Vancouver or Boston?

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VANCOUVER, B.C. – Vancouver or Boston; which city will bring home the 2011 Stanley Cup. Both cities boast a huge hockey fan base, and  nothing short of a Stanley Cup will be accepted in Vancouver or Boston.  Boston sits on the United States eastern seaboard just off the Atlantic Ocean, and Vancouver is nestled in Canada’s most westerly province British Columbia.  While citizens of both cities love their sports teams only one will have bragging rights after Wednesday’s game 7 at Rogers Arena. The city of Vancouver hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since 1915 when the Vancouver Millionaires defeated the Ottawa Senators 3-0 in a best of 5 series. The Boston Bruins have made it to the Stanley Cup finals 17 times but have not won the Cup since 1972. Vancouver or Boston,  which city would a 2011 Stanley Cup victory mean the most to? The sushi loving west coasters or the Dunkin Donut enthusiasts from the east.

Vancouver is home to a few professional sports teams you’ve probably never heard of. The BC Lions play in the Canadian Football League, the Vancouver Whitecaps are in their inaugural season in Major League Soccer, and the Vancouver Giants play in the Western Hockey League. Bruins forward Milan Lucic played junior hockey for the Vancouver Giants and was instrumental in the teams only Memorial Cup Championship in 2007.  Other than those three clubs Vancouver doesn’t have much when it comes to sports teams. The Vancouver Canadians play baseball at Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium and have produced many MLB ready players but the fans in this city don’t sit on the edge of their seats awaiting every pitch and home run from the Canadians. Most Vancouverites would have a hard time telling you that the Canadians are in their first season as a Single A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. If you want to see real baseball players the closest MLB team to Vancouver is the hapless Seattle Mariners. The Mariners play next door to the Seattle Seahawks. If you want to make a trip down to Seattle to see one of those teams get set for a 3.5 hour drive south and a lengthy stop at the Canadian/US Border. Seattle doesn’t have an NBA team anymore and neither does Vancouver. The NBA’s Vancouver Grizzlies called Vancouver home until 2001 when they were unceremoniously moved to Memphis, Tennessee. The team never had more than 23 wins in a season, and Vancouverties never fully embraced the NBA. The Grizzlies were nothing more than overpaid, pampered superstars disguised as basketball players. Vancouver and the NBA just didn’t work. Perhaps if Vancouver Island’s own Steve Nash was drafted by the Grizzlies things would have been different.

There are only two seasons in Vancouver, hockey season, and waiting for hockey season. The Vancouver Canucks entered the NHL in 1970 along with the Buffalo Sabres. The Canucks have made it to two previous Stanley Cup finals and lost both to New York based teams. In 1982 the Canucks were swept by Denis Potvin, Mike Bossy, and the New York Islanders. Vancouver was outscored 18-10 in the series. In 1994 Pavel Bure, Trevor Linden, and Kirk McLean lead the Canucks to the Cup finals against the heavily favoured New York Rangers. Vancouver was down 3-1 in the series but they were able to claw back and force a game 7 at Madison Square Garden. Vancouver lost that heartbreaking game 3-2. To this day Canuck fans still curse the name of Nathan Lafayette. Lafayette  is considered the Bill Buckner of Vancouver sports. Vancouver hasn’t made it back to the big dance until now. The team has had star-studded teams with the likes of Stan Smyl, Thomas Gradin, Toni Tanti, Richard Brodeur, Orland Kurtenbach, Mark Messier, Pavel Bure, Alex Mogilny, Trevor Linden, Ed Jovanovski, Mattias Ohlund, Todd Bertuzzi, and Markus Naslund, but it has never ended with a parade down Georgia Street. One hundred thousand Canuck fans were hopping and hollaring in downtown Vancouver on Friday after a 1-0 game 5 win by the Canucks. Have Bruins fans shown that kind of support in any of Boston’s 3 home wins. Do the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics take precedence over the Bruins in Beantown. All three teams have won a championship in the last six years. Haven’t the fans and the city of Boston had enough parades and reasons to celebrate.

The city of Boston is home to the following professional sports teams;  Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, and New England Revolution. Even if you don’t like Boston based sports teams you have to be living under a rock not to know who those teams are. The Boston Red Sox ended an 86 year-old World Series drought in 2004 when the so-called band of idiots won the World Series in a 4-0 sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals. If that wasn’t enough the Red Sox won another World Series in 2007 against the Colorado Rockies. Overall the Red Sox have won 7 World Series since 1900. The Sox have had some of baseball’s greatest players wear their uniform including Johnny Pesky, Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams, Jim Rice, Carlton Fisk, Manny Ramirez, and David Ortiz. Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, and Dennis Eckersley are just a few hurlers who treated Red Sox fans with so many great memories. When it comes to the Boston Celtics the C’s as their affectionately known in Boston have contributed to a rich history in the Boston sports landscape. The Celtics have won an NBA leading 17 NBA championships with the latest coming in 2008 against the LA Lakers. The Celtics like the Red Sox have also had many super stars in their lineup. You may have heard of Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Dennis Johnson, Tom Heinsohn, John Havlicek, Robert Parrish, and Kevin McHale. There is certainly no drought when it comes to the success of the Boston Celtics. The New England Patriots were once a laughing-stock in the NFL, and at one point almost moved to Hartford, Connecticut. Now the Patriots are widely considered the best team in the NFL. Coach Bill Belichick and pretty boy quarterback Tom Brady have won 3 Super Bowls in the last decade. Tom Brady has ripped opposing defensive’s apart lifting the Patriots to the top of the sporting world. The Boston Bruins have a long and exceptional history just like the Red Sox and Celtics. The Bruins have participated in 17 Stanley Cup Finals. On Wednesday the Bruins will play in their first Stanley Cup Final game 7. The Bruins have won 5 Stanley Cups with their last being in 1972. The Bruins also won in 1970 and according to Don Cherry were led by the greatest player to ever play the game Bobby Orr. The Bruins have 10 hall of famers including Bobby Orr, Cam Neely, Phil Esposito, Johnny Bucyk, Milt Schmidt, Terry O’Reilly, and Ray Bourque. Vancouver doesn’t compare with only Smyl, Linden and most recently Markus Naslund hanging from the rafters.

The Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox could fill TD Banknorth Garden three times over with all their accolades, championships, star players, and accomplishments. There is no comparison in the history of sports between the   City of Vancouver and Boston. Boston wins in a landslide, and after game 7, Bostonians will turn to the Red Sox, Patriots seasons. Vancouverites will either celebrate a Stanley Cup win or wonder what happened. The people of Vancouver won’t move their interest towards the BC Lions, Vancouver Whitecaps, or Vancouver Canadians. The Vancouver Canucks are the only team that matters in Vancouver. The fans wear their emotions on their sleeves. The Canucks and the city of Vancouver deserve a championship more than Boston. Boston has had its time in the sun and can sit this one out because the moment of glory is shifting to the West Coast. It’s time for the Vancouver Canucks to bring home the Stanley Cup for the much more deserving, eagerly anticipating, long-suffering Vancouver sports fans.

  1. Phil says:

    Hello Har- I’ve listened to you many times on WEEI and I think you are a great representative for the Canucks and Vancouver. I heard you on Friday, the guest hosts on WEEI aren’t so great. The one guy claimed he never heard of you because “he was covering the finals” was a WTF? moment. I can’t quite get why he couldn’t listen to D&C during all those home games! Anyway the main reason I want to comment on your blog is because of how low class the Canucks are. Before the finals I didn’t have an opinion on them one way or another. I probably would say I liked them better than the other West Coast teams for sure. But after watching the finals I can’t stand the Canucks and I can’t believe the fans could support such yellow players. I’d like to thank a couple of them if I could:
    1) The Sedin sisters for that disgraceful interview when one of them introduced the biter as a vegetarian
    2.) thank Aaron Rome for the ultra cheap shot on Horton.
    These are the 2 events that I truly believe turned the series around.

    After these events the series was pretty much over. Now I will forever dislike the Canucks and root for any team playing them. Unfortunately it seems like the canuck fans encourage this yellow cowardly behavior. But you seem to be a classy fan so you are a good representative for a sorry cowardly team.
    It’s good to see and hear that you also are a fan of other sports including soccer. I am adding your blog to my favorites and will check in once and a while to see what you are up to. I hope to hear you on WEEI too.

    • Hi Phil thanks for listening to Weei and showing an interest in my calls. I’m so glad you and many other New Englanders have enjoyed my point of view on Hockey, Baseball, and the Women’s World Cup. I think Mr. Buckley was probably too busy covering the finals to listen to Weei or keep in touch with things back home in Boston. Their is a 3 hour time difference so perhaps he didn’t stay up late to listen to Weei like me and other people. I was actually surprised the guest hosts and Chach were talking about me at all. It was a pleasant surprise. Yah I see what you’re saying and I’ve heard that from a lot of Bruins fans. Yes the Canucks are a little dirty but it was the Stanley Cup finals. What team doesn’t make it to the finals not playing dirty? I think you forgot to mention some of the antics the Bruins employed down the stretch and during the playoffs. Didn’t Chara almost decapitate Pacioretty in Montreal? Didn’t Ference flip some fans the bird? I also could have sworn the Horton sprayed some Tampa Fans with water. Yes these are off ice incidents but still I don’t think you can say that the Canucks are such yellow players. I don’t recall the Sedin vegetarian comment but I’m sure they didn’t mean any harm. The twins are some of the greatest humanitarians in the NHL. Aaron Rome did layout Horton but in his defense he wasn’t trying to kill him. Boychuk broke Mason Raymond’s back and nobody blinks an eye. He still has a brace on today and is expected to miss the first month of action. I don’t think Boychuk is a yellow player I’m content. Most people in Vancouver are over sports right now. A huge Stanley Cup and Sports hangover has cast a shadow in Vancouver right now. If the Montreal Canadians played the Canucks in the Stanley Cup finals who would you cheer for? I think most Bruins fans will be back to hating the Habs in no time. Thanks for making my blog one of your favourites and thanks for your comments. Take Care Phil.

