Who will be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Terry Francona, the man who led the Boston Red Sox to their first world series championship in 86-years, is out of work and out of baseball for the time being. Francona’s option for the 2012 season was not picked up by GM Theo Epstein and Red Sox management. It has been rumoured that Francona had lost his voice in the Red Sox clubhouse. His message was growing stale and an epic collapse during the last month of the season sealed his fate as manager of the Boston Red Sox.

GM Theo Epstein won’t be around to find the next manager for the Boston Red Sox. Epstein is set to be unveiled today as the President of Baseball Operations with the Chicago Cubs. The Red Sox are expected to replace the Brookline Massachusetts boy genius with another native New Englander today at Fenway Park. Ben Cherington, who briefly served as manager during Theo Epstein’s premature resignation in 2005. will be tasked with turning around a Boston Red Sox franchise that has taken it on the chin with recent rumours of fried chicken, beer drinking, and video games in the clubhouse. It is suspected that Ben Cherington will go after a hard-nosed no-nonsense manager who can come in and lay down the law, keeping the beer guzzling, overpriced, pot belly, under-achieving Red Sox in check.

Some of the candidates who have been mentioned as a possible replacement for Terry Francona include former New York Mets manager and current ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine, as well as former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre. The Boston media would love Bobby Valentine. Valentine is full of character and he gets the most out of his players every night. Valentine has also successfully managed in Japan with the Chiba Lotte Marines. Joe Torre has managed more than 4000 MLB games and may prefer to stay at his job with Major League Baseball. Both these managers are a long shot to become the next manager of the Red Sox. Dave Martinez is a hot commodity among up and coming managers. Martinez, who has been a bench coach with the Tampa Bay Rays since 2007, is somebody to keep an eye on. Many experts see Martinez as the glue that has helped Joe Maddon turn the small market Rays into a surprising World Series contender in the last few years. The Philadelphia Phillies organization has two very interesting names that Red Sox fans should be watching. Pete Mackanin is a 60 year-old Chicago native who currently serves as a bench coach with the Philadelphia Phillies. As an interim manager in 2007, Mackanin led the Cincinnati Reds to a 41-39 record after replacing Dusty Baker. Ryne Sandberg is a candidate that many GM’s would love to have. Sandberg, who has spent almost his entire career in the Chicago Cubs organization, is currently managing the Triple A Lehigh Valley IronPigs, an affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. Before leaving the Cubs organization Sandberg managed at a Single A, Double A, and Triple A level. Sandberg was named Pacific Coast League manager of the year in 2010 when he managed the Triple A Iowa Cubs. Sandberg was expected to replace Lou Piniella when he left the Chicago Cubs, however the position was given to current Cuba manager Mike Quade. Sandberg would be the ideal candidate for the Red Sox management to put in place and control as a puppet. Sandberg has played the game of baseball his entire life and he knows how baseball players think. Sandberg’s career was full of accolades, awards, gold gloves, and all-star games. Ryne Sandberg is a manager-in-waiting the Red Sox should not think twice about hiring.

Should the Red Sox consider hiring within their organization, bench coach DeMarlo Hale might be the man for the job. Hale has been with the Red Sox since 2006. If Hale condoned the behaviour happening in the Red Sox clubhouse, his goose might be cooked as a possible replacement for Francona. However, if Ben Cherington and Red Sox management think he’s the tough-love kind of manager the Red Sox need, he could be hired. Another interesting name has popped up for this managerial discussion. Former Red Sox pitching coach and current Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell might be returning to Boston. Farrell left for Toronto after the 2010 season. So far Farrell has claimed to have no idea and no comment on the vacancy at Fenway Park. Farrell has yet to flat-out deny any interest in this position with the Red Sox. Today Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos and Blue Jays President Paul Beeston announced the Toronto Blue Jays will not allow anyone to leave their organization for the same gig with another team. This doesn’t close the door for Farrell to return to Boston, but it certainly makes it difficult. If the Red Sox want Farrell back they’ll have to fork over a large compensation package to Toronto. Farrell is the perfect candidate for Boston. He is a guy who doesn’t take crap from anybody. Red Sox pitchers have said they were scared of Farrell when he was with the Sox. When John Farrell says something he means business. If he returns to Yawkey Way, the Red Sox will have won the managerial lottery.  Farrell is exactly what the Poppeys Chicken-loving Boston Red Sox need to turn the them into a World Series contender again.
  1. pkron says:

    Hi Har, Don’t know if you’ve heard that Heidi Whatney is leaving NESN, but there is going to be an opening for the Red Sox in-game reporters’ spot for the coming season. Wouldn’t hurt to make a tape and send it in to NESN if that would be something you’d be interested in.

