The Vancouver Whitecaps earn a hard fought point after drawing FC Dallas 2-2

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VANCOUVER, B.C – Vancouver Whitecaps Match Ratings vs FC Dallas

GK – Joe Cannon – 5.5/10 – Joe Cannon is great at a lot of things, however ball dribbling is not one of them. Cannon needlessly dribbled around his own box like he was going for a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park. His carelessness led to an early FC Dallas corner, which came back to bite the Whitecaps. FC Dallas took an early 1-0 lead on 9′ minutes on an own goal credited to Andy O’Brien. It looked like Cannon was waiting for a foul to be called on Kenny Cooper who had his header go off O’Brien and into the net. Instead of reacting to the play it appeared that Cannon waited for a foul call that never came. Cannon looked even worse in net when FC Dallas made it 2-0 early in the second half. Michel took a free kick from well out, and FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges had the ball come directly to him. Nobody in a Whitecaps kit was around to help Cannon, and as he went down the ball was flicked into the net by Hedges. Cannon put his arms out in frustration after his defenders let him down. Cannon made a brilliant save on Blas Perez in extra time to keep the score 2-2. By far this was the most  difficult game Joe Cannon has had this season, even his clearing attempts were disastrous. It would not be surprising to see Brad Knighton in-goal next Saturday when the Whitecaps visit Real Salt Lake. 

LB – Alain Rochat – 5/10 –  Rochat didn’t have his legs going against FC Dallas in the first half. He was getting beaten on the outside by Blas Perez, and he was slow to react to the play. It was clear that FC Dallas was targeting the Whitecaps left back. Players and passes got behind Rochat throughout the game, and that was a big reason why Matt Hedges was left unmarked when he scored his goal. Rochat was the victim of an outrageously wicked backhanded slap from FC Dallas midfielder Jackson in the 78′ minute. Rochat was hit in the face, and bled immediately. 

Rochat’s wife, Emile Rochat sent out this tweet (@EmiRochat) during the match regarding the incident.

” My husband is so handsome, people are so jealous they break his nose.”

CB – Brad Rusin – 6/10 – Brad Rusin was turned inside out in the opening minute of the game. Rusin almost tripped over himself, and looked completely baffled by the slick moves by FC Dallas. Subsequently, Gershon Koffie had to make a tackle, and he earned a yellow card for his challenge. Rusin had an on going battle with Blas Perez all throughout the match. Rusin was able to keep Perez in check for most of the game, and his opportunities to cause damage were few, and far between.  

Following the game Rusin talked about how his captain was able to get the team going.

“Our captain Nigel has done well, he showed a lot of heart and desire going forward to get the boys going and through his play we can feed off him. He has driven us a lot.”

CB – Andy O’Brien – 5.5/10 – O’Brien played in his 3rd match in less than 8 days, and it appeared that he was not it top form when FC Dallas opened the scored the opening goal. Kenny Cooper got between Joe Cannon and O’Brien to head the ball into the Vancouver net. To make matters worse the ball went off O’Brien last before entering the goal, and he was later credited with an own goal. As the Whitecaps picked up their pace in the second half, O’Brien settled in and played better in his own end of the pitch.

RB – Y.P. Lee – 7/10 – Y.P. Lee got forward, and had an attempt on target just as the first half was coming to an end. His flick on net was deflected over the bar by FC Dallas but the play helped earn two corners for Vancouver before half time. When Lee gets forward usually positive things happen for the Whitecaps offense. The Korean was one of the better Vancouver players for the full 90′ minutes. His poise, and experience showed when the Whitecaps went down 2-0. Lee was able to go one on one and beat FC Dallas defenders, and the crowed loved it. When a team is struggling players like Y.P. Lee don’t seem to get rattled or frustrated by what’s happening, they just keep calm, and carry on playing their game.

DM – Jun Marques Davidson – 4/10 – Davidson had a terrible game for the Whitecaps. His play throughout the match was poor. For a defensive midfielder…. his defense needs a complete overhaul. Davidson was slow to react on countless plays and appeared to have no idea as to who he should have been covering during set pieces. In the first half he let Matt Hedges go right past him on an FC Dallas corner. In the second half Hedges got past Davidson and Rochat when he beat Joe Cannon. Davidson gave Hedges all the room in the world, and he took advantage. No wonder Cannon displayed his frustration afterwards. For his own sake, Davidson was substituted off in the 54′ minute for Kekuta Manneh.

CM – Gershon Koffie – 6/10 –  Koffie picked up a yellow card 90 seconds into the match, and had to be on his best behaviour for the duration of the game. This was a perfect game for a player like Gershon Koffie to be involved with. Koffie played well and was a part of the offense when Vancouver was attacking. His give and go with Camilo in the first half almost resulted in a Y.P. Lee goal. Koffie was a workhorse in the midfield alongside Nigel Reo-Coker.

