A statement concerning the Veronica Perez Trade Rumours

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

The NWSL Supplemental Draft concluded on Thursday with quite a few surprises and even a juicy trade rumour. Western New York Flash Forward and allocated Mexican, International, Veronica Perez was supposedly going to be traded to the Seattle Reign FC.

As the hours passed nothing happened but the rumour still continued to grow across the twitter world. Speculation had Perez being traded to Seattle in a blockbuster deal in exchange for the rights to Seattle Reign FC Midfielder, Amy Rodriguez, and Mexican, International Midfielder, Teresa Noyola. Rodriguez is expecting her first child and will miss the inaugural NWSL season. The trade never materialized and currently all players rumoured to be involved remain with their respective teams.

Veronica Perez spent most of Thursday not knowing if she was going to be traded. Her twitter account (@VeronicaPerez17 ) was blowing up while she was in the air flying to California. Veronica Perez was not available to comment on the trade speculation however, Damon Wilson who represents Perez issued this official statement over the weekend.

“Veronica Perez has not been approached by the league about a trade to any club. Rumors are entitled rumors for a reason. She is excited about playing in the NWSL and representing Mexico as an allocated player.” 

Veronica Perez seemed to be in the dark just like everyone else. The lines of communication between players and their NWSL have to improve going forward. The Seattle Reign FC and Western New York Flash have issued no statements squashing or confirming the rumoured trade. A trade involving Perez could certainly take place before the season begins but for now it’s dead in the water and she remains scheduled to play for the Western New York Flash.

The media was correct in reporting the trade rumour during the draft. Someone within the NWSL should have contacted Perez to let her know what was or wasn’t going to happen. Once trades start to occur hopefully proper procedures are followed and players are informed first.


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