hated. I’m pretty sure that a lot of America has no idea who or what a Montreal Canadians are. Hockey hasn’t caught on as much in parts of America like the NBA, NFL, and MLB. Thanks Rick.

      • Dave DeOrlando says:

        As far as the most you love them or hate them in the USA I guess I would just go with the teams that win all the time or get over exposure on tv.For each sport I pick these teams:
        NHL – Detroit Red Wings
        MLB – New York Yankees
        NFL – Dallas Cowboys
        NBA – Los Angeles Lakers

        I know for hockey in Canada it would be the Montreal Canadiens,but in the USA the Red Wings are the Canadiens of our country.6 Stanley Cup Finals in 15 years,won 4,went to two more conference finals and are always on tv all the time.Until Crosby and Ovechkin came in the league they were the face of it.I mean who else could get a nationally televised playoff game on NBC playing the Phoenix Coyotes than the Red Wings?The New York Yankees are always on at least once or twice a week in a nationally televised game.The Dallas Cowboys are always on all the time.And the Los Angeles Lakers are without a doubt the one NBA team that’s always on all the time.Yes the Miami Heat,New England Patriots,and even the Penguins are on alot now,but they weren’t always until they won or in Miami’s case got LeBron.

      • Hi Dave I think living in Canada that would be a little different. Up here the Toronto Maple Leafs are the most hated and despised NHL hockey team. This happens because CBC Hockey Night in Canada puts them on TV 23 out of 26 Saturday Nights regardless of how crappy the Laughs are. I agree with your assessment of the New York Yankees. I hate them too. With the NFL I would have to go with the big 3 in the NFC NYG, Dallas, and whoever Brett Favre is playing for. I also think a lot of people that hate the Jets and Indy Colts. In the NBA I think the Miami Heat are really gaining on the LA Lakers. I can’t stand both those teams. They’re both way overrated, and have the NBA refs in their back pockets. I don’t see how the Red Wings are so hated in America when it comes to Hockey. Don’t the Flyers, Pens, Rangers, and Capitals get more exposure since Detroit plays most of their games with teams outside of the Eastern Time zone? When I went down to PHX in March for some R&R and Spring Training Baseball I went to the Wings, Coyotes game and folks down their told me that Detroit, and Chicago draw the biggest crowds at arena. The building was sold out for Detroit, and it was harder to get a ticket to see that game than the Canucks, and Coyotes a few days later. Detroit definitely has a huge reach and fans all over North America. I just don’t think they’re the most hated NHL team by American Hockey fans. Thanks for checking out my blog.

    • good ham says:

      put your hand in my mouth and I would bite it too. the truth is if the refs did their job and called a PENALTY FOR THE INITIATORS of th after the whistle stuff no one would be talking about biting and diving and cheap shots. JUST HOCKEY.

      • Hey Ham a lot of people in Vancouver are saying this is the worst referred Stanley Cup Final in history. The Vancouver Canuck fans have long thought that their was a fix against their team. The Refs have to put their whistles away tonight because if they make a bad call the entire game out come of the game could be changed. The NHL and the Refs really dropped the ball in this series. Thanks for your comment on Fingergate.

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