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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Please visit Pro Soccer USA for my Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2020 season preview.

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2020 Vancouver Whitecaps FC – Photo: Vancouver Whitecaps FC.


VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Please visit Pro Soccer USA for my story on Vancouver Whitecaps FC who will not be naming a permanent captain this season.

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VANCOUVER, B.C – Please visit Pro Soccer USA for my story on Whitecaps FC striker Fredy Montero.

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Vancouver Whitecaps FC training at UBC on Monday, January 20, 2020. Photo: Har Journalist

VANCOUVER, B.C – Excitement and optimism was abound as Vancouver Whitecaps FC had their first on field training session of the season. There is a buzz and an enormous feeling of positivity around the club that finished last in the western conference last season.

The addition of Liga-MX striker, Lucas Cavallini has given the club a massive offensive threat. Cavallini brings a confident swagger about himself that shows that he’s determined, eager, ready to lead the team up top this season.

“Everybody has a positive mentality this year,” Cavallini told reporters following training. “A lot of new faces, everybody trying to get the best out of this club. A positive vibe. We need to improve a lot from last season. It’s a fresh new start and today was a good day.”

Russell Teibert is the longest tenured Whitecaps FC player. The 27-year-old still remembers when the team had to use the Simon Fraser University wrestling teams’ locker room. Now in his 10th season, Teibert and Whitecaps FC have both come a long way. The Niagara Falls native still feels the joy and happiness associated with a new campaign.

“There’s a lot of new faces, yeah,” Teibert said. “There’s going to be an adjustment period, but the biggest thing is the positive atmosphere around this club right now and the organization. Everybody is coming in with this new energy. It’s a real pleasure to come back to work. You just feel happy being here.”

Teibert and his teammates are not looking back on an underwhelming season that was the 2019 campaign. An 8-16-10 record with a goal differential of -22 was shocking to say the least. The 2020 Whitecaps are looking to the future. The team wants no part of re-hashing what went wrong last season. 2019 is in the past and that’s where they want it.

“We don’t want to look too much in the rearview mirror,” Teibert explained. “We want to look through the windshield. 2019 was 2019, but this is 2020. It’s a brand new year and everybody is looking forward.”


Vancouver Whitecaps FC’s Ali Adnan (Left) and Andy Rose (Right) on Monday, January 20, 2020. Photo: Har Journalist

It’s not just the players who are moving forward. The organization as a whole wants to move in a new direction. The hiring of Sporting Director, Axel Schuster, and CEO Mark Pannes signals a new chapter for a club looking to make big moves.

The start of a new preseason offers a new beginning for Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

“Finally we can close the chapter on 2019,” Schuster said. “I don’t want to speak about that again. From today on, it’s 2020. There’s a lot of work in front of us and we start today.”

The work for Schuster and Coach Marc Dos Santos will continue as Vancouver looks to add to their roster.

Without making any promises, Schuster could see the club adding one more player before the team departs to San Diego, California on Friday, January 24.

“More optimistic today,” Schuster explained to Har Journalist. “Still no promise because it depends on signature from the other side. I’m more optimistic today.”

“We are missing a few players signed,” Schuster added. “They’re still coming. I expect three to four more faces at the home opener.”

One of those new faces is expected to be centre-back, Érik Godoy. Whitecaps FC would like to complete the transfer of the Argentine defender sooner rather than later. At the minute, the hold up seems to be on the part of his previous holder, Club Atlético Colón.

“It’s only about a signature,” Schuster revealed. “I think there’s no more discussion nothing we can discuss. No more demands from any side. It’s only to get it over the line. We have to wait until the Argentinian club do that. We’re only waiting for them to do that. They never said they wouldn’t do it. I don’t have any concerns that they don’t sign.”

Acquiring players is not as easy as flipping on FIFA Ultimate Team and pushing a few buttons. There’s a long gruelling process that has to end with both sides being comfortable enough to put, pen to paper. Whitecaps FC have been linked to several players this off-season, but until a deal is done. You can never assume that it’s done.

“When you want to sign bad players, it happens really fast,” Dos Santos said. “You call, they sign, you’re in, it’s over. Good players, it’s a harder process. You get to the ninety-nine percent in two days and then it takes two days to get that extra percent. That last percent is hard.”

It’s only the first day of preseason, but Whitecaps FC are a happy, positive group that’s preparing to look ahead through the windshield with the 2020 season on the horizon.


VANCOUVER, B.C – Please visit Daily Hive for my story on Vancouver Whitecaps FC’s imminent transfer signing of Colombian winger, Cristian Dájome.

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Whitecaps FC Coach Marc Dos Santos, Sporting Director Axel Schouster, and Co-Owner Jeff Mallett on Friday, November 15. Photo: Har Journalist.

VANCOUVER, B.C – After a three month search that featured 40 plus candidates and spanned the globe. Vancouver Whitecaps FC have finally found their new Sporting Director in Axel Schuster.

The 46-year-old native of Cologne, Germany, Schuster brings experience having worked for top Bundesliga clubs FSV Mainz 05 and FC Schalke 04.

Sources have confirmed that Schuster has signed a three-year contract with Whitecaps FC.

He will lead Vice-President of Soccer Operations, Greg Anderson, Coach, Marc Dos Santos, and the technical team.

“We literally scoured the top candidates all over the world,” Whitecaps FC Co-Owner, Jeff Mallett told reporters. “The interest level was extremely high with world class people from different leagues. It became evident very quickly in the first sessions meeting in London with Axel.

