Eric Hassli is loving life with FC Dallas

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Eric Hassli is playing on his third team in the last calendar year. The former Vancouver fan favourite found himself getting ready to play for Toronto FC this season until he was traded to FC Dallas on February, 4th. Hassli has had a slow start to the 2013 MLS season, and has started only twice for FC Dallas. He has 1 assist, and despite not earning consistent playing time the tall Frenchman is happy he has found a home with FC Dallas.

Hassli was available for an interview, and he touched on a variety of topics, and spoke fondly of his time in Vancouver.

What’s has it been like for you being back in Vancouver the last few days?

Eric Hassli: Nice, I saw a lot of old friends, and it feels really good.

Why do you think it did not work out for you in Vancouver?

Eric Hassli: I have no idea.

Was it a coaching related?

Eric Hassli: They traded me, so I didn’t ask anything. You have to ask them.

Were you surprised that Toronto FC moved you to FC Dallas?

Eric Hassli: Yea it was a total surprise. It’s not that I didn’t like Toronto because I’m pleased with the time I had over there, but it had to be closed, and just move on.

Was Toronto FC not a good fit for you at that point in your career?

Eric Hassli: Yea I think so…. but I had a great time.

How is life in Dallas?

Eric Hassli: Awesome. My wife is pretty happy so that’s the most important thing in my life.

What do you like about your new team?

Eric Hassli: Marcus (Owens) the equipment guy, he’s awesome. I like the team, we have a lot of fun at practice, and we work really hard, and we have great chemistry.

What sort of things have you learned from your Coach Schellas Hyndman?

Eric Hassli: Everybody is as important as him if you play or not, and that’s the most important thing I think. Everybody is important even if you don’t play. At some point you’re going to need everybody until the end of the season so we work with everybody in the same direction.

What have you been told you need to work on to get consistent playing time this season?

Eric Hassli: I work pretty hard, and now I’m just waiting for my chance.  He (Schellas Hyndman) has no reason to change the lineup. The team is doing great.

Fitness wise, are you healthy?

Eric Hassli: Yes I’m good.

Do you keep in touch with any Vancouver Whitecaps?

Eric Hassli: Yea Alain (Rochat), and Ed Georgica the equipment manager.

You really love the equipment managers eh…

Eric Hassli: Yes, they’re crazy but I love them.

What about your buddy Davide Chiumiento who is playing in the Swiss League with FC Zürich?

Eric Hassli: Davide for sure. Not everyday, but almost everyday.

What are some of your favourite moments in a Vancouver Whitecaps jersey? 

Eric Hassli: I have a year and a half of great memories. The first game was awesome in MLS. The game against San Jose, Seattle, I don’t know I have so many great moments.

What do you hope happens with your career in MLS, would you like to go back to France?

Eric Hassli: No No No I want to continue yes of course as long as I can, and then we will see. I’m just focused on playing that’s it.

Do you have a message for your fans whether that be in Vancouver, Dallas or anywhere else?

Eric Hassli: Since I’ve been in Vancouver, and before I came I got a lot of messages from them, and had much love when I landed here. Vancouver always has a special place in my heart. It’s great to be here hanging out with old friends.

Thank You very much Eric, best of luck this year.

Eric Hassli: Thank You


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