The Boston Red Sox will make the 2011 Postseason

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Yes you read that headline correct the Boston Red Sox are going to make the 2011 MLB postseason. Currently the Red Sox are tied with the Tampa Bay Rays for the American League wild card berth. With two games left to play the Rays and Sox have an identical 89-71 record. Poor starting pitching, blown saves, cold bats, injuries, and off field distractions have sent the Red Sox to an abysmal 6-19 record this September. The Red Sox have done the unthinkable and have lost a 9 game lead over Tampa Bay. Today Boston will send Erik Bedard to the mound to face Orioles starter Zach Britton. In Tampa Bay the Rays will send Jeremy Hellickson to face Yankees old-timer Bartolo Colon. Wednesdays matchups will see the Red Sox send Jon Lester to face Orioles slug Alfredo Simon and the Rays will go with their ace David Price against an unknown Yankees starter. If the two teams are still tied after Wednesday night a one game winner take all matchup will take place in Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field. If the Red Sox make it to the postseason Sox fans across New England aren’t expecting much. The team has already been written off like yesterday’s news.

Red Sox fans everywhere have been calling radio stations, tweeting, and pissing all over any possible Red Sox world series and playoff aspirations. The team is already being blasted before the final nail has been hammered in the 2011 coffin. A recent poll question on Boston sports radio station WEEI yielded unprecedented results that would shock any sincere devoted diehard baseball fan. On September 20th The Producers Blog on had this poll question.

What would you rather happen to the Red Sox?

72% of respondents went with the option crash and burn and not make the playoffs.

28% of respondents went with the option limp into the playoffs and lose in the first round.

This should enrage Red Sox fans everywhere but sadly it doesn’t. Red Sox fans should be overjoyed that management puts a team on the field every year that can compete and contend for a world series. Imagine what it’s like to live in Toronto, Seattle, San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Washington and cheer for a team you know has zero chance to make the playoffs and win a world series. Fans of those teams can only dream of the talent and money the Boston Red Sox organization and team has. Boston has gone from being title town to entitlement town and that’s a damn shame.

These ball players are proud, determined, and professional athletes they will not choke and rewrite the history books of baseball. It’s about time the real Red Sox fans stand up show some confidence and support for their beloved Boston Red Sox. The time for criticism should not be until the final strike has been thrown and the final out record. The longest September swoon in Red Sox franchise history will come to an end this week and the Boston Red Sox will play October baseball at Fenway park.

Notes: The Boston Red Sox continued their September swoon by loosing their final game of the season in Baltimore. As a result the Red Sox lost the American League wild card to Tampa Bay and did not earn a playoff  berth in 2011. Manager Terry Francona’s option was not picked up by Red Sox management and currently the Red Sox are in turmoil as they look for a replacement.

  1. sherlock2001 says:

    It will be a very long winter for the Sox. If drinking in the dugout did in fact occur, the Sox have no choice but to get rid of the players altogether. I’ve been a Sox fan for many years and have seen the highs and the lows, but they always had a leader. Not this year though. If they don’t get a decent mgr. who will have the team support, they will fail again. They (the team) might try to put this all behind them, but not the fans. I’m sure you heard (a partial) Varitek’s interview, and he disgusted me.I always liked Jason, but obviously he fell into the wrong cliche. When the question was asked “did you respect your managr”, his response “I always respect my elders”. Read between the lines..he respects his elders, but not the manager. What a shame. What will he do in the future, if he doesn’t get his way again? If I was the G.M. I’d personally make sure I met with every player one on one. If they don’t want to be with the team, then get rid of them.

    • Hi Michael I’m not sure who to believe. The report from NBC Boston was backed up by McAdam and the Red Sox denied the drinking in the dugout so somebody is lying and not telling the truth. I don’t know who it is….. do you? I haven’t heard Jason Varitek’s interview but I did read the recap of it. It sounds like Tek might just be the rat in the Red Sox clubhouse that’s got the loose lips. I think Tek is definitely done playing. I would be surprised if he joins another team. Same goes with the knuckler Tim Wakefield. It would be great if Schlackey can be dumped on the Padres. I hear the Sox will have to eat a large portion of Schlacley’s contract but I don’t care. Get him out of town asap. Who do you think the Sox will hire as their next manager? That’s going to be my next blog story. I’m hoping Theo officially gets announced in Chicago soon. Take care.