      • mikesptsm says:

        Har, I agree with you that it was the Cup finals and if you’re not playing a little dirty then you’re not trying. Both teams were guilty of it. I don’t hate the Canucks like Phil does and thought they are a tremendously talented team but perhaps a little soft? I don’t know, just an observation after 7 games. And yes, if the Canucks were playing Montreal in the Cup Finals you can bet I would be rooting for VC. I’ve been to Montreal a handful of times and they are not too friendly to Boston/Bruins fans to say the very least, LOL. I would argue its worse than being at Yankee Stadium with a Red Sox hat on?


      • Hey Mike yep you’re correct the Canucks are hell of a soft team. During the finals they didn’t fight back against the Bruins, and so far during the offseason they haven’t addressed that glaring issue of team toughness. The Canucks lost Tanner Glass, Rick Rypien, and Raffi Torres to free agency and signed often injured German Marco Sturm to play on the third line. The same issue is going to continue to raise its ugly head if the Canucks don’t learn to handle themselves better when getting pushed around. Montreal is a great city. I have lots of family from Montreal, and I really enjoy getting back there to visit. I didn’t know Habs fans were worse than Yankee fans. Montreal is the 2nd most likely city to riot in North America after Vancouver so I guess I can see that. Cursing in French must be pretty intimidating to B’s fans from New England. Thanks for your late night comments. Have a good weekend Mikey.

  2. mikespts says:

    Hey HAR, I just wanted to drop you a line to say I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a lot more knowledge of hockey than I do. I’m actually more impressed with your knowledge of Boston sports history. I really can’t criticize one thing you wrote about it.

    Anyway, keep up your good work as I would tune into D+C every morning in June just to hear your take on the Cup finals. Its impressive when you can talk hockey with more knowledge than the show’s hosts.

    As for the riots, I really believe that happens in more places than not and is caused by the proverbial “one bad apple sours the bunch” and should not be used against the VC fan base as a whole.

    I would argue that the VC fans that remained at the rink at the end of game 7 were of the most class and very grateful for their home team and very respectful for the Bruins in the end. Although I’ve never been, VC appears to me from pictures to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The city sitting on the water with white capped mountains in the background is simply the best I’ve seen from a photograph. I will not let a few drunk, idiot, rioters, change my view of your great city.

    I also have to give you props HAR for coming on the air after a devastating loss. You are a better person than I am because I still can’t (or won’t lol) talk about or watch the 2007 Patriots Super Bowl loss. You have my undying respect for appearing on a Boston radio station and being a very good sport after what must have been an equivalent loss as my 2007 SB loss. I think I would throw up my breakfast if I had to do that, lol. Thanks again HAR and look forward to hearing you soon on WEEI,


    • Hey Mike thanks you for all your awesome kind thoughts and wonderful post. I’m a pretty big Boston sports fan so I’d like to think I know a few things about New England’s favourite teams. I really enjoyed talking to D&C during the cup finals. They both are great hosts and I was glad to talk to them whenever I could. I was quite surprised I didn’t get ripped more often because of my view and pro Canucks support. I didn’t really want to call in after that dreadful game 7 but I was getting tweets and emails from Iggy and John to call in. If I was downtown during the riots I would have been stuck and unable to call the show so I was happy to be safe at home even though I didn’t want to call in and take some humble pie. Oh yah I really dislike the NY Giants, David Tyree, Manning, Plaxico, Brandon Jacobs and the whole gang of Giants. I was so upset when that game was over. My family in Ontario called me because they’re big NFL fans and knew how much I love the Pats. I hope the Patriots can one day soon get back to where they were and win the coveted Super Bowl. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Thanks Mike.

      • mikesptsm says:

        Har, I just wanted to leave a quick comment on why you didn’t get ripped more often on D+C about your opinions. I believe its because you presented your opinion in a logical, well-thought, calm, and informative nature. Everything you said was right on and never said with malice. Now, the opposite end of the spectrum is the ignorant Yankee fan who calls (Hello Frank from Gloucester ) and just starts spewing crap that has no basis in fact. This person is going to get ripped because he doesn’t think about the facts he just blurts out whats his heart says. While I respect team loyalty,and fan passion, I respect your kind more because of your objectivity. Its the former that gets you ripped on WEEI and the latter that earns respect and makes you a known entity on WEEI and Boston now. Nice work Har!


      • Hi Mikey wow that was really nice of you to say. I guess I do sort of come across like that. I don’t want to offend or rip anyone because then nobody would want to listen to what I have to say. I’ve heard of Frank from Gloucester and I’m pretty sure he is an old cranky Yankee fan so I don’t know why a station like Weei would even want to put him on air. If he was going to at least present a logical argument from both sides like me he should be given air time. However he doesn’t do that at all. I was actually quite surprised by the support and feedback from D&C, and all their listeners in New England. I received an email from Iggy the very next day. I didn’t think much of anything after that first phone call but I guess I did something right because I’m still getting requests on Twitter and people from New England commenting on my blog. It really feels great. I’m really thrilled by all of this. Thanks Mikey.

  3. Bob Rheaume says:

    Hi, Har. I’m guilty as charged 🙂 I certainly jumped aboard the Bruins bandwagon late, but I have no regrets. As a kid growing up south of Boston, professional hockey simply was not on my radar. When I moved to Boston as a college freshman in the late 60s, I was surprised to see how very popular hockey was in the Boston area, and I was able to witness the magnificent prowess of the great Bobby Orr. He was like a young god around here, and even to a hockey ignoramus like me it was clear that he skated and played at a level above everyone else on the ice.

    The success of the various Boston professional sports teams over the past decade or so is pretty much an aberration, but I’ve been enjoying the ride. Every team in every sport wants to be champions, but most will of necessity be disappointed. I’m more of a “pink hat” these days than the avid sports fan I was as a young man. Repeated disappointments over the years tend to make one less likely to get emotionally invested in any team.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bieksa wearing a Bruins sweater 🙂


    • Hi Bob Bieksa signed a new contract with the Canucks on Monday so he won’t be going anywhere. The deal is for 5 years, and it’s worth 23 mill. The Canucks also re-signed Maxim Lapierre but I don’t think Bruins fans want to see him wearing a Bruins jersey anytime soon. Christian Ehrhoff is a possible guy the Bruins could sign but he is going to command at least 5 million, and the Bruins won’t pay out that kind of cash. Tomas Kaberle’s negotiating rights are being shopped. I think the Bruins will trade him for a late draft pick before Friday’s free agent frenzy. The Bruins might re-sign Mike Ryder if he doesn’t want a huge pile of cash. Ryder is from New Foundland so he like’s playing in New England.Thanks Bob.

  4. Bob Rheaume says:

    Hello, Har! You brightened up a couple of my morning commutes with your appearances on Boston talk radio. I loved your candor and enthusiasm. Although not much of a hockey fan, I really got caught up in the excitement of these playoffs. I brought along my camera and took in the victory celebration. Without wanting to rub salt in the wounds of your disappointment over the Canucks, I thought you might be interested in viewing some of the photos I captured at the event.

    Here’s a link to an online gallery:

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Bob I’m so glad I was able to brighten up your morning commutes to work. I had know idea I had that affect, but I’m glad I did. If you’re not that big of a hockey fan what leagues and teams do you support? I don’t know how you can’t fall in love with the game of hockey and the team you have in Boston after their amazing playoff run and Stanley Cup win. Boston is really lucky to have such a great NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB team. Vancouver would be happy just to win one championship never mind all the great fortunes that have blessed Boston based sports teams in the last decade. I checked out your pictures just now and you almost took more pictures of gorgeous girls, than actual Bruins players 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the parade but I hope it’s the last one the Bruins host this decade. Thanks for listening to Weei and thanks so much for visiting my blog Bob.

      • Bob Rheaume says:

        Hello again, Har. You can’t live in this area for over 60 years and not be a Red Sox fan. They’re an integral part of Summer in New England. I’ve been a football fan since I was a young boy, so I love the Patriots, and I’m also a big Celtics fan. This current group of Bruins has really won me over, however with their mental and physical toughness, determination, and outstanding team play.

        I try to add some variety to my galleries; a mere collection of Bruins mug shots might be pretty boring 🙂


      • Hi Bob if you are a Pats, Sox, and C’s fan why haven’t you followed the Bruins for the 60 or so years you have lived in New England?. The Bruins had some great players and teams in the 70’s. Do you think you are a Pink Hat Bruins fan? I’ve been hearing a lot of Bruins fans are Pink Hat fans that are just jumping on the bandwagon because of the B’s great run. Your gallery was pretty awesome, but I hope the Canucks have one of those parades soon. Today the Canucks re-signed Kevin Bieksa, and Maxim Lapierre. Thanks Bob.

  5. John Dromey says:


    I enjoyed listening to you on WEEI. You are very talented and insightful. I would love to see you become a permanent part of the Boston sports talk scene. D&C are generally mean and condescending talk show hosts who like to abuse callers. You are too good for that. Best of luck with your career. I will am a new follower of your blog. Good luck.

    • Hi John I would love to become a permanent fixture within the Boston sports talk scene so I hope you keep your fingers crossed. That would be a dream come true, but I think a lot of certain things have to happen in order for that to be a reality. First of all I would need a work visa, and a job. I don’t think D&C are mean and condescending. How could they be on the air for as long as they’ve been if they were mean and crazy? They hadn’t really ripped me until I called in on Friday, and I think that’s because all they wanted to do was talk about Whitey Bulger. Thanks for checking out my blog John. I really appreciate your support and that of everyone in New England. Thanks.

  6. Steve says:

    Har – Enjoyed listening to you on D&C and your blog, I’m sure you already know that their competitor, The Sports Hub, 98.5 FM, is more hockey oriented then they are (at least before the Stanly Cup), btw I am not affiliated to either one, I’m just a listener. Give them a call. Also keep up the good work, your perseverence will pay off.

