UBC Thunderbirds forward Mathea Fischer following practice at Father David Bauer Arena on November 29.

UBC Thunderbirds forward Mathea Fischer following practice at Father David Bauer Arena on November 29.

VANCOUVER, B.C – The UBC Thunderbirds continue to dominate Canada West competition and while leaving a trail of losses for the opposition. Led by Coach Graham Thomas, the Thunderbirds have reeled off a twelve game winning streak, and a 13-1 conference record. UBC has held a steady number one Usports ranking for much of the season with no signs of slowing down. Norwegian forward, Mathea Fischer, has played a big part in the UBC high-powered attack that’s averaging 3.5 goals per game.

How did the Oslo, Norway native end up moving to Canada and eventually landing a spot with the UBC Thunderbirds?

“I moved to Ontario in grade 11 to try and get better, develop a little bit more, and play with girls,” said Fischer. “I played with boys until I moved. In grade 12 I was lucky enough to meet up with Graham and get to know Graham, and get a spot here. I moved to a boarding school by myself to Cornwall, Ontario.”

While Canada has a long storied hockey tradition of driving kids to hockey rinks at ridiculous early morning hours, and then gathering around to watch Hockey Night in Canada in the evening. Norway has a bit of a different view on the game Canadians love. Fischer had to play on boys teams because their simply wasn’t enough hockey teams for girls. When she first arrived in Canada, she was quite surprised by the vast number of hockey teams for girls and boys of all ages.

“Playing hockey in Oslo is definitely a big difference from here,” revealed Fischer. “It’s a lot smaller for sure, we’re about 400 girls playing in the whole country. I grew up playing with the boys and looking up to my brother a lot, and wanting to be like him. Coming to Ontario where there is sixty plus teams in a tournament, which is unreal, so much fun. Yeah, I was lucky to get a chance to move over here.”

UBC Thunderbirds forward Mathea Fischer taking in tactics from Coach Graham Thomas during practice on November, 29 at Father Bauer Arena at UBC.

UBC Thunderbirds forward Mathea Fischer taking in important tactics from Coach Graham Thomas during practice on November, 29 at Father David Bauer Arena.

Fischer has found a second home with the UBC Thunderbirds. She is gelling with her teammates and contributing on and off the ice. In first season, she potted 5 goals and 10 assists in 28 games and earned a spot on the Canada West All-Rookie Team. In 11 games this season, she has scored 5 goals and 3 assists.

“I feel like every player on this team has something to contribute,” said Fischer when asked about fitting in. “We all fit together as a group very well. Everyone has a role and plays with their role. I think we all fit together as a whole, and everyone accepts their place in the team.”

It will be a busy December for Fischer who will help Norway’s quest to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Norway will play against Slovakia, Hungary, and Kazakhstan in a qualifying tournament from December 16 – 18.

“I’m going, in the beginning of December to play in an Olympic qualifying tournament with Norway in Stavanger, Norway,” said an excited Fischer. “Four teams in that one. We have to win that one to move onto another one in February, the final Olympic qualifying to make it to Pyeongchang. We’re aiming for the top, just trying to work hard, get the chemistry going with a pre-camp, and trying to go out with a good result.”

The opportunity to play back home in Norway while representing the national team will allow Fischer some quality family time during the UBC Thunderbirds and Canada West Christmas break. Fischer credits her brother, Magnus Fischer, as a huge influence on her hockey career. Getting a chance to play for Norway will give her the chance to show off a few tricks she’s picked up from her big brother.

“I grew up mostly looking up to my brother, to be honest. He made it to the (2014) World Juniors. I came and watched and thought that was super cool and I wanted to play in that situation.” 

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