Not only is it a big day for the club, it’s a big day for Soccer Canada to really bring somebody into the Soccer Canada family. It’s a day that all of us should celebrate.”

As Whitecaps FC look to add new faces during the offseason, Schuster’s expertise within German football could lead Vancouver to focus more intensely on Bundesliga players.

“Yes of course I have a network in Germany as well,” Schuster explained to Har Journalist. “The most important thing is that we define the profile of what we need exactly. Then we have to look all over the markets where we find the players that meets the profile. Then we have to find players who are convinced that this is the place.

We don’t want to convince them with money, the nice city, everything with that is an add on. They have to meet our profile, and philosophy. Yes, if there is somebody in Germany, I think I know him, and we will work on that.”

After finishing the 2019 season with an 8-16-10 record, and last place in the western conference. Expectations next season are high. Supporters want to see the club contend, and fight for an MLS playoff spot well into the summer.

Schuster knows he has no time to waste as Whitecaps FC face a busy offseason.

“We have to control expectations,” Schuster explained. “We also want to make some signings and everybody understands that they are the right signings, and profiles. We can’t wait to see what happens on the pitch. It must be something that looks good.

It doesn’t have to be a big name. It must be a clear pathway, with a strategy, and philosophy. Everyone has to know this is our clear pathway, and we don’t go left or right.”

Whitecaps FC are excited by what Schuster brings, but the jury is still out.

The proof will be in the results on the pitch, and who Vancouver decides to transfer in.

If the club can successfully ping in top quality winter acquisitions, it could go a long way in helping Schuster develop Whitecaps FC towards being strong MLS Cup contender.

“I’ve seen it in action within ten minutes,” Mallett said as he described, Schuster’s networking capability. “Three world class people that you (media) would all know ping his (Schuster’s) phone back when he’s asking about a player. We’ve never had that at a club, that network, and ability.”

Vancouver Whitecaps FC have never had a sporting director. Now that Axel Schuster has taken on his first role in MLS, there is plenty of work to be done. Fans want to support a team with a winning culture and positive environment.



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VANCOUVER, B.C – After a terrific first season in Major League Soccer, Vancouver Whitecaps FC goalkeeper, Max Crépeau is determined to show that he can be even better next season. 2019 was a challenging season for 8-16-10 Whitecaps FC, but Crépeau was a bright spot. He kept Vancouver in several matches they had no business being in.

The 2019 BMO Whitecaps FC Player of the Year, set personal MLS career highs with 26 games started, seven wins, five clean sheets, and 114 saves. On August 24, Crépeau’s set an MLS record by making 16 saves in a match.

When Whitecaps FC kicked off training camp, Crépeau wasn’t a sure fire lock to be the number one goalkeeper in Vancouver. Zac MacMath was in contention, but it was Crépeau who quickly showed his talents and solidified his role as the number one.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Manager, Marc Dos Santos believes in Crépeau, and he wants to see him continue to push himself next season. In a competitive league like MLS, Crépeau will have to show that he can shine even brighter in 2020.

“He needs to challenge himself to stay at that level and keep pushing to play at that level,” Dos Santos explained. “If we were a playoff team, he would have been in the top three goalkeepers of MLS, in my opinion. He’s somebody that pushes himself a lot. He’s a goalkeeper with a lot of good qualities. He’s good at coming out on crosses, good shot-stopper, and good with his feet.

He needs to continue doing what he’s done this year, and keep it in a steady way. His last two years, if you’re talking about 2018, and being USL Goalkeeper of the Year, and 2019, being a key player for our club. If he continues in that path, he’s going to have a great future.”

Heading into his second full season in MLS, Crépeau wants to show that he isn’t just a flash in the pan. The best keepers in the world are able to take their game to another level. They’re always striving to be better each season.

What’s the secret for Crépeau next season?

“Yeah, you said it. The secret is to be consistent.” Crépeau explained.

“This upcoming year, I think is the consistency,” Crépeau shared with Har Journalist. “I need to erase those little mistakes in the game, that can’t happen a few times in the season. To become the face of this team as well. I know the mentality the core group wants to be. They want to have a good identity on and off. I can be one of those guys to lead people, to achieve that. It depends on how willing the group will be to come together in January, and February. I can be a guy that can step up in moments and talks through to have higher standards with the club.”

As well as consistency, part of being an elite shot-stopper means having that drive, and determination to succeed. Crépeau has an off the chart compete level that brings out the best in him.

Whether it’s a match, training, or just working out, he wants to excel.

Crépeau’s teammates know just what kind of competitor they have in net.

“Yeah, he’s a great professional,” Jake Nerwinski revealed. “He comes out here and he’s pissed off that he just lost a small sided game. I don’t think he’s over it yet. I think that shows his character, will, and drive. This is was his first year in MLS, and I think he’s still got a lot more to go, he’s still learning. He’s going to build off of this.”

If the Greenfield Park, Quebec native, is going to pick off where he left off, he’s going to need more help.

In 34 games, Whitecaps FC scored 37 goals, while surrendering 59 goals against.

Unless you’re Carey Price, it’s hard to win when you’re keeper has to keep a clean sheet.

“Yeah, he was huge this year,” Nerwinski said. “He was our most valuable player and we gave him that award, he deserves it. We hope that we don’t have to rely on a goalie like that. I think he doesn’t want to be relied on like that as well. He knows that he’s a big deal to this team. I think going forward we want to make it a little bit easier on him.”

As Whitecaps FC look to improve the team during the off-season, goalkeeper is one position where Vancouver doesn’t have to worry about. Max Crépeau is ready to lead Vancouver on and off the pitch next season.