    • Hi Steve yYes I’m well aware that The Sports Hub is the number one competitor of Weei. In fact I’m pretty sure 98.5 are kicking Weei in the ratings war. That’s disappointing because I prefer the hosts of Weei to 98.5. For some reason my computer won’t play 98.5 live so I don’t listen to them. I started listening to Weei 3 years ago because of the Pats game on Sunday and Monday nights. I also enjoy Coffee with the Quarterback segement. When I went to Boston last summer I was going to listen to Weei in my hotel but the radio couldn’t find the station so that was my first opportunity to listen to The Sports Hub. They don’t seem like a bad station, but for me I enjoy D&C and Weei much more. If CBS Boston is affiliated with The Sports Hub who is Weei affiliated with? Is it ABC, NBC, or Fox Boston? Is Weei affiliated with ESPN, NESN, or FSN New England? It’s hard to tell because they seem to rip everyone. Here in Vancouver I get TV 38 WSBK so I sometimes watch the 9 O’clock News with Kate Merrill. I don’t think I will give The Sports Hub a call because I don’t want people to think I’m flip flopping or stepping on Weei’s toes. Also a lot people commenting on my blog from Boston seem to think I would get ripped if I called in to The Sports Hub. Thanks for your insight Steve, take care.

      • mikesptsm says:

        Hey Har, I’m re-reading your blog tonight just to re-live some of the 2011 NHL playoff action. I wasn’t going to comment on anything. I was just going to read. However, I felt like I owed it to you to comment on 98.5 the Sports Hub subject. You should be happy you didn’t call them. Its just my opinion but its perceived by me that their morning show is based on making fun of people. I just have a feeling you wouldn’t garner the same respect you did from the D+C show. Trust your instinct and stay with WEEI. Here’s to hoping to hear from you soon on the radio. You really did make my commute to work that much better in June, so great journalism on your part, Har. Look forward to reading you in the coming NHL season.


      • Hi Mike thanks for reading my blog again. It was a lot of fun calling in and talking to D&C and all their listeners during the cup finals. I do intend to continue to make calls to the D&C Morning Show in the future. I’m not going to switch stations like a flip flopper so don’t worry about that. Thanks for all the kind words and positive feedback have a great Sunday. Go Pats!!

  7. pastabelly says:

    Har, WEEI has ignored hockey and the Bruins for years. When 98.5 WBZ-FM, Sportshub, went all sports a couple of years ago, they moved the Bruins to that station and 98.5 regularly discusses hockey. As the Bruins gained in popularity, so did 98.5 to the point that they are now the #1 sports station in Boston. Hockey on WEEI is usually fifth behind the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Golf in that order. The former voice of the Bruins had a show from 10-2 on the station and they even demoted him to part time status. The station has also been losing in the younger demographics. Having you for the hockey finals and now the Barstool Sportsguy on as a regular is something they are doing to clean up their act. But it is fair to say that the rise of the Bruins has had a major negative impact on WEEI. The Bruins – Canucks tv ratings beat both Celtics-Lakers finals ratings. Boston loves hockey even though WEEI has ignored it for several years. I give Dennis and Callahan credit for having Andrew Ferrence on once in a while. But the station needs to do more. Enjoy the Sox game and of course, great luck in your career. Maybe you’ll end up in Boston and you can learn to root against Montreal too.

    • Hi Len I heard that guy from Providence ripping on Gerry on Tuesday for not talking about the Bruins enough until the Cup run this spring. That was an awkward conversation for sure. I was surprised Peter in Providence didn’t get the boot earlier. If the Bruins gained a lot of popularity for The Sports Hub why didn’t Weei see that and decide he we should talk more hockey? If the Bruins and Sox are the top teams for radio conversation you would think Weei would know that and talk more about the NHL and the Boston Bruins. I’ve heard for a while that The Sports Hub has been winning the ratings war over Weei so like you I’m wondering what is Weei going to do to change that? I’m not really sure what the story is behind Dale Arnold but a lot of listeners seem to miss his show and appearances on Weei. Did he move to 98.5? Does he even host a show anywhere anymore? I’m not too familiar with who this Barstool guy is but he seems to be quite popular. Does he run a sort of Deadspin like website? Andrew Ference is alright but I don’t think he is a star attraction for a radio audience. Chara, Thomas, Bergeron, Lucic, Marchand, would bring a huge audience for Weei or 98.5. I know D&C have Coffee with the Quarterback when the Pats are playing so perhaps Coffee with the Captain (Chara) or Breakfast with Bergeron would be a great idea for next season. I would love to end up on Boston radio. That would be a dream job but I think a lot of hail marys have to take place for that to happen. There is no way I’m rooting against the bleu, balanc, and rouge. My Mom’s side of the family is from Quebec so I can’t go against les Canadiens. Thanks for your insight and information Len.

      • pastabelly says:

        Heard you this morning. Gerry was not very flattering after your conversation ended and they really didn’t appreciate any hockey talk. There is a good article about Dale Arnold on He is at WEEI in a back up role and he is less than happy because he gave up full time Bruins play by play in order to better serve his commitment at WEEI. WEEI now has an aging Celtics team and no full-time hosts who really like talking hockey. They really have ceded that to Michael Felger at 98.5 and Damon Amendolara (nights at 98.5 and he is awful). Les Canadiens to me are like Les Yankees. In any case, WEEI rolled the dice by giving hockey the short end of the stick in Boston and now they are paying for it.

      • Hey Len yah Gerry and John didn’t seem to be too interested in talking to me. I could hardly get a word in. Even Meter started at me. For what it’s worth I nailed who the Boston Bruins would be drafting in the 1st Round. I doubt I will hear any props about that on air though. They didn’t play Adrian Gonzalez in RF so I wasn’t wrong on that account. Why won’t Weei pick up Dale Arnold? It seems like the listeners love him more than any other Weei host? How badly is The Sports Hub winning the ratings war? I wouldn’t want D&C to get re-shuffled or demoted. What do you think Weei should do to boost its ratings? The Bruins are the top sports franchise in Boston right now. I don’t see any other reigning champions in Boston so Weei and every other station should be talking about the B’s until their ears fall off. I think that’s what the listeners want. Do you agree? Thanks Len have a great day.

  8. Nick says:


    I’m waiting for your next blog post!! I keep checking for it daily!

    • Hi Nick sorry to disappoint you. I do have a few things I’m working so I will have something posted soon. I have a lot of great ideas so it’s just finding the time to write them. How do you think a story or question on the capture of Whitey Bulger would play out on my blog? It seems like I’ve got a lot of fans in New England. I know most New Englanders must be happy the FBI caught him, but from what I’ve been reading and watching some people in Southie and surrounding area’s think Whitey is a Robin Hood type hero. I’m attending an event as media tonight so I will post a story on that big party I’m going to soon. I have a few more weeks of classes so once that is done I’m hoping to churn out the stories. Thanks for checking out my blog daily. I really appreciate your support. Thanks Nick.

  9. Evan says:

    Hi Har,

    Heard you on D&C. Being 39 and a lifelong Massachusetts resident and Boston fan, I just wanted to say I thought the Canucks/Bruins series was one for the ages. By all accounts, Vancouver should have won that series, but they just didn’t seem as mentally prepared as the Bruins.

    While I don’t have too much respect for a lot of the Canucks players, I would like to see the city of Vancouver win a Stanley Cup someday soon. They’re good fans (the rioting knuckleheads notwithstanding) and Vancouver is a real hockey city (unlike, say, Tampa Bay or Phoenix or Atlanta.)

    I’m glad to see younger people like you getting involved and being heard. Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Evan thanks for listening to Weei’s morning show. I really enjoyed being on with D&C. Yah one of the positive things about Boston winning the Cup from an upset Canucks fan is that at least Boston has a rich and historic hockey history. Boston knows what a frozen pond is and they experience snow and Nor’easters during the winter. You can’t say that about teams in Carolina, Atlanta, Washington, Tampa, Miami, Phoenix, Nashville, Anaheim, and Dallas. Fans in those places wouldn’t know Bobby Orr or Ray Bourque if they tripped over them. Thanks for your positive feedback Evan, and thanks for checking out my blog.

  10. Paul K says:

    Hi Har, After watching the parade and victory celebration on TV, I was reflecting back on the last few games and thinking about your your appearances with D & C. I came to the conclusion that even though you were still saying that you thought the Canucks were going to win after game 6, in your heart of hearts you were resigned to the fact that the Bruins had the better team (at least in this series), and would probably win the cup.

    I had no confidence in the Bruins entering the playoffs, but they got on a roll and Claude got them to believing that the team could go all the way. They got contributions from everyone that played, and Tim Thomas had the best run that he could ever have dreamed of. The team looks to be in good shape for a return trip next year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Vancouver in the finals again next year.

    I hope you get the chance to sit in studio with D & C when you visit, and I’ll bet that being a Sox fan you will have a lot to talk about. You have made a lot of fans/friends here in New England. Keep in touch with Iggy(Ian) cause he can make it happen. God bless you.

    • Hi Paul how did you know that? After calling in 7 previous times and backing my beloved Vancouver Canucks there was no way I could ever call in and do a flip flop. Yes I wanted the Canucks to Win game 7, and yes that’s what I said on the D&C show but that’s not what I really thought. After the Canucks disaster in game 6 I thought this is awful. If the Canucks are playing like this when they are one game away from winning the Stanley Cup then they don’t deserve to win. I figured Boston would play better in game 7 than they showed in game 5. Vancouver started off well, but once Luongo let in that first goal you could tell it was lights out for the Canucks. The Canucks just ran out of gas one game too early. I don’t think we will see Vancouver and Boston play in the finals again next year. I think that idea is one and done. Detroit and Pittsburgh made it back to the finals against each other a few years ago but I don’t see that happening next spring. Hopefully I will get to sit in with D&C, which would be tremendous. Iggy is a real nice guy and has been wonderful to me. I have no idea why he is called Iggy but I guess that’s the way it is. Thanks for your post Paul, take care.

      • Paul K says:

        Har, thanks for the birthday wishes and yes, game 6 was on my birthday, so I got an added present of the B’s getting their 3rd win in the series on my birthday. And how did you know that? Don’t tell me, there’s only way you could have known. And I could tell that on your pre-game 7 call you weren’t making a very strong argument, or trying very hard to convince D & C that the Canucks were going to win.