CM – Nigel Reo-Coker – 7/10 – The Whitecaps captain took a bit of a knock in the opening half after a rash challenge from Blas Perez, and was favouring his right ankle moments later. However the tough man from across the pond was able to tough it out, and play a full 90′ minutes. Reo-Coker put on a terrific display of passes, and crosses in the opening half. He set up Darren Mattocks a couple of times in the opening half, which should have put Vancouver on the board. When the Whitecaps aren’t clicking, Nigel Reo-Coker seems to be able to rally his teammates and get them going. He was fantastic in the midfield, and a huge reason why Vancouver came back to earn a draw.

AM – Daigo Kobayashi – 6.5/10 –  Kobayashi was able to use his speed, and his dynamic ball control to create chances to score for the Whitecaps before being taken off in the 70′ minute. His footwork is very unique, and when he goes one on one against a defender he often comes out a winner. The few times that Kobayashi went at FC Dallas defender were chances the Whitecaps wouldn’t have had without Kobayashi quick thinking and skill. Kobayashi was better against FC Dallas but his game isn’t quite where it should be yet.

ST – Darren Mattocks – 6.5/10 – Darren Mattocks had half a dozen or more chances to score for the Whitecaps against FC Dallas. His first was a brilliant opportunity to score 3′ minutes in when the ball bounced off an Nigel Reo-Coker, and Zach Lloyd. Mattocks blasted the ball on goal, however keeper Raul Fernandez came off his line quickly to cut down the angle Mattocks had. Mattocks had an ever better chance to score in the 39′ minute when Nigel Reo-Coker played the ball over to him, however the ball was just out of the reach. As the game progressed so did the quality of scoring chance. He made a run down the left flank in the second half, and as Raul Fernandez raced out to meet him Mattocks fired into the unguarded net, and had the ball hit the left post. Late in the game he had a chance to put the home team up 3-2. Kekuta Manneh fired, on target and Fernandez wasn’t able to catch the ball. Mattocks raced towards the rebound with an FC Dallas defender on him, and fired the ball wide to the right. On this day, he came away with no goals, and no assists but if he keeps getting the chances that he did against FC Dallas his scoreless drought should be snapped sooner rather than later.

Although he missed a lot of chances to score he was focusing on positives post game.

“As a striker I’m always going to judge myself on goals but I think my work rate was extreme and the hardest I’ve worked since I’ve been to Vancouver so I am going to take the positives.”

ST – Camilo Sanvezzo – 7.5/10 – Like most Whitecaps players Camilo got off to a slow start against FC Dallas. He had a free kick on target that was punched away by Fernandez in the first half, but most of his exciting play came in the second half. Camilo helped save the Whitecaps from defeat when he scored the 2-2 tying goal for Vancouver. Kekuta Manneh played a perfect wonderful pass to Camilo, who was in the FC Dallas box unmarked. Camilo fired on net, and had the ball deflected off the leg of Jair Benitez into the goal. Camilo had early had his shot on goal turned aside by Fernandez before Manneh struck for the Whitecaps. Camilo has been one of the most exciting, and consistent Whitecaps players of late, and he was great in the Whitecaps comeback against FC Dallas.


ST – Kekuta Manneh – 8/10 – What an amazing substitution by Martin Rennie to bring on Manneh in the second half. Manneh, had his afterburners going and he ran circles around FC Dallas in his 36” minutes of action. The 18 year-old, rookie from Gambia scored in the 72′ minute after Tom Heinemann headed the ball over to an unmarked Manneh. Kekuta was able to take his time, and calmly blast the ball past the right side of Raul Fernandez for his first career MLS goal. Manneh kissed the ground after scoring, but he wasn’t done helping the Whitecaps score. In the 74′ minute Manneh broke down the left flank, and raced past his defender. He delivered a lovely pass to Camilo who scored the 2-2 goal. Manneh looked like a 10 year MLS pro with his masterful play coming on as a substitute. The Whitecaps were buzzing, and creating chances when Kekuta came on and he took advantage, and cashed in the opportunities he was involved in.

Manneh talked about his first goal in MLS following the game.

“It always feels good to score my first professional goal. Really excited about that. Thank my teammates and the fans for their support.”

ST – Tom Heinemann – 7/10 – Heinemann came on for Kobayashi in the second half, and earned a lovely assist on the Manneh goal. As he was falling to the ground, Heinemann somehow managed to get his head on the ball to deflect it over to Kekuta Manneh. It was great to see Heinemann using his tall frame to his advantage in the Whitecaps attack.  

My Man of the Match: Kekuta Manneh 


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