The Vancouver Whitecaps can’t compete with FC Dallas

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

VANCOUVER, B.C – Vancouver Whitecaps Match Ratings at FC Dallas

GK – Joe Cannon – Cannon, had to be good early, and often against FC Dallas, and for much of the match it appeared that he was the only player able to withstand the host side. Blas Perez had a terrific chance to score just 52 seconds into the match but Cannon made a fantastic save. Cannon also made a brilliant save on Kenny Cooper in the first half before FC Dallas scored. The Whitecaps defence was nowhere to be found, and Cannon was left to fend for himself all throughout the game. You could not fault Cannon on either FC Dallas goals. Brad Rusin scored an own goal, and Blas Perez was in perfect position when he scored the 2-0 goal for the home team. Cannon has been one of the few bright spots for the Whitecaps, who are now 0-3-2 in their last 5 MLS matches. 8/10

LB – Alain Rochat – Alain Rochat had a mediocre game on the Whitecaps back line, but he was not at fault on the opening goal. However one has to wonder why he or his fellow defenders were not locked in on Blas Perez when he headed home the 2-nil goal. Rochat’s offensive game improved slightly, but only because it had nowhere to go but up. Rochat got forward on a couple of occasions, and helped create a free kick for the Whitecaps in the second half, which, resulted in a clearance by FC Dallas. 5.5/10  

CB – Brad Rusin – For a guy with his size, and frame Brad Rusin plays a lot smaller. Although he did not intend to have the ball go into his own net off of his back Brad Rusin cannot be pushed around so easily by FC Dallas George John or anybody else in MLS. Someone needs to awaken Brad Rusin because he just isn’t tough enough on defense. His confidence looks shot, and it’s resulting in Rusin making poor decisions with the ball. Rusin did look a bit better last match against Real Salt Lake, but when he is matched up against superior players he looks quite over-matched, and plays like a marshmallow. Hopefully Brad Rusin doesn’t think he has to replace Jay DeMerit, because Brad Rusin is not even close to doing that, and the sooner he figures that out the better. 5/10

CB – Andy O’Brien – Despite being badly outplayed by FC Dallas, Andy O’Brien was once again the best of the Whitecaps defenders. O’Brien was able to clear away the majority of the dangerous opportunities FC Dallas created in, and around the Whitecaps box. O’Brien is never going to be a threat to score for Vancouver, but he provides more than you will ever see on a stat sheet. The Whitecaps would be in a world of hurt without the steady Irishman patrolling the back line. 6.5/10

RB – Y.P. Lee – In the amount of games that Y.P. Lee has played in his career you are bound to have bad luck games like the one Y.P. Lee endured against FC Dallas. Lee was unable to react quickly enough to clear the ball away on the first FC Dallas goal after the ball bounced in off the back of Brad Rusin. On the second FC Dallas goal the ball glanced off the leg of Y.P. Lee before going directly to Blas Perez. This was a frustrating game for Y.P. Lee, and he just wasn’t able to get the ball bouncing in his favour. 6/10

DM – Jun Marques Davidson – Davidson is not at his best when he is asked to protect the Whitecaps back four. He is not quick enough to react, and he doesn’t make smart decisions with the ball. On many occasions against FC Dallas his clearance attempts did not clear the ball out of danger. Instead it put the Whitecaps in more danger. It’s puzzling as to why Martin Rennie continues to play Davidson in the starting XI as a holding midfielder. 4.5/10

DM – Nigel Reo-Coker – Reo-Coker is clearly not a goal scoring dynamo, but he seems to still find himself in a perfect positions were he should shoot on target. Reo-Coker instead passes the ball away, and any potential scoring chance. For a player that has a reputation for delivering hard-nosed tackles Reo-Coker is using that to his advantage. Reo-Coker was able to steal the ball away from countless FC Dallas players. He wasn’t able to do much with the ball, but he did show more effort than most of his teammates. He picked up a yellow card in the 45′ minute after a foul David Ferreira. 6/10 

LM – Russell Teibert – Russell Teibert is a football player that you sense has big things coming his way throughout his career. If the Whitecaps continue to start him without properly utilizing him, perhaps his bright future will be elsewhere. Teibert has a ton of talent, and especially against FC Dallas it was odd to see Teibert all on his own. He is a great ball distributor, and the Whitecaps just didn’t use him effectively against FC Dallas. Teibert, can create chances but he is not yet at the point where he can do it all on his own. 5.5/10

CM – Matt Watson – The best chance for the Whitecaps to score came from the foot of Matt Watson in the 40′ minute. Nigel Reo-Coker curled in a cross that was poorly cleared away by FC Dallas goalie Raul Fernandez. Watson was able to quickly get to the ball, however his attempt to score was not good enough as he was unable to muster enough on his shot. In his first MLS start of the season Matt Watson wasn’t the best Whitecaps player, but her certainly wasn’t the worst. 6/10 

RM –  Erik Hurtado –  Erik Hurtado struggled immensely against FC Dallas. With the amount of fouls he was whistled for he looked like a runaway bulldozer attempting to plow over the opposition. Hurtado made countless poor decisions with the ball, and his first, and second touch with the ball needs a lot of work. It is without a doubt that Erik Hurtado should not be taking set pieces for the Whitecaps. Adding that kind of responsibility to a rookie makes no sense. Hurtado looked more like an individual than a team player against FC Dallas. 5/10

ST – Tom Heinemann – Making his first career MLS start in a Whitecaps kit, Tom Heinemann was a non factor. The Whitecaps started Heinemann so he could help compete against the height challenge FC Dallas presents. However Heinemann was a forgotten man in the Whitecaps offensive scheme. The Whitecaps failed to use Heinemann effectively because they looked like they had no offensive game plan. Like Brad Rusin, Heinemann looked like he was easily pushed off his feet. The 6’4 St. Louis native, was not an influential presence in this game, and he was on an island for much of the match. Heinemann had a weak shot on target in the 87′ minute that was easily stopped, but other than that he did nothing. 5/10


CM: Gershon Koffie – Koffie made his first appearance since the Whitecaps 1-1 draw away to San Jose on April 6. In a holding midfield role Gershon Koffie played in front of the back four. Koffie suffered a dangerous two-footed tackle from FC Dallas defender George John in the 61′ minute after shortly coming on for Jun Marques Davidson in the 58′ minute. John received a yellow card, and Koffie was able to carry on. 5/10

ST: Darren Mattocks –  Darren Mattocks’ confidence is nowhere to be found, and he does not look like the same player he was last season when he led the Whitecaps in goals. Mattocks was brought on for Russell Teibert in the 58′ minute, and he did not reward Martin Rennie with anything close to a scoring opportunity. Opposing teams, like FC Dallas are locked in on Darren Mattocks, and that’s really put a hurt on his ability to score, and create chances for himself, and other teammates. 5/10

LM: Camilo Sanvezzo – Camilo came on for Matt Watson in the 70′ minute, and looked like he had a spark in his step, The exciting Brazilian always makes things happen when he is on the playing field, and he did just that against FC Dallas. Camilo had a shot on target in the 80′ minute that was turned aside, and he took a free kick that curled just shy of the back left post in the 82′ minute. Camilo should have started because he was one of the few Whitecaps players that wanted the ball, and wasn’t afraid of it. 6.5/10

My Man of the Match: Joe Cannon


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