The Vancouver Whitecaps comeback to draw the San Jose Earthquakes 1-1

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VANCOUVER, B.C – Vancouver Whitecaps Match Ratings at the San Jose Earthquakes

 GK – Joe Cannon – Cannon was the best player on the pitch for the Whitecaps against San Jose. Cannon made key saves in the first half when his teammates were badly caught out of position. There was nothing Cannon could do when Chris Wondolowski blasted his goal into the top corner of the net. Cannon was able to stay focused, and he kept the Whitecaps in the game when San Jose threatened to score once again. Cannon was instrumental in preventing the Earthquakes from scoring a stoppage time winning goal in the second half. Cannon was sharp all evening, and he was a big reason why Vancouver held San Jose to only one goal. 7.5/10  

LB – Alain Rochat – Thus far Rochat is not having his best season in a Whitecaps uniform. He looks over-matched when up against equal or stronger opponents. Rochat’s blunder in the opening half resulted in Chris Wondolowski scoring. Rochat attempted to make a cute pass to Jun Marques Davidson but was intercepted, and Vancouver was left to scramble, and they couldn’t recover. Rochat needs to keep it simple in his defensive half, and play with a lot more positive consistency. 5/10

CB – Brad Rusin – Since taking over for Jay DeMerit in the opening game of the season Rusin’s play has slowly regressed. The Whitecaps level of opponents has increased each game, and Rusin doesn’t appear to be adapting. Chris Wondolowski ran circles around Rusin, and dominated him. There were several occasions against when Rusin played the football like it was a grenade. Rusin wasn’t able to use his height or frame to his advantage, and he had a tough game all around. 5/10

CB – Andy O’Brien – O’Brien was the best defender on the back-line for Vancouver. In the first half he cleared the ball away just as Wondolowski was about to score. Throughout the game he was able to use his smarts, and experience to make sure he was always in the right place at the right time. With DeMerit out, O’Brien is quickly becoming a solid anchor among the Whitecaps defenders. Usually Andy O’Brien is a calm, and quiet individual but he showed competitiveness, and toughness when he attempted to lift up Steven Lenhart by his shirt collar when it appeared he was lying on the pitch time-wasting. O’Brien is guy who is leading by example when the Whitecaps need just that from the back-end. 6.5/10

RB – Y.P. Lee – Y.P. Lee had a solid game, and delivered a typical Y.P. Lee showing. He got forward at just the right times, and wasn’t caught out of position when he needed to defend. His counter attacking down the right flank hasn’t been as predominate as it was last season. He helped setup Kobayashi’s goal in the opening match, but other than that he has been quite offensively like most of his teammates. At his age he’s still able to beat players one on one, and he continued to do that against the San Jose Earthquakes. 6/10

DM – Jun Marques Davidson – Davidson was supposed to be the recipient of Alain Rochat’s ill-timed pass that led to Wondolowski’s goal. As a Defensive Midfielder playing in front of the back four, Davidson should be doing a better job protecting the Whitecaps defenders. His play has slipped, and he was caught out of position too many times to count. It’s a wonder how Davidson made it into the starting XI against San Jose. If Darren Mattocks, and Gershon Koffie deserved to be benched against the Earthquakes then Davidson should have sat as well. His mistakes didn’t cost the Whitecaps dearly, but if he continues to run around aimlessly he will be problematic for Vancouver down the road. 5/10

LM – Russell Teibert – Canadian Russell Teibert made his 2013 MLS début for Vancouver, and he had a good showing before being subbed off in the second half. Teibert was given an opportunity to start in place of Gershon Koffie in an effort to create some offense for Vancouver. Teibert picked up a yellow card, and was unable to get anything going. He has a bright future with Vancouver if he can continue to earn minutes in Martin Rennie’s crowded midfield. Teibert’s is a fan favourite, and if he doesn’t get going when given a chance to play he could find himself elsewhere. 5.5/10  

CM – Nigel Reo-Coker – This was Nigel Reo Coker’s best road game of the season. He seemed to be more engaged and drawn into the action than in the two previous Whitecaps road matches. He was sound defensively, and even attempted to get forward on a couple of occasions in the second half. He was an integral part of the Whitecaps defensive game plan. Reo-Coker biggest contribution came after he stuck up for his teammates, and later went in for a hard tackle on Sam Cronin late in the match. Reo-Coker got to the ball first, and a late arriving Cronin was sent head over tea kettle in the air like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. 6.5/10  

RM – Daigo Kobayashi – Kobayashi continued to play as the consistent creative play-maker he has been all season long. At times it has seemed like Kobayashi is the lone Whitecaps player with the vision, and creativity to produce goals. He was in on the game tying goal Corey Hertzog scored in the 62′ minute. Kobayashi’s attempt on goal was blocked, and the ball deflected to a wide open Hertzog. Kobayashi knew that a pair of Earthquakes defenders were on the sidelines changing their cleats, and he went towards the goal hoping to create a chance for his team to score. His ability to read a play, and counter attack is what helped Vancouver catch a lucky break on the tying goal. 6.5/10

ST –  Erik Hurtado – Hurtado returned to Santa Clara where he played his college football, and it appeared like his nerves got the better of him during the match. He was whistled for several fouls, and you could clearly see him voicing his disagreement with referee Fotis Bazakos. Hurtado never looked comfortable on offense, and this was clearly apparent when he had a chance to win the game in the final moments of the second half. Hurtado got behind the San Jose back four and looked to be onside, however he was whistled for being offside. This is not the first time this has happened to Hurtado. With the type of speed Hurtado has, he can’t be called for offsides on potential breakaways especially with a chance to win the game late. 6/10

ST – Corey Hertzog – In his first career start in MLS, Corey Hertzog became the hero for Whitecaps fans everywhere. He has been dynamite in Whitecaps reserve games, and he was able to use that experience to his advantage when it counted against San Jose. Hertzog was parked in front of the Earthquakes goal, and to his luck Kobayashi’s ball deflected right towards him. Hertzog only needed one chance, and he made it count firing the ball low just inside the right post. It’s not known if Hertzog will permanently displace Darren Mattocks, and Kenny Miller as a solid option at striker, but you have to like his chances after he was able to capitalize, and make good on his lone chance against San Jose. 7/10


RM – Camilo – Camilo provided a fantastic spark for the Whitecaps when he came off the bench for Kobayashi in the 65′ minute. Camilo is at his best when he comes in off the bench for Vancouver late in games. Camilo, who is known to dive, and embellish contact looked to have drawn a penalty for his side when he darted into the Earthquakes box with a pair of shake, and bakes that the San Jose defenders could not handle. With some slight contact Camilo went down, however no whistle was blown. Martin Rennie, and the Whitecaps bench was livid. If Camilo can bring this type of energy, and pace that we saw against San Jose it will be tough for Rennie to have him sat on the bench for long. 6.5/10

CM – Gershon Koffie – Concerned with his play of late, Koffie was sent a message by Martin Rennie, and subsequently he did not start against San Jose. He was substituted for Russell Teibert in the 68′ minute to neutralise the Earthquakes as they looked for a go ahead goal. Koffie didn’t contribute in a large way, but he may have done just enough to earn a start against Real Salt Lake next Saturday. 5/10

ST – Tommy Heinemann – In the 82′ minute Heinemann was brought on for Corey Hertzog. The best chance for Heinemann to score came courtesy a Camilo free kick. Heinemann was close, but unable to get his foot to the ball for a slight deflection past San Jose keeper Jon Busch. 5/10

My Man of the Match: Joe Cannon


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