        Jumping to the Sox, who would like like to see pitch in the game you are going to? Lester, Beckett, other? CC?
        The Sox lead should be 4 or 5 games by then. Take care, eh?

      • Hi Paul let’s just say it was a lucky guess that I knew it was your birthday. Usually it’s pretty late when I call D&C so I probably came across as tired. I wasn’t happy with my call. I should have brought more energy. I’m going to the August 7th game against NYY I think it will be an ESPN Sunday Night game so I look forward to that. I have no idea who will be pitching but I hope its Lester, Beckett, or Buchholz. Actually as long as the Sox starter goes 7 innings and pitches lights out I don’t care who starts. I would like to see AJ Burnett pitch, because he is kind of crazy and maybe a bean ball war might break out. I hope the Sox have a big lead by August, but if that is to happen they can’t be giving up games to the lousy Padres. Thanks for your thoughts Paul, take it easy.

  11. Kevin Frost says:

    Har. First things first, I really admire your writing abilities and knowledge of all sports. I hope you continue to add to this blog as I have enjoyed reading most of thus far, haven’t read everything..yet. I also enjoy your witty retorts and defense of something I hold close to my vest, committment. It’s easy to pile on the unfortunate loser in any sports competition and honestly most times I find those who do tend to be the most ignorant. I’m a life long Boston area resident and it wasn’t too long ago when we were the butt of a lot of jokes. Sure we had our 60’s Celtics and 70’s Bruins (Only 2 Championships with Orr..not sure that’s brag worthy). The Celtics sprinkled more Championships throughout the 70’s and got a boost in the town and the trophy room when the Big 3 rollled in during the 80’s. The Sox and Bruins flirted throughout the late 70’s and broke our hearts in 86 and 88-90 respectively. Then we fast foward to 2001 through now. Every team has won. The Pats thrice, the Sox twice and Celtics and B’s with one. It’s been great. So to read some posts ripping Vancouver, it’s fans, players, quite frankly ridiculous. That said enjoy the summer and hope the Canucks return next year with a new hunger.

    PS. I thought you were great on D&C, on WEEI Boston. I drive for a living and got to listen to all of the Stanley Cup coverage. Hope to you again on the Boston airwaves.

    • Hi Kevin thanks for the support and kind compliments. I’m so glad you were able to listen to my appearances while driving for a living. My pops did that kind of work for 30 plus years, its hard underappreciated labour. Nobody is talking about Boston as a city that had droughts and prolonged years without any championships. I don’t think I’ve heard anything about the Curse of the Bambino in quite sometime. The new hip and happening curse seems to be the Curse of the Billy Goat at Wrigley Field the one that hexes the Cubbies. With the Bruins having going 39 years without a Cup their drought is over, but I still don’t recall people saying hey when are the Bruins going to win a Cup again. I know the Pats use to be a laughing stock before Mr. Kraft purchased the team but you’d be hard pressed to find anybody who remembers those dark days. I think with the Celtics everyone remembers their great history and all the stars they had. Would you say they are the most successful sports franchise in the history of Boston sports? I hope the Canucks win a Cup in the next few years because nobody in this city will forgive the Canucks after they blew it this time around. Thanks Kevin.

  12. David G says:

    Hey Har, your blog is great. I really hope that you will appear on D+C a couple more times 🙂 I wouldn’t even be on your site if you hadn’t called in. Go Bruins! Best of Luck to Canucks in 2012 🙂 -David G

    • Hi David thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad you think it’s great. I’m hoping to make a few more calls in to D&C sometime in the future. I think I’m going through withdrawal because I have no current calls planned this week. I wouldn’t even be talking to D&C or communicating with anybody in Boston if Horton doesn’t score in overtime against the Habs in game 7 of round one. Its funny how things workout. I could have never imagined all this happening. Thanks David.

  13. chowdnation says:

    Hi Har, found your blog like many others I’m guessing, through your interaction with WEEI, of which I’m a regular listener. I’ll bet you never had so much publicity! Well, I thought you did a nice un-biased job of showing us a side of a Vancouver fan. Anyway, I know this is after the fact, but I have one problem with this entry, teams don’t “deserve” titles, they earn them. While I thought the Canucks had all the skill players, and regular season stats, the Bruins were the lunch-pail crew who worked harder, kept their comments to themselves, and out-worked the Canucks, they earned the Cup. I’ll be back to see your thoughts on the post-game, and of course the riots. Have a good one.

    • Hi yes your correct I’ve never had this much publicity before. I’ve never been called a wench before so I was shocked that people might dislike or rip me. It’s all been great though. I never expected to receive all this attention simply by calling a morning show in Boston to talk hockey. Yes teams earn wins and earn a Cup championship. My latest blog entry was meant to stir up discussion on whether Vancouver is more deserving of winning a Stanley Cup than Boston. I think a Cup would have meant more to the city of Vancouver. Thanks for checking out my blog and listening on Weei.

  14. Nick says:

    Fun getting your perspective on WEEI during the series and I think you’ll be more the lasting impression of Canucks fan here in the Boston area as opposed to what the people in the city Wednesday night did. You and the Green Men were both classy and showed nothing but great sportsmanship. Best of luck in everything.

    • Hi Nick thanks for all the kind words. It’s always great to hear comments like yours. I was a little concerned that Bruins fans would rip me once I started calling in to Weei, but for the most part Bruins fans all over New England have been terrific, and wonderful to me. I really appreciate everything that has happened so thank you for taking time to visit my blog and sharing with me your well wishes. Thanks Nick.

  15. pastabelly says:

    Har, I hope Vancouver recovers well from the riots. Your hockey fans are class acts. Those idiots who rioted aren’t fans. Have fun in Boston this summer and at the Sox game. Boston will miss you on Dennis & Callahan.

    I still think that you’re wrong about Patrice Bergeron. But the problem in the NHL is that there are too many teams and you may only see games in the other conference once. The Bruins players don’t score 100 points or even come close. But that’s because of the style of play.

    • Hi Len I hope to have a lot of fun when I visit Boston this summer it’s a fantastic city to visit. I hope Boston doesn’t miss me too much. I’m always only a phone call away. I think I will be calling in to D&C more and more in the future. If the people of Boston still want to hear from me I’m always glad to talk sports with D&C. I don’t see a lot of B’s game unless they’re playing Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa. Hopefully with Boston winning the Cup TSN, and CBC will show more Bruins games nationally. Boston is a great team so they should get more exposure next season. I don’t know about you but I’m hoping they show a Boston Winnipeg game this winter. That would be wicked awesome. Thanks Len hope you attended the parade.

      • pastabelly says:

        Hey Har, parade was fun. Just watching my 11-year old son, who is a hockey nut and pee wee player, was worth it for me. I’m sure we’ll hear you on D&C this summer when you’re in town. Hopefully, those guys take care of you. WEEI needs younger people and they need hockey people. They owe you one.

      • Hey Len why do you think Weei needs younger people and hockey people? Doesn’t Weei have that covered? I would think as Boston’s #1 radio sports station they would be all over hockey. I wouldn’t say that they owe me one. I should be thanking them for allowing me to come on air and express my feelings and thoughts as Vancouver Canucks, blogger, fan, and supporter. I’m glad you enjoyed the parade with your son. I can’t believe over a million New Englanders showed up, Wow.

  16. sox says:

    Har, thank you for calling into WEEI in Boston. We totally enjoyed listening to you boast about your team and then eating crow when the canucks lost and burned their city. Please join John and Jerry in the studio when you come to town. Great theater!

    • Hi Joel I can’t say that I enjoyed calling Weei after game 7, but you have to take your lumps when your team chokes. What kind of a sports fan and trash talker would I be if I didn’t call in and eat crow. I would love to join John and Gerry in the studio when I visit Boston in August. I just don’t know if they will keep their word. I don’t know what their history is with stuff like that. I’m glad you liked my appearances on D&C thanks for the support Joel.

  17. Chrissy says:

    Hi Har, I’ve enjoyed listening to you on WEEI and reading your blog, you clearly know alot about the sport. All that’s left for me to say now is how embarassed I am for not only you, but the Province of British Columbia and all of Canada. Such classless and childish behavior. To start the evening last night Americans (and Canadians) had to endure the worst rendition of the Star Spangled Banner EVER!! Richard Loney rushed as if he were about to take his last breath by the end, then to have Canadians boo! I thought only classless Canadien fans did that, but proven wrong by the crowd. It’s amazing to me that Vancouver just hosted the Olympics… I could only imagine what would have happened had the US beaten Canada… I’m so sick of our neighbors to the North criticizing Americans only to behave like pathetic children and what happened last night was uncomprehensible.

    I’m sorry that true fans and truly good people will now have to pay for the classless idiots! I’m amused that these idiots smiled pretty for the cameras and can’t wait to hear how many are finally arrested! Hockey skill, maybe… But not last night! Class, NO! Respect, NO!

    • Hi Chrissy thanks for listening on Weei and thank you for checking out my blog. I must say I don’t really remember Richard Loney’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Loney has been singing at Canucks game for 40 years so unless he really butchered the American National Anthem then I have to back him up. I must say I really like Rene Rancourt. That guy is awesome. He can sure belt it out. I think I saw him at the Bruins parade on TV. I didn’t hear any Canucks fans boos the US anthem, but it’s possible the CBC feed might have drowned that out. The riot was awful. Just when Vancouverites think the city can host a free large public event it all goes down hill. Vancouver has been left with a black eye and a wounded reputation. I hope I never see a riot like that again. So far 6 rioters have turned themselves in. The VPD has been inundated with thousands, of videos and pictures so I hope they can arrest, charge, and convict all the rioters. Thanks Chrissy.

  18. Kelly in Boston says:

    Hi Har….just want to let you know that your blog is fantastic! I have enjoyed listening to you on Dennis & Callahan during this series. I am so impressed that you called in this morning as I am sure that you must be very disappointed that Vancouver came up short (not to mention exhausted). Anyway, just want to let you know that you are a CLASS ACT and you have a very bright future ahead of you!

    Thanks for the great insight! It’s been fun!