      • sherlock2001 says:

        You’re very true. I don’t know who to believe anymore myself. From my understanding some teams allow beer drinking in the clubhouse, and from what I heard other players (from other teams) did it in the dugout. The Boston writers had to find something to write about, and it now my opinion it would’ve never been brought up at all if they made the playoffs. I haven’t seen nor heard a recap a Jason’s interview. Was it done on WEEI? I’m sure you’re hearing (as well as me), that there is no way Lackey can come back, BUT the Red Sox will have to eat most of the contract. I’m happy the Red Sox finally let Theo go yesterday. We might as well start anew with Ben C. in his position. The sooner the better. My way of thinking was this: jed Hoyer was going to leave the Padres to be GM of the Cubbies. If worse came to worse, Theo could’ve waited another year. If he did that his GM would be in place, and the Red Sox would get no compensation. I have no idea which way they’ll go with a manager. I’m reading the book “Moneyball” (good book!), and I’m finding out all the manager for the A’s really was, was a puppet. All his instructions came from the front office. I hope whoever manager they obtain, has control over his players. It would be nice to have a Tony LaRusso, but I really doubt it. I feel the Red Sox want someone fairly new, so they can tell who and who not to play. Hope not, but we’ll see. BTW how are the Canucks doing? No Bruins games on in S.C.

      • Hi Michael I heard that the Varitek interview was done with a sister station of Weei’s. It might have been posted on but I’m not sure. I haven’t listened to it. I think Ben Cherrington will do Red Sox fans proud. His first order of business should be to find a kick ass no nonsense manager to handle all the problems in the clubhouse. I don’t know who that would be though. Mooneyball was an awesome movie I haven’t read the book and don’t plan too but you should see the movie when your done reading your book. The Canucks are having a Stanley Cup hangover. Both goalies have 2 Wins each but Luongo is taking all the heat. The huge trade the Canucks made today should help them get better for the future. How do you not get NESN in South Carolina? How do you watch the Red Sox without NESN? How do you get all your Bruins information? Take care.

      • sherlock2001 says:

        First thanks for the information on Moneyball – I’ll let you know how it was once I see (the book is great!). I have NESN in South Carolina (via Time Warner Cable (you pay extra)), BUT we don’t get any of the Red Sox or Bruins games on this Channel. (I do get Dennis and Callahan), probably because with baseball you have to subscribe to the MLB Network and hockey the NHL Network. Since the New England Patriots are popular, 5 of the 6 games have been on TV so far (and I know next Sundays game will be on TV also). The one real negative thing about SC is, when you watch the Sports News at night, they only discuss High School and College. Some stations run a ticker at the bottom of the screen displaying the pro sports, others don’t. The Hockey team we hame (the Carolina Stingrays), won the championship (Kelly Cup) 2 years ago (beating Alaska), and they are good to see if you like hockey, but it’s not the same as the pros.

      • Hi Michael ohhhhhhh so that’s how you get NESN. I would really like to be able to have it up here but I don’t have a dish anymore. When my Dad was sick about 10 years ago we had a dish for a year and that’s how I came to watch NESN. I didn’t even know D&C were on NESN until I got to Boston in August and they were on TV. They use to do that here with the local sports radio station (Team 1040) but the hosts had an argument about poker being a real sport or not and one host stormed off live on air and that was the end of the TV/Radio gig. Last year I think I got 12 Pats games here and they went 11-1. They lost to the Jets. The only game I’ve not been able to watch this season was the loss to Buffalo. Living up here in Canada you get a ton of NFL games. I have 2 CBS, 2 FOX, and 3 Canadian channels and that’s just for the early games. I didn’t know people in South Carolina cared about hockey. I thought that was NASCAR and College Football country. Have a great weekend. Happy Halloween.