    The B’s have been getting their game back, throwing their weight around (Lucic) and getting some great play from the Bergeron/Marchand/Seguin line.

    • Hey Paul how’s it going? Yes I saw it on twitter Wednesday night. I hear Heidi is leaving to do work for the LA Lakers. I’ve actually been interviewed for a job at NESN before. 3 or 4 years ago I applied to be a PA (Production Assistant) I wasn’t picked because I live in Vancouver. I said that at the beginning but I guess it didn’t matter. I don’t think I’m as attractive as Heidi so I doubt I’d be chosen plus I’m Canadian. The B’s are looking good. They’re scoring a ton of goals right now. Hopefully that doesn’t last too long 🙂 Vancouver is 9-9 so they’re still slumping. Have a great weekend Paul, thanks for the support it would be a dream job.

  2. greenpoet says:

    Howdy Har!

    Good to see your new posting. 7th Game of the World Series tonight. Re:Red Sox next manager, I have a soft spot for Hale, be good for the Sox karma to have an African-American manager after declining to sign Jackie Robinson et al because of the color of their skin. I think Dave Martinez might be the best fit. Would love to have Farrell or Joe Maddon (yeah, right!) but those fellows are untouchable.

    Why don’t I trust Larry Lucchino?

    Who would you pick? – see today’s Globe: http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/what_manager_type_quiz/

    Musical side note: have you heard of The Baseball Project? (Boston based band) – they have a couple of great CD’s out (love the 2nd especially). This song “Buckner’s Bolero” is so appropriate for last night, tonight, and all Red Sox fans. The lyrics are right on topic. I’ve always thought it was John MacNamara who blew Game 6 in 1986.

    Enjoy the game!


    • Howdy Richard how’s it going? Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your opinion on who might be the next manager of the Red Sox. I think if the Red Sox were going to pick DeMarlo Hale he would have been chosen by now. They’ve already known that Ben Cherington was going to be the GM after Theo left so why wouldn’t they have hired Hale by now. I really don’t think he will be the next manager and I’d be surprised if he was brought back for the 2012 campaign. Thanks for sharing that link to the Boston Globe. I just took the quiz and ended up with DeMarlo Hale. I wanted to take it again but it said I had to login to the Globe or create an account. What did you think of the interview between Larry Lucchino and Callahan this morning on Weei? I don’t think LL gets a lot of love in Boston….. I haven’t listened to Buckner’s Bolero yet but I will do so soon and let you know what I think. I was 1 in 1986 so I don’t exactly remember much from that historical World Series. However I do know that it was a game 6 loss that everyone seems to remember and not the game 7 loss. Buckner made a huge blunder but a ton of other Sox players made errors. Have a great Halloween weekend Richard. Watch out for the Nor’Easter. Western Mass is going to get slammed. Stay safe.

      • greenpoet says:

        Hey Har,

        Agree with you about Hale’s (not) hire and likelihood of his not being with the team next year – that’s too bad and the team’s loss. Think he’ll land on his feet; he’s a good man and a quality baseball guy. I ended up as Maddon in the Globe’s quiz (that’s real ok!) Missed the Larry Lucchino – Callahan interview. No, Larry doesn’t get a lot of love. He takes the heat for hard decisions, but that said I wonder about his people skills. It’s never easy to be the one who takes responsibility for unpopular moves.

        I’m still sick about the way Tito left Boston. It should have been with champagne (or beer) and a parade (World Series victory very optional after the two he brought to Boston.)