    • Hi Kelly thanks for the kind words, and awesome compliments. That really means a lot to me. I’m so happy you and so many Bruins fans all over New England enjoyed my insight and opinion. I didn’t mind staying up when I was going to call in. It was all really exciting. I’ve never heard my name on the radio so I was over the moon with everything that happened. Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoyed the parade Kelly.

  19. Steve Dusza says:

    boston wont make the playoffs next year

    • Hi Steve I would be shocked if that happened. The last Stanley Cup winner to not make the playoffs the following season was the 2006-2007 Carolina Hurricanes. They Hurricanes missed the playoffs by 2 points after downing Edmonton in game 7 of the Stanley Cup final the previous playoff. An interesting fact about that series is that current Canucks forward Raffi Torres played for Edmonton at that time, and current Boston Bruins forward Mark Recchi was with Carolina when they won. I think Boston will win the Northeast division again next season. Thanks for checking out my blog Steve.

  20. Steve says:

    its so sad boston won its sucks

    • Hi Steve yah it sucks. People in Vancouver are still talking about the riot. Nobody is talking about the actual game. I just watched the late night Sunday newscast and both stations here in Vancouver led with 10 minutes of riot news of the top. I don’t think the loss of game 7 will fully hit Vancouver Canuck fans until the pre-season starts. Everyone is moving on to the summer. How do you live in Boston and not cheering for the B’s? Do you like the C’s, Pats, and Sox? Who is your favourite NHL team? Thanks Steve.

  21. Kilroy says:

    Hiya Har, I’ve enjoyed listening to your interviews with D&C over the past few weeks. Kudos to you for standing toe to toe with those guys. Be proud now that you are well-known throughout the New England region. Sorry about the Canucks. I’m a Penguins fan in Bruins country, so I look forward to Crosby and Malkin being healthy next year and taking it all. For now congrats to the Bruins. Hope D&C have you on again soon. Take care.

    • Hi Neil yes I’m feeling pretty good after my calls to Weei over the past few weeks. After the first call I thought I sounded awful, but I think I did better and sound more audible after every call. I’ve really enjoyed talking to D&C they are terrific hosts to banter back and forth with. I don’t know if I’m well known throughout New England. I think Weei has a great reach but I wouldn’t say I’m well known. Really a Penguins fan in Boston? Wow don’t go down to Southie wearing a Matt Cooke jersey. That could end badly for yah. I think the Pens will be great next year as long as their top 3 centres stay healthy. They also need to get some better Wingers for Sid, Malkin, and Staal. They should give Philly a great battle for the division title. I really think Brooks Orpik is an underrated defenseman playing in the East. Thanks for listening to Weei Neil, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  22. Har,

    I enjoyed your appearances on WEEI in Boston. I never had a reason to dislike the Vancouver Canucks . . . until this series. I now detest them, and their style of hockey. The Canucks are biting, late-hitting, cheap-shot artists who bitch and whine, cry, dive, and quit when they cannot play their style of hockey. It is interesting that a majority of NHL players were rooting for Boston. It is amazing the number of Canadian citizens east of British Columbia who preferred the Bruins to the Canucks. And it is a total disgrace what the Canucks’ fans have done to their city overnight.

    MInd you, I do not lump you in with these characters. I’m glad you live 10 miles away so that you and your property remain unharmed. I find you to be both knowledgeable and entertaining, and I wish you the best. And speaking of the best . . . the Best Team WON!!



    • Hi Thomas I’m glad you enjoyed my appearances on D&C. I really enjoyed talking with D&C, they seem to like me and I guess a lot of the Weei listeners do as well. I don’t blame you for disliking the Vancouver Canucks. They did play dirty, and that can easily rub the opposing team, and fans the wrong way. I don’t think the Bruins are choir boys either. A lot Canucks fans were unhappy with the slash Peverley delivered to Bieksa and some of Tim Thomas flopping. Brad Marchand was also public enemy #1 in this city before the riot…. We can agree to disagree on that stuff but I think it was a fantastic series for both fan bases. The Bruins have a lot of supporter across Canada, but I think many people in Quebec were backing the Canucks. Boston has a lot of fans up North because of their original 6 history. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comments. Best of luck to the Red Sox this season. Thanks Thomas.

  23. Tom says:

    Hi Har,
    real nice job on D+C. Pleasure to read the blog. Insightful and well thought out comments. What really won me over was the UEFA coverage. Keep up the great work and come visit us in August. I hope WEEI rolls out the red carpet for you and I also hope they will keep their promise and let you fill in and do the show.

    • Hi Tom thanks for your kinds thoughts. I didn’t know you were a Champions League fan. I’m glad you enjoyed my preview of the final. I was actually surprised that Barcelona won but what I predicted. I was going to go with 4-1 but then I thought come on Har, ManU isn’t that bad and they won’t want to get too creamed to badly so I went with 3-1. I will definitly come visit Boston and Weei in August. I’m hoping D&C keep their promise but I don’t really know what their track record is like. I think their very respectable hosts so I hope they mean what they said. Thanks for listening and checking out my blog Tom.

  24. Steve says:

    Har, Thanks for your Vancouver perspective on WEEI. The Canucks fans demonstrated their class and respect for the game staying through the Cup presentation – I can’t imagine the loosing home crowd of any other major sport staying in their seats to watch the other team crowned champs. The hoodlums rioting in the street are like idiot thugs anywhere, and shouldn’t be a reflection of the vast majority Canadians.

    • Hi Steve thanks for listening to my views on Weei. I was quite shocked at how the fans behaved during the Cup presentation. The PA even played “Dirty Water” That’s an awesome song, but I would have preferred if that was only played at B’s, C’s, Pats, and Sox games. I guess all the good behavior inside Rogers Arena wasn’t reflective of what was happening outside in Riotville. Thanks, I think most of Canada knows that Vancouverites and most Canucks fans aren’t part of the idiocy that took place downtown. It was said that professional protesters who also protested during the Olympics were a part of the riot. I like most people in Vancouver thought that 1994 would be the last riot in Vancouver. Nope not even close. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and checking out D&C in the morning.

      • Steve says:

        Yes, playing Dirty Water was a great touch. I don’t know if that was the NHL’s doing or Vancouver’s, but if that were played in New York there would surely be blood spilled in the stadium.

      • Hi Steve I think that was Vancouver’s doing. Everyone who has watched a Bruins game on TV over the last few years knows that Dirty Water is the song of the Boston Bruins. After I heard that being played I thought “Shipping up to Boston”, and “Sweet Caroline” can’t be far away. Those are all great songs, but since the series started I still haven’t felt good enough to listen to those songs. It’s still just a little too soon. Thanks Steve.

  25. sean says:


    • Laurie says:

      It’s only an opinion. Where I don’t believe that one team should win it just because “Boston has had its time in the sun and can sit this one out because the moment of glory is shifting to the West Coast”, she is more than entitled to her opinion. Bruins fans think the Rome hit was just flat out dirty, Canucks fans think it was a clean hit, just a little late. Canucks fans think the Boychuck hit was dirty on Raymond, Bruins fans say it was just wrong place at the wrong time. Same with the Canadiens and the Chara/Pacioretty hit.

      The Bruins outplayed the Canucks, simple as that. It was a full team effort. Guys like Marchand and Seguin stepped up, Thomas was a Machine, Chara was just a force to be reconed with.

      Before you argue with someone else, try learning to at least be literate and learn how to spell before you have a educated conversation with someone.

      Har — As with any fans, we will never see eye to eye on some issues, but keep up the good work and hope to hear you again soon on D&C! Guys like Sean do not speak for the real fans…He’s just a yahoo homer….

      • Hi Laurie thanks for sharing your comments on my blog. It was such a great Stanley Cup final, it’s too bad someone had to lose. I really enjoyed talking to D&C over the past few weeks. I’m so glad many New Englanders tuned in and liked most of my comments, and opinion. All most all of the comments I’ve received on my blog have been 100% positive. I don’t really take any offense to what Sean has been typing. Thanks Laurie.

    • Kyle Ervin says:

      I’ve said it before sean you are an idiot. How about you press the caps lock button off so you don’t sound like a complete moron. Your grammar and sentence structure definitely make you an idiot. Did you even go to a game during the series live? I did and I’m from Canada. You sir are a grade A idiot and are the worst Bruin supporter ever. Notice I didn’t call you a fan, because you aren’t a fan you just like a team, I’m 100% sure they would rather not have support from people like you. Go die.

  26. Jay Groob says:

    Har, It was a pleasure reading your well written and informative blog. Good luck with your future endeavors. You certainly have captivated the Boston audience! I look forward to your future appearance on D& C.

    • Hey Jay thanks for the support. It’s so great to hear comments like yours. It lights up my day. I’ve been so overwhelmed with all this attention and show of support towards my blog, and appearances on Weei. It’s all been so wonderful. I can’t believe so many New Englanders have contacted me. It’s been truly amazing. Thanks so much, I hope you enjoyed the parade. It looked pretty awesome even though I couldn’t stand watching it. Thanks Jay.

  27. sean says:


  28. sean says:


  29. sean says:


    • Paul K says:

      Take it easy Sean, everyone has a right to their opinion. You’re a B’s fan and wanted the m to win; Har is a Canuck fan and wanted them to win. The series went 7 games, so that makes the Bruins one game better than Vancouver. The teams have different styles of play, which worked for Vancouver during the regular season (more points and goals than all other teams). It also got them to the last game. I’m a Bruins fan and am glad they won, but I am not going to tell someone they are stupid for wanting their home team to win. I would have to say the B’s outlasted Vancouver by their physical style of play, which Canucks are not used to. Thomas was the difference by playing unbelievably.

      Har’s blog is meant to exchange opinions, but you don’t have to get nasty about it.

      • sean says:


      • sean says:


      • Hey Paul thanks for the verbal jab at Sean. I think he commented 23 times in the 24 hours after Boston won game 7. Thanks for stepping in. I guess you were pretty stoked and excited after game 7. Did you go to the parade yesterday? From what I saw it looked amazing. I only saw a little because I couldn’t bare to watch much of it. Boston sure knows how to celebrate a championship. I think that’s 7 titles since 2001. All those championships and not 1 riot. Props to Boston and Mayor Menino for running such a fine city. Hey Happy belated birthday. Did the Bruins win any of their 4 games on your birthday? Thanks Paul.

