My Interview with team USA & Boston Breakers defender Amy LePeilbet

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Earlier this summer Team USA thrilled North America and the entire soccer world with their exceptional performance at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany. Although they fell short in their accomplishment, Team USA garnered huge press, accolades, and support back home. I had the privileged opportunity to speak with star USA and Boston Breakers defender, Amy LePeilbet, about everything that happened in Germany this summer.

Hi Amy…… it’s nice to meet you.   I really enjoyed watching Team USA’s matches and cheering them on after Canada was eliminated.

Amy LePeilbet: That’s terrific, thanks.

The road to the finals had a few ups and downs along the way especially against Team Sweden. Do you think your attempt to stop striker Lotta Schelin should have resulted in a penalty being awarded?

Amy LePeilbet: I think so probably;  she and I went in for it and she ended up earning it for her team.

What were you thinking after Swedish midfielder Nilla Fisher’s free kick deflected off you and went in right after the succesful penalty?

Amy LePeilbet: It was a bad break, and unlucky bounce. I felt like I let my team down,  but I still thought we could come back despite that.

Can we move on now to the game against Japan?   Tactically speaking,  why do you think Team USA didn’t defeat Japan before penalty kicks?

Amy LePeilbet: I don’t think we did anything wrong tactically; we had the ball, and made set plays. Both teams fought hard and wanted it, but they never gave up.

What does Coach Pia Sundhage bring to the team?

Amy LePeilbet: Pia creates a great atmosphere that allows us to reach our potential.

My home country, Canada, has a coaching vacancy.   Maybe Pia could move up North?

Amy LePeilbet: No I wouldn’t like that;  she is a great coach for us.

When did you first hear about the huge response Team USA and the FIFA Women’s World Cup was getting back home?

Amy LePeilbet: It happened right after the Brazil game through social media. Everyone immediately got on board;  the buzz was huge.

Did you ever imagine you and your teammates making the front pages, and being asked for interviews  before leaving for Germany?

Amy LePeilbet: I wasn’t focused on that. We wanted to achieve our team goal but it’s great for women’s soccer.

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the World Cup, has the momentum and enthusiasm carried on at WPS matches?

Amy LePeilbet: Yah definitely the fans have been getting into it. The enthusiasm and support have been great. We have the best fans in the USA and the best league.

Why do you play in the WPS as opposed to playing in Europe?

Amy LePeilbet: I like being part of a league that’s growing. Every team you play is good, and it’s not necessarily like that in Europe.  Some leagues have a lot of teams but only a few are really good.

Is it more important for you to win a World Cup title or an Olympic Gold Medal?

Amy LePeilbet: Both would be amazing.  The World Cup is the cream of the crop. I’ve never played in the Olympics.

Who is the toughest player you’ve play and defend against?

Amy LePeilbet: I’ll take on all comers. Marta is the toughest player with and without the ball. She moves so skillfully and effectively.

During the match against Brazil, a lot of fans were booing and jeering Marta, do you think she’s a dirty player who flops too much?

Amy LePeilbet: I disagree with the fans.  I don’t think she is a diver. Sometimes it’s smart if you can fall and get calls.

You missed the 2007 World Cup in China with a torn ACL; do you have plans to play in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada?

Amy LePeilbet: I’m not focusing on that right now. I’m taking it one year at a time.  Staying healthy is important.

But, what if you’re healthy and you still love playing soccer?

Amy LePeilbet: Well then, we’ll see.

Right now your team, the Boston Breakers, is in a huge fight to make the playoffs; do you think you will?

Amy LePeilbet: Well, we’re going to take it one game at a time, and then the next, and the next. We’ve been unlucky with ties and games we should have won. We have to give it 110%.

The WPS runs for just a few more weeks…… what do you do from September to April?

Amy LePeilbet: I’m just training with the US National Team and getting ready for the Olympic qualifying tournament in Canada next year.

Amy LePeilbet,  it’s been really great interviewing you.  Do you have anything else to add?

 Amy LePeilbet: Nope, that’s it.

Notes: The Boston Breakers squeaked into the last WPS playoff  spot with a 5-9-4 record after defeating the Sky Blue FC 2-0 at home on the last day of the season. In the opening round of the playoffs, Boston travelled to Florida to play the Boca Raton magicJack on August 17th. Boston lost 3-1 and was eliminated.

  1. Tram Nguyen says:

    Hi Har, I know you don’t hate her because you interview her more than any other journalist. My husband, 2 daughters and I were there on the game day (Aug.6, 2011). Hope you can do more interview with U.S. WNT. Thank you

    • I had no idea who I would be interviewing when I got to the Boston Breakers headquarters that day. My contact was also nowhere to be found so I had a difficult time finding the Breakers. I glad I got to interview Amy. She’s very easy to talk to once you get chatting. What game was that? I don’t think I was able to make it. I would like to do more interview with the USWNT but I live in Canada so there’s a better chance I might get to talk to some of the CANWNT players. Thanks Tram.

  2. paulk says:

    Hi Har, How did you get the interview with Amy? Did you go to one of the Breakers practices? Well, at least they made the playoffs, but going up against the Magicjack with Abby (2 goals) and Megan Rapinoe (1 goal) was too much for Boston.

    Big series with the Yankees starts tomorrow starting with Lackey against CC. Then we have Lester and Josh going in the next 2 games. Time to put the Yanks in the rear view mirror.

    keep it up.

    • Hey Paul I contacted the Boston Breakers media communications manager a few weeks before I left and thankfully an interview was granted. I interviewed Amy LePeilbet on Friday August 5th at Harvard Stadium. That’s the day after I was on with Dennis and Callahan. Amy was wonderful; I was a little worried the interview was going to fall through when I got to Harvard Stadium. The Breakers had moved their practice/schedule that day so I had a hard time finding them and nobody with the team knew I was coming for an interview. I was really glad Amy and a couple of the Breakers Coaches were so nice and accommodating. I think the team has a bright future and will be a force to reckon with next season. I wanted to go to the game the next day August 6th against the magicJack but with my family visiting I didn’t want to bring them to a soccer game because I know they don’t follow sports at all. It just wouldn’t be their thing. They had never visited Boston before. Hopefully next time I will attend a Breakers match.

      John Lackey pitched okay tonight… but CC Sabathia was and pitched liked a horse. I thought the Yanks/Sox were going to brawl right after the 1st inning. The Red Sox offense isn’t going to win if they only score 2 runs against CC and the Yankees. I’m looking forward to watching the game on Thursday if I can. I know the entire Jays series next week is televised up here in Canada. Have a good one Paul thanks for checking out my blog again. I hope Irene wasn’t a monster to you and yours.

  3. charlie says:

    hilarious. I feel like maybe you hate her?

    • Hi Charlie No No No I really enjoyed interviewing Amy Lepeilbet. She was terrific. I don’t hate her at all. I flew all the way from Vancouver to Boston and spent weeks trying to set up this interview. I definitely do not hate Amy Lepeilbet. I don’t know why you think that. Thanks for reading my interview with her.

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