      • sherlock2001 says:

        Hi Har, with Time Warner Cable, there is no dish. They run the cable underground. (I had Directv at one time (that requires a dish), but the problem is in SC, every now and then you might have tornado warnings, but with a dish the TV usually blacks out once it starts raining), therefore I dumped Directv once my contract expired. The Red Sox off season should be interesting. They have to make ammends with Crawford, then look for a Right Fielder and another starting pitcher (since our friend Lackey won’t be with us in 2012). Lucchino seems a bit leary about free agents now (and who could blame him). Baseball players should be paid like Football players (if they sign a 6 year contracy, but can’t perform (or suck), they can dump him, and not pay the remainder of his contract).I think most baseball players once they get that pick contract, turn lazy (until their final year). I hope they bring back Palpebon (but at a reasonable price). Closers are tough to come by, and we know Palpebon can handle the Boston market. I don’t know what they’re going to do with Ortiz. I think if he wants to play for the Red Sox, it will have to be less than $10M a year.
        The Pats are on today at 4pm…(EST)…I also didn’t see the Buffalo game on TV..every other game I did. The Bruins suck…no offense at all. When they give up only 25 goals in 10 games, you know there are problems elsewhere. Have a Nice Halloween!!!!

      • Hi Michael I’m guessing you saw the on CBS this past Sunday… regarding the Pats and Steelers? That was terrible. The Pats defense actually played pretty well against the Cowboys and you would think with 2 weeks of rest they would be ready to knock off the Steelers. It seems like they’ve gone back a step. I don’t agree with Leigh Bodden getting cut. Who the hell is going to play Safety and Cornerback. Belichick should kept Sanders, Meriweather, Bodden, or somebody. Molden and Adams can’t cut it. McCourty and Chung are over worked in their positions. Mike Tomlin and the Steelers followed the exact same blueprint the Jets, and Ravens did the last to playoff losses for New England. I think the Pats will rebound against the Giants but I don’t like the secondary and I believe that will eventually cost the Patriots in January if they don’t improve. The B’s picked up a nice win today against Ottawa. My Canucks also won. They’ve scored 12 goals in their last 2 games and Won both. Have a great day Michael.

  2. sherlock2001 says:

    Well we know the Red Sox didn’t make the Postseason. But today, I weep for Tito Francona. No matter where he goes, he’ll always have the support from Red Sox Nation. I watched his news conference last night, and I honestly felt after he sat down with the owners and GM, he didn’t get the support he needed. I also have a feeling there were problems in the clubhouse (something we’ll never know about). I heard rumors such as Youkilis being a troublemaker (if that’s so, get rid of him, as he only has one year left on his contract). I heard of players drinking beer in the clubhouse during games. I also felt there were other problems (but we’ll never know, unless Tito writes a book after his managerial days are over). But in the end the ownership and GM has to step up to the plate and be responsible. The onlty way ownership and the GM will be off the hook if is they step up to the plate, and correct the problems Tito said existed. I could rate each player but the only A’s go to Ellsbury (A+) and Gonzalez. In my opinion Bard and Lackey get F’s. I’m sure allot of people might disagree with me giving Bard an F, but when he lost 3 games in a row you knew there were problems. Everyone might say Crawford also deserves an F. But, this is my opinion: this was his first year in Boston. Was he hurting? I don’t know. I look at the number of bases he stole in Tampa, and truthfully, I don’t know what changed, except he’s playing in a bigger market. My feeling is 2012 will be a different year for him. Lastly, the Red Sox need a true leader. During 2004 they had Millar and Damon, and they also played very loose. They went out to eat as a team, played as a team, and had fun. In 2011, no one was a leader, they didn’t eat together as a team, and they played very tight. I hope they sign a true veteran at a low salary, who is a proven leader (as far as I’m concerned, bring Damon back to play right field)! Who is the true leader right now? So Francona leaves, and we all say goodbye to the eight great years he gave us. If he manages in the American League, he knows he’ll be getting a standing “O” when he returns to Boston.