  30. Tom Berube says:


    • Hi Tom don’t you think that’s a little morbid of you to like the smell of Vancouver burning? People in Vancouver were seriously hurt. Thankfully nobody was killed but lots of innocent Vancouverites were injured in the riot. Many good samaritans were sent to hospital trying to step in and stop rioting. I hope nothing like that ever happens again in Vancouver or even Boston. I think come the middle of the next season you will be back to hating the Montreal Canadiens or Philadelphia Flyers. If I remember correctly the Habs still haven’t gotten any revenge on the B’s. Both teams will play 6 times again next season so I expect some heated contests. Vancouver only plays Boston once next season. The game will be in Boston so I think you might be looking at another Luongo meltdown if he starts. Thanks for checking out my blog Tom.

  31. English Bruin says:

    Just caught you on WEEI Har, as an Englishman I know all too well how it feels to be let down by so-called “fellow fans” intent on violence. They are not sports fans, they are people that turn up to cause trouble. I have visited BC three times on holiday and as everyone else knows the folks are some of the friendliest there are anywhere.

    Chin up.

    P.s. Sept ’09 I visited three stadiums to watch a game whilst on holiday. Lambeau Field, TD Garden and Fenway. So, 2 champions so far this year. Red Sox for the sweep 😉

    • Hi English Bruin are you a Bruins fan living in the UK? Thanks for listening all the way from England that’s really awesome of you. That’s terrific I hope you come back to visit BC again. A lot of images are being shown worldwide depicting Vancouver in a bad light. Hopefully if you know anybody trashing Vancouverites you might be able to tell them about your travel experiences to Vancouver. I hope most people know that’s not how 99% of Vancouverites behave or feel. I think it was total mob mentality. An isolated group sure made Vancouver look bad all over the world. That sounds like an awesome trip Green Bay and two games in Boston. How come you didn’t see the New England Patriots play? I hope the Red Sox win this season. I think they have a great chance but I’m concerned about their Starting Pitching. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  32. Inter-dimensional Dave says:

    It’s a Black and Gold Universe! Har, I hope you give the B’s their due and I am looking forward to your post series coverage.

  33. sean says:


  34. Scott Sheaffer says:

    Hi Har,

    Like many others who’ve posted, I like the Bruins, but it was great hearing your comments on WEEI. As much as I enjoy seeing the Bruins win, I know it’s painful to see your team lose. We New Englanders are tremendously passionate about baseball. Between 1918 and 2004, the Red Sox only made it to the World Series four times, and each time they lost in Game Seven. I was five in 1975 and remember all the excitement about the Red Sox being in the World Series that year, only to see them lose in seven games. As a teenager, I watched as the Red Sox seemed to have the World Series won late in Game Six only to see the game slip away on a fluke play. I was heartbroken when they lost Game Seven. Tough it out. Channel your disappointment into something constructive and positive in your own life. Don’t get too caught up in agonizing over your team’s losses. They don’t reflect on you. Keep supporting and cheering for your team though. It will all be worth it when you get to see them win it all one day.

    You are a talented writer. Good luck with your journalism.


    • Hey Scott thanks for the kind words, and thanks so much for listening on Weei. It’s so great to hear awesome feedback from New Englanders like yourself and others. I’m glad so many Bruins fans were able to read and hear my opinion and not rip me. If Vancouver couldn’t come out on top well I don’t see why a such a great sports city like Boston can’t have another parade. Boston sure knows how to party right and hold a parade. 1 Million people downtown and no crazy incidents. Vancouver should take note. Have you ever been to a parade on your wedding anniversary before? That must have been such a thrill. Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the support Scott.

  35. tom says:

    are all canuck fans crazy or just the ones lighting everything on fire

    • Hey Tom nope all Canuck fans aren’t crazy. Apparently a lot of the rioters were organized Olympic Protesters who are professional rioters, and shit disturbers. Once a few of them started burning cars it was a total full on riot and Police were over matched, and out numbered. Rioters had signs that said Vancouver 2011 Riot. It seems that people came downtown to riot whether the Canucks won or lost. It’s truly a shameful way to represent Vancouver. Thanks for checking out my blog Tom. Good Luck at the Citadel.

      • Tom says:

        Sorry about putting all of the real Canuck fans in the same boat with people who just wanted to riot. In all seriousness I think you should apply for some kind of Internship at weei, and thanks for wishing me good luck but I will not be attending the citadel due to an injury I recieved , also how did you know that.

      • Hi Tom I don’t think I could obtain an internship from Weei. That’s a great idea but the school I’m going to here in British Columbia is seriously fudged up. I was told if I was able to obtain an internship from CNN or some highly regarded place like CNN that my school would give me zero credit. I just want to finish what I set out to do and find work. Why can’t you attend the Citadel? Even if you broke your leg or got a little injured and banged up they shouldn’t be allowed to take that away from you. What are your other options? Thanks for your kind thoughts ZTom. I hope your able to recover from what happend quickly.

      • tom says:

        Hi Har, sorry to hear that they won’t let you receive any credit for any internship, would you think of transferring to an American college if they would let you get credit for an internship. I can’t attend the citadel because I tore my ACL,MCL,and Meniscus playing rugby a week after I was accepted, I’ve fought tooth and nail to try and get them to change their decision but they said I wouldn’t make it through hell week which is mandatory for every student. Right now imp trying to get in any college that will accept due to it being really late in the process. Good luck with your journalism career

      • Hi Tom I think I’m just going to finish the work I’ve started here at my college in Vancouver. I’m almost done and then hopefully I can find a station somewhere just anywhere that would be willing to give me an opportunity to start working at. I’m sorry to here about your situation. Until now when I just googled The Citadel I had know idea that it was a Military School in South Carolina that you applied to. Are they’re any other schools that might let you recover from your ACL/MCL injury before letting you join their program? I’m not sure if Andover Mass or a school in New England might work, but I hope you can find something that works out for you. An ACL/MCL injury can take quite a long time to recover from just ask Tom Brady and others who have suffered that type of blow. I wish you the best of luck with your recovery. Thanks for checking out my blog Tom.

  36. Bobby Orr says:


    If I`m dreaming this…do NOT wake me!

    Also, congrats to the Canucks and their loyal fans…They had a great year, too.

    • Hi Jerry I don’t think your dreaming the Bruins did it. Congratulations on your teams big Stanley Cup win. Enjoy the parade and all the festivities in and around Boston. Thanks so much for visiting my blog during the series. I really liked your comments, and opinion don’t be a stranger Jerry.

      • Bobby Orr says:

        Thanks, Har….you operate an excellent sports blog.

        February, 2005—-June, 2011 {76 months}

        All four Boston teams have won championships within 76 months.

        This is an all-time sports record….No other city in history is even remotely close!

      • Hi Jerry so if my math is correct since 2001 Boston has had 7 parades for championships won by their beloved sports teams. 3 New England Patriots Championships, 2 Red Sox World Series wins, 1 Celtics Championship, and 1 Bruins Stanley Cup. I’m not sure if the New England Revolution count but didn’t they they lose 4 MLS title games since 2002? If you look at the Super Bowl the Pats lost to the Giants, and the Celtics loss to the Lakers it could have been a few more parades in Boston. Hey I guess there’s something in that dirty water. Thanks Jerry.

  37. Eileen says:

    Hi Har,
    Well, the Cup is coming to Boston. I’ve never watched so much hockey in my life and this has been the best ride ever. Now, i’ll be devoted to the Red Sox, and, who knows, maybe another trophy comes our way. We are visiting Vancouver in August, but I think I’ll leave my loceker room tee in my suitcase.
    Better luck next time, I guess…

    • Hi Eileen yah the Cup is coming to Boston, congratulations to you and your fellow Bruins fans. Boston simply played better and the B’s deserved to win. Hey when are you visiting Vancouver in August? Perhaps I could show you around once the VPD clean up the mess from the riot. I wouldn’t wear any Bruins gear, it would be too soon. Thanks for listening on Weei and thanks so much for visiting my blog.

      • sean says:


  38. Thomas says:

    Hello Har,

    Will you be on D&C tomorrow if the Bruins hold on an continue the dominance? You’re a trooper if you do. You have been more than classy with the Boston sport radio nation.

    • Hi Thomas yes I was just on with D&C about 45 minutes ago. If you missed it I think Iggy will post it on Weei in a few hours. Thanks for listening and thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate all the support and kindness from Boston fans.

      • Bob Broga says:

        Hi Har,
        I never called in too WEEI, but it was must listening every time you were on. Your knowledge of hockey was refreshing and insightful and very enjoyable. I somehow find myself feeling sorry for you and all of Vancouver for the unfortunate incidents that followed game 7. Though I’ve never visited Vancouver, it has been described as a beautiful city with wonderful people. We will rejoice in the Stanley Cup, but a part of us will be hoping that things get back to normal in Vancouver. I’m sure the Canucks will continue to be a great hockey team in the future and I look forward to hearing about your visit to Boston to see the Red Sox in August.
        Bob from Red Sox Nation

      • Hi Bob you should trying calling in to Weei. John and Gerry and pretty nice guys, and if you bring your A game they don’t seem to rip or cut you off. Vancouver is a wonderful city when a riot isn’t happening. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Vancouver you should. Vancouver is a fantastic city with you much beauty and so much to do. I’m glad you enjoyed my calls in to Weei. I loved talking sports with D&C. Hopefully they will keep their word and allow me to host for a day when I visit in early August. Thanks for your support Bob.

  39. Marchand says:

    Suck it Har you canadian Bitch who thought the Canucks were taking it in 5. You know nothing about hockey and should have your sponsorship taken away. Go get drunk in depression like the little 12 year old you sound like.

    • Hey weren’t you one the looters, and rioters in Vancouver tonight. Why wouldn’t I predict a Vancouver win? I was born and raised in Vancouver. I’ve been a Canucks fan for 26 years. If you asked a Bruins fan who would win 2 weeks wouldn’t they say Bruins in 5. At least I had the stones to go on Boston Radio and voice my opinion. 16 of the Bruins who played are from Canada so you should be thanking Canada for their contribution to the Bruins roster. Thanks.