        Poor Bill Buckner is still the goat in the public’s eye, but it really should be the manager John McNamara who got sentimental or soft during Game 6 in 1986. Fans forget the site of Buckner stretching for the extra base, a severe look of pain on his face from two blown out knees. He was a tough out and a clutch hitter who led by example. Sox were in the Series because of him and the other vets on the team. But John Mc pulled Buckner in late in innings for a defensive replacement (usually) Dave Stapleton (SS, 1B) all season. Buckner and his knees had problems moving laterally and he had difficulty bending down – he did it all in pain and without a complaint. So why, with the lead and a few scant outs left, did John Mc leave Buckner in? Stapleton would have fielded that ball easily. And yes, the Sox made other mistakes that game – many are in the song – and the front office had its share of blunders that year. Guess I’m saying that Billy Buck was a tough and courageous player who gave every bit he had and stayed on the field to do his best when the manager told him to do so. Buckner deserves to be remembered as a gutty player not a goat. [Too bad how we remember Bob “Vulture” Stanley in this game. He was a fine pitcher sinker/slider and a Sox lifer.]

        Anyway, it’s a great rock song when you lay the lyrics over the pounding guitars. The whole album is solid, lots of Sox references, including an ode to Tony C.

        Cards won. My St. Louis buds are dancing. Dancing is good for the soul!

        Happy Halloween Har. Have your costume?


      • Hi Richard it looks like the Sox have decided who will be playing SS next season. For 6 mill I think Marco Scutaro does a pretty good job. He’s not making Crawford or Lackey money but I think he is just the guy for that spot. I’m not sure what other type of moves Ben Cherington might make next but I did hear that the Sox are hoping to have a new manager in place by Thanksgiving. I’m still hoping Ryne Sandberg gets the job but I haven’t heard anything about him getting an interview. Today I read that Dice K will probably not be ready to start the season. That leaves the Sox with Lester, Beckett, and Buchholz. I doubt Wakefield will return so I’m wondering if Boston will acquire another starter. Their isn’t too much out there. It would be nice if the Cubs included Matt Garza in the potential compensation package for Theo but now that’s going to be decided by Bug Selig. For Halloween I went to a party with my friends. We were all dressed as trees. It was something unusual but it didn’t cost a cent 🙂 Talk to you later Richard.

      • greenpoet says:

        Hey Har,

        We had a different Halloween. The Saturday before, we were hit with an early Nor’easter blizzard. High winds, heavy snow, very impressive weather. My new puppy had fun in his first snow. He’d jump into a drift and hunks of snow would pop off and roll away. He’d try to grab each hunk in his mouth. Sort of a perpetual motion play! Digressing – anyway, the trees were still full of leaves and the the weight of snow caused large limbs and even trees to topple. Took out a lot of power (heat) / cable / phone lines. We have a beautiful old Dogwood tree out front that may not make it – three large limbs sheered off. Crabapple tree lost a couple of branches, too. One sideyard, normally a grassy corridor (bullpen) is packed with branches and tree limbs from trees next door. No one got hurt and none of the houses in our neighborhood were damaged. Anyway, power came back yesterday and the Internet tonight. Halloween was a dark night, no trick or treaters, no heat. We all dressed up as Winter hikers.

        So I guess I’m behind in the sports news department! I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about the Sox’ managerial choice. The season (and I don’t mean the losses in September) could have ended in a classier fashion. Or at least one less vitriol. However, all good Red Sox fans get caught up in the Hot Stove frolics and by Spring are ready for the next season.

        Stay safe in the Winter and have fun! The pucks are flying across the ponds here and there?


      • Hi Richard that sounds like a crappy Halloween. I hope you and your family were able to make the most of it. I hate it when the power goes out. You really notice how much you use it and can’t live without it when it’s not available. From what I read and saw on WHDH it doesn’t look like New England gets many Nor’Easters in October. We have a huge tree in our yard and the top is half dead so we always keep an eye on it so it doesn’t fall over. We had 60 trick or treaters. Usually it’s around 100. My hockey pumpkin got crushed and our house and car were egged. The fireworks went on until mid-night. I’ve never seen it that crazy in all my young years. It sounds like the Sox have interviewed Mackanin, and Sveum and they’re planning on talking to Sandy Alomar Jr and Mike Maddux next week. Out of that bunch I hope Maddux gets the gig. How can a guy named Maddux screw up a pitching staff as dysfunctional as the Red Sox. If he gets picked I only see good things from him. Have a great weekend Richard Go Pats Go!!

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