    • Hi Michael I was pretty disappointed when I saw the Sox blow it. I was out so I had to check in on my phone and when I saw the score in Baltimore and Tampa Bay I was shocked. When I got home it was even worse with both the Sox and Yankees being 1 strike away from winning. I think the Sox players read the papers, and listened to the media to much when they appointed them potentially the best team in baseball ever. I think they just thought they could roll out of bed and play great to get the win. I’ve also heard those same rumors but I have no idea if they’re 100% or if they are exaggerated. I heard Ellsbury hates Youkilis, and Beckett, Lackey, Lester, and Tek had some sort of clique where they separated from the rest of the team. I’ve also heard about the clubhouse drinking but apparently that’s been going on for years. I’ve also heard that Tito’s door was closed a lot more this season and he didn’t get through to the team like he has in the past. I guess he just ran a course and his message got lost. If anyone should be “fired” it has to be Theo Epstein. Theo brought in Crawford, Drew, Lackey, Jenks, Cameron, and traded Bronson Arroyo. How many more chances to screw up should Theo be getting? I think the Red Sox will rebound next year how worse can they possibly be…. It will be a long winter in Boston but at least the Bruins are cup champions. Who would you like to see as the next manager of the Red Sox? I think Theo and management will get somebody they can control and that won’t be Bobby Valentine. Somebody with little experience will be hired. I just hope whoever it is can get the Sox back to the postseason and world series. Take it easy Michael.

      • sherlock2001 says:

        Hi Har – Personally, I don’y know who will be the next manager of the team. You’re right thou, “someone with little managerial experience”. I’m leaning towards either the bench coach for the Rays or the Phillies. I agree, it won’t be Bobby Valentine. I would love to see Joe Torre here, but that will never happen. Regardless, they have to seriously think about blowing up the team. If I was the owner (or General Manager), I would meet with each and every player one on one during the off season to find out where their head is at. I truly think by doing that, they would have a better idea, on who really wants to stay, and who has to go. Right now the players who have to go are Beckett (but he’ll be back), Lackey, and possibly Youkilis. Players who won’t be back are Varitek and possibly Ortz (after he stated “he doesn’t want to be caught up in all the drama”).. As of this moment they have no every day Right Fielder, Shortstop (if the Red Sox don’t pick up his option), Third base man (I’m sure you are hearing Youkilis won’t be able to play third because of hos past injuries (per WEEI), closer (if Palpebon doesn’t re-sign), and good starting pitchers. In other words they are in trouble! The only everry day players I would keep are Gonzalez, Pedroia, Ellsbury, and Crawford, otherwise everyone else is fair game. Rumors are they might change Bard into a starter, and make Aceves a starter (whch isn’t a bad idea, because he pitched middle relief so well). But that leaves another hole: middle relief pitching. Also they need a leader or two (I was thinking, maybe one for the everyday players (Pedroia), and one for the pitchers (?????). Right now, I’m happy I’m a member of the Red Sox team, because I’ll tell you this: the majority (not all) will hear an abundance of boos at Fenway Park on opening day, and will continue hear those boos until they, AS A TEAM can prove themselves.

      • Wow that is quite the plan to you’ve got to put the Red Sox back together. I think that is a little drastic. I wouldn’t make that many moves but I do agree some big names need to leave Boston for good so the team can finally put the chicken fiasco behind them. I would like to see Lackey, Tek, Crawford, Wakefield and Jenks go. I would keep Beckett, Youkilis, Ortiz, and I would revamp the bullpen with only Papelbon, Bard, and Aceves returning. I think Ryne Sandberg would be an interesting hire for the Red Sox. He has never managed a MLB team so I don’t know how that would work. I think the Red Sox will put them behind them eventually in spring training next March. It’s going to be a long winter at Fenway but they’re still a lot closer to making the playoffs and winning a world series than most MLB teams. Would you rather be a Mariners, Nationals, or Padres fan? Take it easy.

  3. pkron says:

    Hi Har, I’ve been a die-hard fan since ’67, but I think it’s too late to expect the Sox to turn it around these last 2 days. The injuries have hurt us, been all teams deal with injuries. Our pitchers have stunk for the last month, and we can’t seem to score enough runs to put any pressure on the teams we’re playing.

    C’est fini

    • Hi Paul the Sox are still alive as I type this so anything is possible. Look who came to play today…. Ryan Lavarnway!! The Sox aren’t giving up just yet despite their lackluster play this month. If Tampa Bay should somehow lose on Wednesday Boston would get in. I hope Jon Lester shows up and pitches like the ace that he is. I have no idea who would pitch in a potential Thursday tie-breaker down in Tampa Bay but just getting there would be worthy of support from Red Sox nation. I think the Sox will find a way to get in and I hope they kick ass when they do. If they blow it Theo has to go. Tito is the skipper and has to work with what Theo gives him. I think Theo will be canned if the Sox complete this collapse. Thanks for reading my entry Paul.

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