      • sean says:


  40. John Kennedy says:

    Har forget it Boston is gonna win!!! No parade for you!!!

  41. Michael Boisvert says:

    Good luck to you Har. I heard you on Dennis & Callahan. May the best team win.

    • Hi thanks Michael I’m about to get ripped on Dennis and Callahan in 10 minutes. I can’t believe how awful Vancouver played. Congrats to you and your fellow Boston Bruins fans on winning the Cup. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  42. OldBsFan says:

    I am confused…Vancouver deserves to win because other Boston Teams have won championships recently? So…a championship based on a population who has nothing else to cheer for is the most important criteria? I am thinking it is more important to outwork and score more than your opponent, not the limited sports horizon of Vancouver.
    I was just a kid when I watched Bobby Orr slide that puck into the St.Louis Blues net that touched off a love affair between a city/region and its most exciting professional Team, until they (Jacobs) looked at the Team as only a way to fill seats and sell Popcorn and Beer! Even in their worst team years the people of the Boston area cared about the Bruins, but refused to be taken advantage of by the ownership.
    The funny thing if the Bruins were not in the Series we would be cheering for the Canucks, because of the facts you mentioned.

    BTW, enjoyed you on D&C

    • Hey Scott I was just trying to say that I think Vancouver fans would appreciate a Stanley Cup championship more than Bruins fans. In Boston they have the Pats, C’s, Sox, and Bruins. Vancouver has 1 team that’s from the big four North American Sports leagues. The point that I was trying to make is that a Stanley Cup win for Vancouverites would mean a lot more in Vancouver in Boston. It seems like Boston is winning a big championship every other year. I was hoping that Vancouver would get to have that experience this time around, but it just didn’t work out. I hope you weren’t offended by my story. One this is for sure I’m glad it was Boston that beat Vancouver and not a team from the South like Tampa Bay, Carolina, Washington or Florida. At least it snows in Boston and they have a huge history with hockey. Congratulations on your team winning the Stanley Cup Scott.

      • sean says:


      • OldBsFan says:

        The debate over who’s team is better is one of the great things about sports, I take no offense. It all comes down to adjustments in sports and it appears as if the Canucks never adjusted to the Bruins physical play. I read a few of your blogs and I think you have a future in sportswriting, best of luck going forward. Keep in touch with D&C, it was good to hear from someone who wasn’t a yahoo!

      • Hi Scott yes the debate is over. I guess having a parade in Boston signifies that they’ve won the Cup. Yes the Canucks didn’t have an answer to the physical play of the Bruins. Even if the Canucks were 100% healthy I still don’t think they win the series with Boston playing as physical as they did. Vancouver just isn’t a team that can win playing physical. Boston did exactly what the Canucks did to the San Jose Sharks. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad I’m not a yahoo. Thanks for listening to Weei. I hope to make a some more calls to D&C in the future. Thanks Scott.

  43. Paul K says:

    Hi Har, So it all comes to tonite. Home ice/crowd: advantage Canucks. Goalie/O-fence/d-fence:advantage Bruins.
    B’s win 4-2.

    Hope to hear you one last time tomorrow with D & C. Too bad you never got a bet with them finalized. If this is your 15 minutes of fame, it’s been a pleasure listening to you and reading your blog. Way to go, eh?

    • Tony B. says:

      I have to agree with paul k. Its been a pleasure hearing your view, both on D&C, but also reading your blog. what makes it all the more enjoyable is the fact that you seem to know what you’re talking about. great column or article or whatever you call it. always love hearing the opposing teams side, especially when they are knowledgeable. thanks . hope to hear or read you again. good luck with whatever you choose to do.

    • Hi Paul nice prediction Paul but I hope you are wrong. I’m going with a 3-2 Canuks win. Maybe it happens in overtime, but who really cares as long as the Canucks win. Iggy is trying to get me on D&C for Thursday morning but I’m hoping I can go on Friday morning instead. I work with kids all day Thursday and I can’t be exhausted and tired again like last Thursday. Kids never seem to run out of energy, and you need a lot to work with them. Yah I found out today that D&C don’t like making bets with callers on air. I don’t know why but I guess that’s that. Thanks for writing on my blog, and thanks so much for listening to Weei. I hope I don’t become a stranger. Perhaps I’ll call in and talk Red Sox with the boys. Thanks Paul.

    • sean says:


  44. Steve says:

    i hope canucks win there is no bruins fan all pink hat fans have never saw game

  45. Jay Groob says:

    If the Bruins are able to play their game, meaning an aggressive physical style, then I do not believe the Canucks will win.
    That being said, home ice is worth a goal. I see this game being an overtime thriller with the Bruins prevailing 3-2 .

    • Hi Jay I completely agree with you. If the Bruins can come in to Rogers Arena and play that way the Canucks are toast. I’m hoping the Canucks have something, anything left in the tank for tonight’s game. I’m also predicting a 3-2 game, but I’m going with Vancouver. Thanks Jay.

  46. Rick from Maine says:

    Hello Har. I’m a Maine-based Bruins fan. I should qualify that, in as much as I’m probably the archetype for the front-running Bruins fan who hasn’t watched more than 20 full games since the end of the Cam Neely era in Boston. But while I respect your bigger point – that Vancouver doesn’t have any other major sports franchises to follow in the hockey off-season – I ask that you respect a subtler point about Boston’s fanbase. The Bruins owned Boston from the late 1960s through 1980-ish. And while your average Boston fan will support any/all of the big four teams … when they taste some modicum of success … each of the four has an unflappable core fanbase. Neither the Red Sox nor the Patriots have had any kind of bad run since the year before Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe elevated the Pats’ franchise in 1992 to what it is today. But compare the Celtics recent lean years with the Bruins over the same period. Nobody followed the Celtics after Reggie Lewis died. Meanwhile, Bruins fans held a rally for Ray Bourque … after he won the Cup with Colorado. And this season has seen more than what are derisively called “the Pink Hat” fans to the Bruins cause. There has been a dormant Bruins’ 2nd tier fanbase that never forgived Jeremy Jacobs for failing to spend what was required to get a Cup for Ray Bourque in black & gold. And any time we were close to getting back, Jacobs would dish his talent – Jason Allison, Adam Oates, Bill Guerin, Joe Thornton, etc. – rather than pay what was required to assemble more than a few of them long enough to make an honest run.

    I’m full-on rambling at this point. In any case, I want to thank you for your classy appearances on WEEI and for representing your region well, in spite of all of the ugliness that has beset this series on the ice. Best of luck with your journalism career.

    • Hi Rick in Maine. Are you telling me you are a bandwagon Bruins fan? That’s pretty brave of you. Why don’t you watch more Bruins games in the winter? Something tells me there is not that much happening in Maine from October to March. Doesn’t it get pretty cold, and snowy? I’m aware of the Bruins history and huge popularity during the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. I’ve read all of Don Cherry’s books, and I know how much the city of Boston loved the Bruins during they’re Bobby Orr Cup runs. I think your seeing a lot of Bruins fans from that era pulling out their old jerseys and trying to re-live the good ole days. I don’t like this Jeremy Jacobs guy. A lot of Canadians think he and Flyers President Ed Snider have commissioner Garry Bettman wrapped around their fingers. What kind of reception do you think Joe Thornton would have got if it was San Jose playing Boston? I don’t really think it was his fault he got traded away. He was really hurt in the Canucks and Sharks series and he was really injured against Montreal too before he was traded. I think Boston should have kept him. I ran in to Jason Allison during the Olympics here in Vancouver last year. He was a total _Hole. He still thinks he can play in the NHL. He is too slow, and not capable. Thanks for the nice comments Rick and Thank You so much for listening on Weei.

  47. Bobby Orr says:

    Sadly, Vancouver will win Game 7.

    This series has proven one indisputable fact : The Canucks are ridiculously lucky on their home ice!

    • Hey Jerry I think that’s the first prediction other than mine on my blog that’s predicting a Canucks Win. Don’t be too sad millions of British Columbians will be so happy if you’re correct. I hope you have crystal ball or some experience working as a tarot card reader. What makes you believe the Canucks will win? Everyone is on the Bruins to win, let’s hope they’re wrong. Go Canucks Go.

      • Kevin 1979 says:

        What I can’t figure out is Boston hung on for their lives against Tampa Bay who scored alot of goals against Tim Thomas.But why can’t Vancouver score alot of goals against them too?I mean Thomas looked awful in the Eastern Conference Finals.Game 7 was his best in that series.I actually thought this series would be over in 5 games.But being that the Canucks play so good on home ice and they will have the last line change,I say they pull this out.People think the Bruins are gonna pull the biggest upset in hockey along with what the Penguins did in 2009 to the Red Wings(who we later found out had 4 guys out there playing injured including Hossa & I still can’t believe they won it to this day just by judging the way they played in the 3 games they lost in that series),but to me that happens very rarely in the NHL.People say oh Luongo can’t do it,he’s overrated.But I would just say one thing to Luongo,If Marc Andre Fleury can win a Stanley Cup Final playing horrible in 2 of them,and make just one lucky save at the end of game 7,there is no doubt in my mind a way better goalie like Luongo can do it.

      • Hey Kevin If the Canucks could fly in the Tampa Bay Coaching staff in for tonight game, and try to come up with a plan to score of Thomas that would be a grand idea. I have no clue why the Lightening had so much success against the Bruins. I don’t know how injured Tampa Bay was but perhaps a healthy Vancouver squad would have more success and goals on Thomas. In the 2009 series I was cheering for Detroit. I don’t like the Pens and I was pretty upset with Max Talbot and the Pens winning in Detroit. A lot of people in Canada, and Vancouver think that team Canada won Olympic Gold last year in spite of Roberto Luongo. Luongo could do 10 amazing things and 1 bad thing, and Vancouver would only focus on that one brain fart. Luongo deserves a lot better from Canuck fans, and I hope he finally shuts them up tonight. Thanks Kevin.

    • Bobby Orr says:

      Home teams are 12-3 in Game 7 NHL Finals….26 years went by between the first time it happened and the second time….another 38 years went by before it happened for a third time…..only 2 years have gone by since Penguins did it.

      Bruins have lacked aggression and luck in Games 1, 2, 5.

      I am bracing myself for tonight`s heartache.

      • Hi Jerry yep those statistics you’ve written are 100% correct. That is sure great to hear if you’re a Canucks fan. I think I also heard something like 19 of the last 20 game 7’s in NHL, MLB, and NBA have been won by the home side. If that’s true I sure like the Canucks chances from that perspective. We both know that the game is played on the ice and not on paper so I hope the Canucks don’t rest just because of these stats. I hope the game doesn’t provide too much heartache but I have a feeling it will. Enjoy the game Jerry, Thanks.

    • carl says:

      well now who’da thunk it?

      never EVER poke the bear!

      • Hi Carl well certainly not me. I think the Aaron Rome hit completely awoke the Bruins and turned the finals around in the Bruins favour. After that play it was like a total reversal by both teams. Hey at least Vancouver lost to a team that gets snow in the winter and has a long history of NHL success. Boston is a fine city so that’s alright. Congrats Carl.

  48. Nick says:


    This is a well written article. I thourghly enjoyed it. Do you think that the Canucks will be able to handle the pressure of a game 7. Are you nervous considering the Bruins were close to winning games in Vancouver and the injuries are piling up? What will happen to the city if the Canucks lose? Riots?

    • Hi Nick thanks so much for reading my article and liking it. I wasn’t too sure how well it would be received. I think the Canucks will be able to handle the pressure tonight. I just can’t see them allowing a team from the East to parade around their arena with the Stanley Cup. I think the Canucks have extra motivation because everyone thinks they’re down and out. I know you shouldn’t need to get up for a game like this but I think the Canucks will come out flying just like they did in game 5. Boston will need to play their best game of the series to win tonight. If Luongo let’s in more than 2 bad goals it’s light out and Boston wins. Other than Mason Raymond who is now out 3-4 months with a vertebrae compression fracture. I don’t see Vancouver making anymore lineup changes tonight. If they don’t win it’s very possible that the Canuck fans might riot downtown. For the last home game 100,000 piled in to downtown Vancouver. It only takes a few idiots for all hell to break loose. However I’m picking Vancouver to win 3-2 so that should put an end to any riot talks. Thanks for the comment Nick.

  49. Kyle Ervin says:

    Winning the cup in 1915 or whenever isn’t really winning the cup considering there was no NHL. Hell my home town is New Glasgow, NS and we have a population of maybe 10,000 and we lost the Stanley cup finals back in the early 1900’s, doesn’t really mean we actually almost won the real deal. They use to hand the cup out 3 times a year back then so winning it then means squat haha.

    • Hi Kyle I don’t know anybody who was even around in 1915 when the city of Vancouver won what is now called the Stanley Cup. Most Vancouver hockey fans have no clue who the Vancouver Millionaires are. 50 years ago when my parents were kids growing up in Eastern Canada it was a 6 team NHL league and teams made it to the Stanley Cup finals every other year. Times sure have changed and it can take decades for a team to get back to the Cup finals. I think winning it back then does mean squat if you weren’t around and don’t remember any of it. It means way more to a hockey city now a days to win the Cup. The history of the Canucks only goes back to1970 when they first played. The Canucks don’t have a history like the Boston Bruins. It would mean so much to Vancouver if the Canucks won tonight. Vancouver bleeds hockey, and many in this city would trade in the Olympic Gold Medal Canada won in Vancouver last year for the Canucks to win the Cup.. Thanks for checking out my latest entry Kyle.

  50. I haven’t had time to thoroughly edit this story since I just finished writing in 5 minutes ago. If you want to rip me because of anything else go for it. I will edit this piece after I awake. Good Night.

    • kevin g says:

      hey har,im guessing by now youve ripped off your luongo jersey and are searching for lighter fluid,nah your true blue(no pun intended)i guess alains goin down with luongo huh,curious?Anyway all hail timmy!!you guys must hate marchand huh,hey did you here that remix thing they made out of your quotes on eei,of course out of context and kinda raggin on you but in good fun,d&c always have to sound superior.anyway keep ur head up,stay in tonight.and thanks for listening to weei

      • Hey Kevin I haven’t ripped off and burned my Canucks jersey but I did think about it. If I did do that then I wouldn’t have a Canucks jersey. They’re pretty expensive so I won’t burn it yet. I also have team Canada Luongo jersey so I’m also regretting that purchase last year during the Olympics too. I don’t think Vigneault will be fired. He got the Canucks all the way to within 1 game of the Cup so I think he is safe for at least one more year. Yah the Canucks fans really hate Marchand, and Thornton. It would have been nice if a Canuck player would have socked them a few. I haven’t heard about any Weei remix with my quotes, do you have a link for that? I would love to hear that Kevin. Thanks for visiting my blog during the series. I really enjoyed your comments don’t be a stranger Kevin.

      • kevin g says:

        hey har,thats a good reason,those friggin things are wicked expensive,most expensive in sports?most material,would make sense.that crossed my mind when watching footage of the riot and seeing a pile of burning material that looked like laundry so i assumed it was jerseys though i did see some blue in it oddly enough,but all i could think of was how much money in jerseys that was and do you think the hooligans who planned this(which i do believe)went out and bought jerseys and gear specifically for this?thats a rediculous thought,like theyre work uniform or something,or even more stupid,if they were bruins jerseys they went out and spent all that money just to first i wanted to judge vancouver as a whole because contrary to what all the officials are saying it was more than a few “criminals and hooligans”.after reading alot of locals comments on the ctv live feed site,i see that most of the fans are the same as us but you gotta admit it wasnt just the “anarchists”.i just feel bad for all the real vancouverites who feel humiliated.i think people know it was just a few shitheads and alot of sheep.from what i read the rest of canada judges more harshly than the us.oh and i heard that remix thing live but i think its on the iphone”weei live” app under ondemand labeled”har changes her tune”,i listened thinking u actually had (and would have been shocked)but it was like a commercial where a goofy voice would ask u a question different from the one the answer was for so its taking u out of context to sound defeated if i remember right,nothing bad though.sorry no link,honestly i wouldnt know how to do that anyway,lol,relatively new to computers.funny our coach might have got fired if not for this,how bout lebrongo,he getting traded?yeah its been enjoyable talking with you too har,ill keep checkin ur blog,if your ever in in ne you gotta friend here.ttyl night har

      • Hi Kevin it’s very possible that the hooligans who rioted on Wednesday bought cheap knockoff Canuck jerseys to blend in to the pro Canucks crowd. I’m pretty sure you can get Canucks knockoff stuff for dirt cheap ($20). I know for certain that some places have 50% off right now. Yah I was talking about this in class today and it was the anarchists who went downtown with the intention of rioting and causing havoc but it was also mob mentality and the huge crowd that fuelled the riot and kept it going. The anarchists knew that all they had to do was start the riot and it would blow up on it’s own because of the size of the crowd and lack of Police resources present. I really have to check out this Iphone Remix thing of me. I’ve never heard it so I will have to visit something and hopefully hear it. Luongo is taking a lot of heat in this city but he won’t be traded. His contract is too large and too long. Only an idiot like Mike Millbury would trade for him and he isn’t a GM right now. Thanks so much for visiting my blog during the finals Kevin. Thanks for listening on Weei too. I really appreciate it all your comments too. Don’t be a stranger Kevin.

    • m says:

      Deserving fans do not riot. Classy and trashy, go figure.

      • Hi M I don’t think everyone who participated in the riot were truly Vancouver Canucks fans. It’s pretty easy to buy a cheap knockoff Canucks jersey for $20 and say you’re a Canucks fan. It’s pretty awful that a riot took place. Vancouver did so well during the 2010 Winter Olympics that the city thought hey maybe we can host a huge event downtown and not worry about a riot happening. NOPE. No wonder Vancouver is called the “No Fun City” with riots like the one on Wednesday it’s no wonder Vancouver’s Mayor and council don’t want large crowds gathering downtown. Vancouver has suffered a huge hit in court of World opinion. It just goes to show that Boston knows how to celebrate, and win championships with class. 1 Million People at the parade today and nothing bad happened. I haven’t heard of any incidents on the news today. The Bruins know how to win and the fans know how to celebrate without tearing the city apart. Congratulations, Thanks M.

    • sergestorms says:

      What time is it in Vancouver? Twenty past Luongo

      Seventh game, at home, no heart

      • Hi Andrew that’s a pretty lame joke. For somebody that either works or goes to MIT you should come up with something original. Hopefully he get’s over his Boston demons, but I think Mr. Luongo will be haunted by this Boston loss for a long time. It’s too bad Boston and Vancouver only play each other once a season. It would be a great rivalry if they were closer geographically.

    • SoxOrGoHoMe says:

      Now that the Canucks have lost and that group of classless thugs got what they deserve I guess you’ll jsut have to go back to watching the Red Sox. Hey, atleast Beckett threw a one hitter last night against the Rays, right? I’d love to hear what you think of the Sox this year and where you rank this year’s Sox team with Sox teams of the past. They’ve been on an absolute tear lately and I think they’re headed for their first division title since 2007. What do you think?

      • Hi Kenyon yah it’s back to the little but few sports teams we have in Vancouver. Our MLS team finally won a game this weekend. 1-0 over Philly. That’s the 2nd win all season long…….. Wooohooo. The Red Sox are sure rolling. I was able to watch the Friday game against Milwaukee and they lit up the Brew Crew. I think the familiarity of having seen Shawn Marcum with the Blue Jays really helped get his pitch count up early. I think this Red Sox team has to back up all the hype and summer predictions that were made. Even though they started off slow they’re kicking ass and taking names right now. Much like the Canucks who ran through the NHL during the season it will be in the playoffs that their true character will be judged. The Red Sox can set all the records they want during this season but if they don’t win the World Series in October will fans care about the success during the 2011 season? Thanks Kenyon.

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